To cocoon your baby!

Now that you have chosen the ideal mini crib model for your baby, it's time to dress it up!

In Alondra you will find a complete range of textile products and accessories, made with high-quality fabrics and with special care, that will make you love even more (if possible) the moment of caring for and wrapping your baby. With our textile collections you will be able to maximize the personality and style you want for your little one's room. We have thought of all kinds of crib clothes, from duvets, crib bumpers and sheets to duvet covers for co-sleeping cribs. So you don't miss anything! Take a look at our different textile collections. You'll love them!

Do you know all our collections of crib bedding?

In Alondra we have crib bedding for all likes and of all colours: in pink or blue, with patterns or plain, in piqué fabric... But you will also find different sizes and designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your newborn baby's mini crib . Do you know which one to choose? We will tell you below...

Crib bedding MINT GREEN

Mint green, the trendy color... fresh and fun!

MINT 055 textile collection

Our textile collection for nurseries in green MINT 055 is everything you need if you want to bring brightness and serenity to your little one's room.

This fun collection is available for co-sleeping cribs, convertible cribs and traditional cribs with wheels.

Crib textile AQUAMARINE

Mare green, our Top Sales collection

MARE 181 textile collection

We love the joy that comes from the MARE 181 water green textile collection for the child's room. With it, the baby's room will breathe the same naturalness and calmness that the sea transmits.

Available for co-sleeping cribs, convertible cribs and traditional cribs with wheels.

Baby crib bedding BROWN

A versatile and super combinable collection!

textil minicuna color arena

ARENA 153 textile collection

This textile collection for babies in brown and white, ARENA 153, is perfect for adding warmth to the nursery. Its versatility will allow you to add different touches of colour to the decor without having to give up the elegance of earth tones.

This beautiful collection, available for co-sleeping, convertible and tradidional cribs with wheels, is sure not to leave you indifferent!

Crib linen BEIGE

Crib textiles with unique children's details and personality

SAHARA SAND 126 textile collection

You will fall in love with the SAHARA SAND textile collection for the baby's room in beige if you want to give your little treasure's atmosphere a strong personality. The children's motifs will bring uniqueness and the light colours will give a lot of brightness to the room. A perfect combination!

Surprise yourself with this beautiful collection, available for co-sleeping mini-cots, evolutionary mini-cots and traditional mini-cots with wheels.

Crib bedding GREY

A collection for neutral but stylish atmospheres

textil minicuna color gris claro

CAREZZA 178 textile collection

Let yourself be carried away by the neutral colours of our CAREZZA 178 dark grey baby textile collection. This shade never goes out of style and is very easy to combine. Take advantage of the playfulness it gives and do not give up the elegance it radiates.

This collection, available for co-sleeping cribs, convertible and traditional cribs with wheels, has a very trendy embossed texture!

Textile for cribs GREEN-OLIVE

To make the baby's room more natural

Vestiduras minicuna

ESPUMA DO MAR 127 textile collection

Give an air of distinction to your baby's room with the ESPUMA DO MAR olive-green textile collection. We assure you that it will not go unnoticed and will be ideal for creating your own family fun!

Don't miss out on discovering all the minicot clothes from the wildest and most cheerful collection in our catalogue.

Crib bedding TERRACOTTA

To see life with joy!

ARIAKE 123 textile collection

Terracotta colours are soothing and convey solidarity and humanity. Discover this by decorating your little angel's room with our textile collection in tile and white combined with ARIAKE 123 rainbow print.

Give colour and style to your baby's room with all the mini-cradle clothes, textile changing mats, decorative cushions, storage baskets and the rest of the accessories in this collection.

Crib linen PINK

For modern and cheeky children's rooms

CREMAROSA 122 textile collection

Design a unique and casual room with the CREMAROSA 122 textile collection in pink pastel colour. The pink shades are trendy, fresh and will give your baby a sense of calm.

In this radiant collection you will find all the crib linen (50x80cm, 60x80cm and 90x50xm) you need.

Crib bedding BLUE

The most fun and daring paradise

ALBA BLU 121 textile collection

If you are expecting a little prince, the textile collection in blue denim ALBA BLU 121 is for the room of the expected baby!

The crib linen, textile changing mats, decorative cushions, storage baskets and all the accessories in this collection will brighten up every day of your little one's life.