The 6 new products in the Alondra catalogue to create safe and beautiful environments for your baby.

Novedades catálogo Alondra 2021/22

They are here! All the new items in the Alondra 2021/2022 catalogue are available on our website and we want to whet your appetite so that you can get to know them a little better. This way, you can start designing your baby's new room with all these new products, fresh from the oven!

6 new items Alondra 2021-22

Discover the new Alondra's evolutive cots

Of course, the first crown jewels that we want you to know about are our new evolving cots. All of them have more than one use, so they will be fantastic if you want a bed that adapts to your little one's needs and will last for many years.

CREA DUE cot-bed 70x140cm

The CREA DUE cot-bed of 70x140 cm will serve as conventional cot for your little newborn, but it will also grow with him when he grows a little more and can use it as Montessori floor-level bed. So it incorporates a junior railing that is installed at the entrance of the bed for more security when the little one goes to bed.

70x140 cot convertible into kids bed

You can also add the optional WCO300 co-sleeping kit to your order. This way, you can practice co-sleeping with your little one in the safest way. Thanks to its six bed base height positions, you will be able to adapt the baby's cot to the big bed, without any problem!

Convertible crib CREA TRE

Are you looking for a bed that could grow at the same time as your baby does? The CREA TRE convertible crib is perfect for you! Is a 3-in-1 crib. Firstly, it's a 60x70 cm crib. Secondly, you can enlarge it to a 70x140 cm cot and use it for practice co-sleeping by adding the additional WCO300 kit.

Finally, your little one will be able to use it for a longer time, until he/she is 5 years old, as it becomes a Montessori toddler bed. This last conversion will help you a lot when it comes to moving the little one from the cot to the bed. In addition, it will considerably increase their autonomy, as from the moment they use the CREA TRE bed at floor level they will be able to go to sleep on their own.

Crib cot all-in-one

Montessori AUNA 3-in-1 cot 70x140 cm

Nothing can surprise you more than the new AUNA Montessori cot. It's pure magic! It's designed to be a 70x140 cm conventional cot, a kids bed with junior safety guard or a Montessori bed at floor level. It's as versatile as it's beautiful!


Montessori cot in the shape of a hut


In addition, if you choose to co-sleep with your baby, you can buy the co-sleeping kit WCO300 and do it in the safest way possible. It's a super complete cot!

Cot convertible into kids bed ÉPOCA 70x140 cm

The ÉPOCA cot is ideal for baby rooms with a classic style, but without renouncing the simplicity that characterises Alondra. It's a 70x140 cm cot that can be transformed into a kids bed of the same size. Your little one will be able to use it until he/she is five years old! The best possible investment!

Vintage Victorian style baby cot

We expanded our Montessori Homy, Indy and Homy XL beds collection!

The Homy, Indy and Homy XL kids teepee beds are Alondra's Montessori beds par excellence. And, since they are very well received by the little ones at home, we have decided to extend this range to bring them in a new colour: charcoal grey!

These new models have the same dimensions as the Homy 70x140 cm, Indy 70x140 cm and Homy XL 90x200 cm in white. With this new colour you will be able to give your baby's room a bolder touch without losing the sweetness of our teepee beds. Come and take a look!

Montessori beds in anthracite colour

Fall in love with the most attractive floor-level beds for the little ones

Montessori floor level bed for babies

You will fall in love with the floor-level beds for children! A part form being a trendy decoration, they can provide many benefits to the little ones at home. For example, they are perfect for them to go to bed on their own and this considerably enhances their autonomy and independence.

To offer this great advantage to your baby, you can choose the ILMOON low bed collection or the MONTBLUE models. Each collection contains two different bed sizes, 70x140 cm and 90x200 cm. There are also two colours available for each of the sizes, one in white and the other in natural wood. They are really amazing!

And here ends our review of the latest novelties in the Alondra catalogue 2021/2022. From our team we hope you like our new cots and beds for babies. Soon we will present them in detail, but for now ... take a look at them and tell us which ones are your favorites! ;)


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