How to lull your baby to sleep: 3 methods to achieve it successfully

Lulling the baby to sleep is sometimes a controversial practice. This is because it's essential to know how to do it well so as not to interfere with the comfort and health of the newborn. However, it's sometimes recommended as a method to calm and put to sleep the little ones in their first months of life.

We tell you what lulling consists of, how to practice it and when it's not recommended to do it or when to stop practicing it. However, you should bear in mind that it would be advisable to ask the medical staff in charge of your pregnancy or your newborn before doing it, so that they can advise you if it's the most appropriate for your case or not.

What is lulling a baby to sleep?

qué es arrullar al bebé

Lulling a baby to sleep consists of wrapping or tucking the baby in a special muslin, blanket, or sleeping bag  so that the little one is completely wrapped, except for the head. It's a technique often used to soothe the babies or help them to fall asleep effectively.

After spending a few months safe and warm in mum's womb, going out into the outside world is not an easy task, nor is getting used to the change quickly. Lulling the baby to sleep helps at this time because they will suddenly find themselve surrounded by unfamiliar stimuli and will have freedom of movement that they are not used to and often cannot control.

Lulling the baby is, above all, about helping them adapt to their new environment and supporting them in this transition.

Benefits of lulling the baby

1 It helps babies to relax and calm down in times of stress or upset.

2 It provides babies protection and security.

3 It allows the little ones to fall asleep quickly.

4 It relieves discomfort caused by colic.

5 It helps babies to better regulate their body temperature.

6 It prevents waking up from involuntary spasms or jerking movements.


Alondra advises you

«In their first months of life babies do not yet fully regulate their body temperature, so it's important to avoid heat loss or excessive heating of the child, bearing in mind that, due to immaturity, thermoregulation can be ineffective ", communicates the Spanish Association of Pediatrics in the Practical guide for parents. From birth to 3 years of age


Up to what age can a baby be lulled to sleep?

It's recommended to lull the babies to sleep until they start to have more mobility, that is, until they are approximately two months old. From this point onwards, the baby will start to become more aware of things and will, therefore, want to interact more with its environment, so he/she will start to want to move around on its own.

Lulling the baby to sleep should definitely be finished when the little one learns to roll over or be more mobile when picking things up. When this time comes, a lulled baby runs the risk of accidentally covering their face or head and this should never happen.

How to lull a newborn baby to sleep

There are three basic or most common techniques for lulling a baby to sleep quickly and effectively. To carry out the cooing, it's necessary to have a soft, breathable, hypoallergenic baby scarf, muslin or blanket that is between 1 and 1.2 meters wide.

It's very important never to cover, no matter how little, the baby's head and face. Also, when you lull your baby he/she should be able to move his/her legs freely, if the lulling prevents him/her from doing so, it can cause damage to her/his hips.

The quick method

1. Spread the cloth or blanket out completely and lay the baby in the middle, but leave his/her head outside. This way the blanket should be at shoulder level. This will prevent it from ever covering the baby's face.

2. Cross one of the top corners of the blanket over the shoulder of the opposite side. To attach the fabric, simply tuck it under the back.

3. Now simply repeat the previous step, but with the opposite upper corner.

4. Finally, fold up the remaining fabric at the bottom and fasten it to the inside of the blanket already wrapped around the shoulders.

pasos para arrullar a un bebé recién nacido, método rápido


The Australian system

1. Spread out the cloth so that it's in the shape of a diamond. Fold the top middle corner down, so that the point is more or less in the center of the muslin blanket.

2. Lay the little one down in the middle, so that the shoulders are resting on the piece of fabric you folded earlier.

3. Put the baby's right arm straight across, parallel to his/her body. Cross the right corner of the cloth to the other side and hold the tip from the right corner crossed under his left armpit.

4. Take the bottom tip of blanket, fold up and tuck inside of the piece that you have folded previously.

5. Again, place your arm, now the left one, straight and parallel to your body and cross the left corner of the fabric to the right side. Lastly, tuck the left cross point under her body.

Metodo australiano para arrullar a un bebé

The hands-free technique

To carry out this process you must perform the same steps as in the australian system to lull the baby. The only thing you owe change is the holding of the arms which, in this case, they will be totally free.

To do this, you must cross the corners of both sides, more or less, below the armpits, at the level of your chest. This technique is the most indicated for the little ones who move more and are restless be totally immobilized.

método manos libres para arrullar a un bebé

These three methods will be great for you to practice cooing safely. If, in addition, you want the key so that your little angel falls asleep very safely, we advise you to have it at home a nursing rocking chair. Even if you are not going to breastfeed the baby, it is a perfect piece of furniture to cradle and calm him.

In Alondra we have three designs of nursing chairs different: Glam, Dream Y Therefore. They all have the possibility to become fixed armchairs or change the base legs to turn them into rocking chairs. In addition to having a modern and current design, they are available in different colors so you can choose the one that best matches the room where you are going to install the chair.

The best thing about having a nursing rocking chair is that They have the height and characteristics necessary to guarantee the comfort of the baby and that of the mother or father use it. They are sooo beautiful in any corner that it will be impossible not to fall in love with them!

When NOT to cradle a baby?

Newborn babies are little treasures that come into our lives in the most tender and delicate way. For this reason, we must respect that fragility with which they come into the world, so that you should not lull the baby when:

  • He has fever.
  • If you are not comfortable with the lullaby. It may cause you more annoyance than you are trying to subtract using these techniques.


On the other hand, we leave you other recommendations to consider:

  • Always keep in mind that to lull the baby should not be done for a long time. That is, a few hours a day is enough. Keep this ace up your sleeve for those days or moments when your little one is more upset or restless to sleep. Y under no circumstances cradle the baby during the night's rest. You will also try to sleep and you will not be able to watch 100% if something happens to him.
  • Remember always put the baby on his back to prevent and reduce the risk of sudden death, which is higher during the first months.
  • Never forget that the lullaby it should not cover his face and head in general.
  • Similarly, remember that your legs must be free, so that you can move them without problem.
  • Don't over-squeeze the lullaby. Also, do not use materials that can overheat the little one.

If your little one feels comfortable and these techniques work for you, you can lull the baby no problem. You will see that it helps him calm down and appreciates his little blanket as a way of adapting to the new world that awaits him to see him grow 😉.


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