All about our Sero Evolutive Alondra convertible crib on offer

Cuna convertible Sero Evolutive Alondra en oferta

In Alondra, ¡we welcome November with our convertible crib on offer! As every month, we offer the highest quality of our most special and successful cribs, but with a discount that ... you won't want to miss! And, we love the fact that convertible crib-beds and desk can reach every corner in the world, because they are as functional and durable as they are beautiful and modern.  

Get the Sero Evolutive convertible crib on sale ... only until December 31!

The convertible crib on offer we are talking about is, in fact, the Sero Evolutive K502 70x140 cm model, which will be available from November 1st to December 31st, 2021. You can get it in the Alondra's main website and in the Alondra Spaces enabled. But this is not all... 

So that you can adapt the choice to your preferences as much as possible, the monthly discount on the convertible crib that converts into a bed is applied to the two colours available: glossy white or glossy white and grey. Furthermore, you can choose the textile pack or mattress pack that you like best. 

Combine your Sero Evolutive convertible crib on offer


In addition, with this promotion, you can also choose from the convertible crib with trundle bed or with lower drawersDepending on how you would like to use it when your little one is older.



Features of the convertible crib on sale

Rest assured that our cribs collections offer the highest quality in kids furniture. But, also, if you choose this fantastic promotion you won't need to invest again in the baby furniture that your little one will need in a few years. Here's why: 

The Sero Evolutive belongs to our range of convertible cribs of size 70x140 cm that allow to achieve a greater durability of the furniture. This is because its entire structure can be converted into a 90x200 youth bed with a bedside table, a desk and a book-shelf with wheels. In other words, the perfect all-in-one!

Sero Evolutive convertible crib conversion, on offer


Alondra BLACK Friday

And, not only that, we inform you that from November 26th to 28th you can take advantage of 15% off in all our kids furniture (except 2022 new products), textiles and deco.

Available at physical points of sale Espacios Alondra and also online at our store

Espacios Alondra

The best thing that can happen to you is that you can see all of this live. For this, the official distribution stores Espacios Alondra will be in charghe of advising you on your purchase at all times. There they will show you and tell you first-hand about the great usefulness of all the products, as well as our furniture on exhibition, catalogues and colour samples.  

Don't wait any longer! Find the Alondra distribution store closest to you and do not hesitate to come and get carried away ...

Optional accessories for convertible cribs

Finally, as you know, one of Alondra's priorities is the design of long-lasting, transformable and functional furniture. To accompany this great durability that characterises our convertible cribs and, in particular, the Sero Evolutive, at Alondra there is available a junior guard rail and one stairs - toy box.  

These are, of course, optional. You can buy them separately from the offer. What's its purpose? To extend the life of the Sero Evolutive and to convert it into a kids bed. This way, your little one would go through an intermediate stage before reaching the moment of converting it into a youth bed..

Furnish, Share and Inspire!


Look how beautiful the convertible crib on offer, Sero Evolutive, could look in your little one's room. We always like to show off, why not to say it, the great style of moms and dads when decorating the most special corners of their babies. That's why, we always invite you to share our products on social networks.

Bedrooms furnished with the convertible crib on offer


What could be more exciting than being an example for future parents to come? From Alondra we want to promote the inspirational capacity of these unique and singular corners. Who knows...? Maybe you will be a decoration genius in a few months! 


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