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It is normal to have doubts and concerns when you are going to become a mom! At Alondra we know that receiving advice can make a huge difference at this time of your life... This is why in our BLOG you will find a lot of posts to solve all your concerns. Come on! Check it out and tell us what you think ;)
¿Cómo lavar la ropa de cuna del bebé?

[Alondra answers] How to wash baby's cot linen?

In this article, we will explain step by step how to wash your baby's cot linen effectively and without risk to your little one. So that it doesn't get damaged and lasts a long time, take note ;-)

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colchones cuna medidas

[Alondra answers] What mattress sizes are appropriate for a baby's cot?

Are you soon to welcome a new member of the family? If you want to have everything ready before welcoming your baby home, here are the ideal cot mattress sizes for you.

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donde deben dormir los bebés recién nacidos

Where should a newborn baby sleep? With his parents or in his own room?

In terms of baby upbringing, there is controversy as to whether the best thing for our little angels is to sleep with their parents or for them to learn to sleep alone. Enter and discover the different pros and cons that exist for each decision.
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que hacer para que el bebé no caiga

[Alondra answers]: What can I do to keep my baby from falling out of bed?

We bring you a list of safety products that we use in the Alondra cot beds to make them the safest you can find. If you don't know what to do when a baby falls out of bed, take a look at these tips and stay calm!
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Consejos para saber cuándo pasar al bebé a su habitación

Do you know when you should move the baby to his room to sleep alone?

Are you thinking of moving the little one to his room? We tell you when to move the baby into his room, at what age it is recommended to do it and some tips so that this experience is sewing and singing! Enjoy its development with Alondra quality!
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[Alondra responde] Cómo preparar el primer baño del bebé

[Alondra responds] How to prepare the baby's first bath

The baby's first bath is a question that brings up all new moms and dads in the world. The uncertainty you feel is very normal! But, to begin with, we bring you everything you need to know how to give your baby his first bath.
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[Alondra Responde] ¿Cuándo es el momento de pasar de la minicuna a la cuna?

[Alondra Responds] When is the time to move from the crib to the crib?

Babies grow so fast that we must adapt to their changes in the best possible way. If you want to know when to switch your baby from a mini-crib to a crib, we will tell you everything you need to know! With Alondra's cribs the transition will be a guaranteed success
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[Alondra Responde] ¿Cuándo y cómo preparar la habitación para la llegada del bebé?

[Alondra Responds] When and how to prepare the room for the arrival of the baby?

When to start preparing the baby's things? How should I organize everything? These doubts are quite recurring in moms and dads who are expecting a little angel at home very soon. If these questions arise, we give you the keys to leave you nothing!
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¿Como guardar y conservar la ropa del bebé? - Consejos y trucos

[Alondra responds] How to store and organize the baby's clothes?

In most cases, our child's clothes have only been worn once. Most mums and dads try to save all those clothes and give them a next use for future children. Find out the best way to store them!
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