Co-sleeping cot: The ideal 6-in-1 for your baby's safe sleep

Obviously, mums and dads wish the best for their baby's rest. Depending on the needs of the baby you want to cover, you can choose from a lot of cots that offer you different advantages. From Alondra, we would like to recommend the co-sleeping large cot to get you started in the world of parenting.

Convertible co-sleeping large cot 6-in-1

The most remarkable thing about this kind of beds is that they are convertible and evolving. This means that they can be converted into different pieces of furniture depending on the growth and the baby's stages. At Alondra we have many types of cots, but today we want to highlight our OMNI XL 6-in-1 co-sleeping cot 70x140 cm. We tell you all about it!


OMNI XL convertible co-sleeping cot 70x140 cm.

This co-sleeping cot is available in 6 different matt colours, so you can easily outfit and combine it as you prefer. It's a 2-in-1 cot that transforms into a desk. But, with the different accessories available, it can be converted into up to 6 different pieces. Apart from the cot and desk, it can be converted into a co-sleeping cot, 70x140cm bed, Montessori bed at floor level and kids sofa. To enjoy for a loooong time!

Know a little more about the functionalities of the Co-sleeping large cot for baby 70x140cm.

1 Conversion 1: Large co-sleeping cot

The OMNI XL cot offers the possibility of converting it into a 70x140cm co-sleeping cot with the optional co-sleeping kit (ref. WCO191-M70). Being a large co-sleeping cot, 70x140cm, you will be able to co-sleep with your baby for much longer, even reaching the baby's 2 or 3 years old if you wish.

Large co-sleeping cot 70x140

To simplify this practice, the bed base of the large cot can be positioned at 5 different heights. This way, it will be at the same height as the double bed, without any risk of falling.

2 Conversion 2: 70x140cm large cot

Once you decide to stop co-sleeping with your baby because he/she is old enough, just put the rail back on the co-sleeping cot et voilà. Thus, you can place the cot in the baby's room so that he/she can start sleeping alone.

Baby large cot of 70x140

As in the previous conversion, the bed base can be set at 5 different height positions. For example, the highest position can be used for when the baby is still very young so you can have an easy access to the cot; and the lowest height position can be used for when the baby can get up on his/her own to prevent him from falling out of the cot.

3 Conversion 3: Montessori bed 70x140cm

When the baby starts to walk and becomes more active, the Omni XL large cot can be converted into a practical Montessori bed at floor level. This way, the little one can have total autonomy to go to bed and get in and out on their own. To do this, is necessary to add the junior safety guard (ref. WJB191-M70) and place the bed base in the lowest position.

Montessori cot-bed 70x140

This conversion is perfect to make easy the baby's transition from the cot to the junior bed.

4 Conversion 4: Toddler cot-bed

Using the same junior railing as in the previous conversion, the Omni XL large cot can also be converted into a 70x140cm kids bed, you just need to place the bed base in one of the central positions. Thus, instead of having a Montessori bed at ground level, you will have a toddler bed.

Toddler bed 70x140

5 Conversion 5: Kids sofa

When changing from the cot to the junior 90x200cm bed, you can convert the Omni XL cot into a beautiful and functional sofa by simply puting the junior safety rail upside down. This way you will have the perfect piece of furniture to complement the kids room or playroom.

Kids sofa 70x140

6 Conversion 6: Kids desk

As we have said, the OMNI XL cot is, by default, a desk-cot, so you can convert it into a kids desk at any time without needing any additional item. You just need to remove the railing and raise the bed base to the highest position. This way, you will have a functional kids desk that your little one will be able to use for a long time.

Kids desk 70x140


As you can see, it's a very practical and functional large cot that grows with your baby and adapts to their different needs. What do you think? It's a very good option!


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