Keep your baby close day and night!

We understand that, as a new mother, you will not want your newborn baby to sleep alone. With a wooden co-sleeping crib you will have your little one next to you at all times, and you'll be able to check on him/her when you detect any movement or sound, without the need for a baby monitor or camera.

CO-SLEEPING CRIBS to sleep near the bed

Co-sleeping is a very common practice among all families in the world, as it brings multiple benefits to both parents and the baby. The safe co-sleeping consists of the baby sleeping next to the parents in a cradle that is attached to the double bed. This will help to maintain and prolong the duration of breastfeeding, as well as to promote the baby's sleep, without forgetting that of the mother and father. With the Alondra cradle the baby will have his own space and will not run any risk, since it fits perfectly into the double bed.

With one of our wooden co-sleeping cribs, you will be able to safely practice co-sleeping. On the market, you will find a wide variety of co-sleeping cribs, with different functions and designs. At Alondra we have designed a very functional and useful crib, convertible in 5 stages. It can be transformed into: co-sleeping crib, crib, children's couch, desk and toy box.

For those looking for functionality, comfort and design


Here is EQUO, Alondra's 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib. Five different possibilities of use that allow you to extend the life of this useful and beautiful crib.

The EQUO wooden co-sleeping crib can be purchased individually or as a complete pack together with a matching textile set.

It is available in 9 different colors, so you can choose the one you like best for your baby.

Co-sleeping cribs FAQS

As they are so small (50x80cm), it's recommended to use the co-sleeping crips up to 6 months. The Equo co-sleeping crib by Alondra, incorporating 5 different stages, can be used for longer period of time. Once the child grows up and needs to sleep in a bed, it can be used as a toy chest, sofa or desk in his/her room.

They are one of the top sellers on the market.They are the result of several researches to improve the comfort of babies and moms at bedtime. At Alondra we have created a very functional and useful crib, the EQUO 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib, which has the following functions: co-sleeping crib, crib, kids sofa, desk and toy chest. Sleeping in a co-sleeping crib is different from a scissor crib, the bond between mom and baby is much stronger. It also has many benefits for the infant and the mother.

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