Do you want to know what kind of mum or dad you are? Find it out with a simple game!

¿Quieres saber que tipo de madre eres? ¡Averígualo con un simple juego!

Find out what kind of mum or dad you are with a simple colour word search... Would you like to play? Let's go then!

Emotional psychology is a science that tries to connect our emotions with our brain in order to discover more aspects of our personality and our way of being.

So when we discovered this fun quiz, we couldn't resist sharing it with all of you ;)

This game aims to determine, through the first coloor you see in the word search, what your mood and philosophy of life is like as a mum or dad. Are you ready to try it?

Word search mums and dads personality

If you've already found your colour ... check below to know if what it says about you is true!

Red colour

If you saw this color first, you are a person who lives motherhood or fatherhood intensely and you throw yourself completely to this task because you are passionate about it and it makes you happy.

You are a mum or dad who always speaks her mind and is very honest, but you are very impatient and distrustful.

Pink colour

You are pure sweetness. The cutest mom or dad in the world. You are very creative and free, but you run away from everyday tasks. You love planning trips and outings with your family. However, you will need to find a balance between that freedom and discipline with your children.

Yellow color

You are very sentimental and altruistic. You always want to help other mums and dads or relatives in a selfless way. You are a great helpmate both with your partner and those close to you. You have a great ability to detect what others need, but it's more difficult for you to understand your own desires.

You give a lot without expecting to receive anything in return, but you must change that because you deserve to receive as much as you give!

Green color

You are a very quiet and calm mum and you love to have a set routine. You like organization because it gives you security and many times you give up doing things for the sake of your children and your loved ones. You hate change and are afraid of facing unfamiliar situations. However, stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time is not a bad thing.

Blue Colour

It defines your emotional and temperamental character. You are a dreamer, and very creative. Most of the time it makes you angry to see injustice and you wish you could change much of what happens around you. You love spending time with your children, but you also value your moments of solitude because they allow you to think about other matters.

Sometimes you live thinking about the past, but you should understand that you have to focus on the present.

Golden colour

If you saw the color gold first, it means that you are a very self-confident mum/dad who is destined to achieve great things, inside and outside your home. You have a real talent for getting the things you want and you are very dynamic all the time.

You love to cultivate your body and look good, but you are very suspicious and do not let your emotions run wild.

Black colour

You are always striving for perfection. You are a very responsible and hardworking woman/men, but this effort sometimes overwhelms you. You are very orderly, organised and methodical, but this makes it difficult for your children and family to keep up with you, and it also causes you continuous frustrations.

Stop demanding so much fo yourself or you will end up exploding. Success will come, be patient.

Indigo colour

You have a lot of energy and are a hard worker. Your dreams are huge and you are quite methodical. You always have your list of priorities and you like to fill your week with activities.

However, you live thinking about the future and the results of what you are doing now, instead of enjoying the present.


Did the colour match your definition of mum / dad?

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