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Thinking of co-sleeping? What you need is one of our convertible co-sleepers cots! We have several sizes and models, offering 4-in-1, 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 functionality, so you can choose the one that best suits your baby's and your needs.

Cunas colecho

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Cuna colecho evolutiva para habitación de bebé

Beautiful and functional

After evaluating several options, we opted for this evolving cot and it has been a great choice. The cot is beautiful, simple and functional, because you can adjust the height and extend the life of the product, as we wanted to be able to continue using it after the cot stage. The advice has been very good, they have answered all our questions and the assembly of the cot has been simple and intuitive. The products are perfectly packaged and the delivery time is quite acceptable. In addition, we buy more products from this site and with everything, we are delighted. It has certainly become a trusted shop for us.

- Sara -

Cuna colecho de calidad

Very good quality

The quality of the products is very high. And if you combine them with other products in the same colour, the room looks spectacular; a real designer room. Finding this website has been a great success. I bought the co-sleeping cot, with its bed sets, shelves, vinyls, the Indian teepee and many other things that make an exceptional set. Veryyy happy

- César Bmx -

What are co-sleeping cots and what are they for?

In parenting, co-sleeping is a very common practice among parents-to-be, as it has multiple benefits for everyone. Safe co-sleeping consists of the baby sleeping next to the parents in a cot attached to the double bed. The co-sleeping cots have specific components and characteristics that allow the cot to be attached to the big bed in the safest way. This will allow the baby to have his or her own space and a sleeping environment designed for him or her.

On the market you will find a lot of co-sleeping cots, with different functions, sizes and designs. These are the sizes you will find in Alondra, as well as their conversion stages:

Cuna colecho pegada a la cama grande

Evolutive cot, for those looking for comfort and design


Alondra's 60x120cm co-sleeping cots are 2in1: cot and desk, but they can be converted into up to 3-4 more stages, depending on the accessories purchased.

The OMNI co-sleeping cot is 5in1 (co-sleeper, bed, sofa and desk) and is available in 6 different colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and your baby's room.

The NEXO co-sleeping cot (4in1) has four different possibilities of use that allow you to extend the life of this practical 60x120cm cot-desk that can be converted into 2 more stages: co-sleeping and cot.

NEXO cuna de colecho de madera 4en1 con estilo nórdico

For those looking for style and design


NEXO is the Nordic style 4-in-1 co-sleeper in our range. With its unique design, it will be the perfect choice to lend a special touch to your baby's room.

From 575€

Conversion Alondra's co-sleeping cot Omni 60x120cm

Cunas colecho grandes para bebés

For those looking for durability and functionality


The OMNI XL cot by Alondra is the older sibling of the OMNI cot. Its size is 70x140cm and it will grow with your baby up to 6 different stages. The co-sleeping cot can be converted into a toddler or Montessori bed, couch or desk.

Like the rest of our co-sleeping range, OMNI XL cots are a crib and desk by default. The number of stages will vary depending on the accessories purchased.

The OMNI XL cot is available in 6 different colors, so you can choose the one you like best for your baby's room.

OMXNI XL large co-sleeping cot conversion 70x140cm Alondra

FAQs co-sleeping cots

There is no problem at all! You will simply have to lift up the bed base or box spring to fix the straps under it, instead of fastening them to your bed base.

In all our co-sleeping cots the bed base can be adjusted to 5 different heights. At Alondra we recommend using the same height as your bed mattress, so the baby will be at the same height as you. The safety rail is locked in place.

It is really important that the co-sleeping cot is well fixed to the parents' bed to prevent the baby from falling and to avoid possible accidents. Our cots include simple systems to fix the co-sleeping cot to the parents' bed that will allow an easy fastening, will secure the baby and will avoid all kinds of accidents.

Furthermore, there should be no gap between the cot and the parents' bed. The cot is fixed to the bed by means of a series of strapes that hang below the cot and are tied around the mattress base of the parents' bed, tightening to achieve the maximum degree of fixation and safety, with the cot firmly attached to the parents' bed. This ensures that the baby, no matter how much is moving, will not have enough strength to move the cot and the bed and fall through the gap. There are also wheels included, with a braking system that help to secure the cot to the ground and prevent it from moving. They are not only used to secure the cot to the floor and make it safer, they are also used to move the cot around the house.

Features and benefits of co-sleeping cots


They make breastfeeding and feeding the baby easier: the co-sleeping cot prevents the mother from having to get up to feed the baby at night, simply by placing the baby on the breast when he wakes up.

Improves parents' rest: related to the previous point, by sleeping practically in the same bed, they will avoid having to get up to the baby's mini-cradle every time the baby wakes up at night.

They offer greater safety: with a co-sleeping cot, the baby is guaranteed a place to rest, next to their parents, but not in the same bed as them.

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