[Alondra answers]: What can I do to keep my baby from falling out of bed?

One of the most frequent doubts among new moms and dads is what to do when the baby falls out of bed. The fact is that the little ones in the house need time to adapt to each situation as they grow up, just like everyone else.

For this reason, many times they are not in control of the dimensions and space available to them, whether they are awake or asleep, and, even less so while they are still very young. So, the best way to avoid this situation is prevention, in all cases, and, above all, on surfaces where the little ones may spend most of their time.

How to avoid the baby from falling out of the the cot

What to do if my baby falls out of bed?

Despite the prevention of falls, it's quite possible that this will happen at some point. The best thing to do in these cases is, firstly, to remain calm as an adult and responsible parental figure. And, secondly, to assess whether the fall was serious or not.

If your child is bleeding heavily and for a prolonged period of time, loses consciousness or has a concussion in the head that seems to be serious, you should go to the doctor. However, don't panic! This type of accident is very common and is not usually serious.

And, if it is serious, after assessing and inspecting the injury or bump, go to your regular medical staff so that your little one receives the care they need.

Safety accessories to prevent the baby from falling out of bed

At Alondra, what concerns us most in the world is safeguarding the safety and integrity of the little ones who will enjoy our cribs and furniture at home. For this reason, we make sure that all our cot beds have a safety accessory to prevent the baby from falling out of bed.

Would you like us to review what these safety accessories are and in which Alondra cribs and beds they are used?

Sleep positioner cushions

Sleep positioner cushions for babies

The anti-roll pillows are made specifically for newborn babies up to about three months of age. They are used to keep the baby in a specific position, which is why they are also called sleep positioner cushions.

The Alondra's sleep positioner cushions have a velcro fastener to adjust the distance according to the size of the baby. They are made of 100% cotton and are removable, so they have a velcro to separate the filling from the cover and wash them easily.

These little pillows are ideal for use in the co-sleeping crib. As they are very small beds, designed for the baby's first months, they have the great advantage of providing perfect mobility throughout the house. The best thing about this feature is that you can keep the little one under control at all times and in any place.

Kids safety guard for co-sleeping cots

Alondra's co-sleeping cots, being evolvilng and convertible, have several conversion possibilities and can be transformed into other pieces of furniture. This ensures that it's a useful piece of furniture, which will last long after the baby grows up and no longer uses it as a cot.

For this reason, one of the conversions that Alondra's co-sleeping cots include is the kids bed or sofa. The co-sleeping cot NEXO or NEXOR 60x120 cm has 4 conversion types, so that it can only become a bed. However, the OMNI crib 60x120 cm has 5 conversion types, so it can be converted into a kids bed and sofa.

These conversions are possible thanks to the kids safety guardrail WJB180-M77. This protective barrier is specially designed for these two cot models. Thus, the safety of the little ones is ensured with these two models of Alondra cribs.

On the other hand, the OMNI XL co-sleeping cot 70x140 cm also has a specific safety guard to be able to convert the cot into a bed, sofa and Montessori bed at ground level.

Kids safety guardrails for convertible cribs and beds

The JBJ502 universal bed safety guard is compatible with Alondra's 70x140 cm convertible cribs and with the youth beds, both from Alondra and from the rest of the market. This option is perfect to prepare the transition of the little one from the baby cot to the adult bed.

The best thing of Alondra's 70x140 cm convertible cribs is that they are compact pieces of furniture that include everything you need for your baby, when he/she is very young, and fior when he/she gets older. It will then be converted into a complete youth room with a 90x200 cm bed, desk, bedside table and bookshelf.

Safety guard for convertible crib or bed to prevent falls

Montessori Bed Safety Guard

Safety guard for montessori bed to prevent falls

Lastly, the Montessori beds at floor level 70x140 cm and 90x200 cm also have their own protective guard to ensure the safety of the little ones while they sleep. These beds are safe furniture by nature, that means that, as they are at the height of the little ones, they can access the inside of the bed by themselves in completely safety.

Despite this, as we said, Alondra's Montessori teepee beds have a Safety Guardrail, which you could purchase additionally, to prevent the little one from getting out of bed unexpectedly while sleeping. It has a metal bar to pass it under the mattress and straps with which to attach the rail to the slats or boards of the bed base.

The maternal or paternal instinct will probably guide you when wondering what to do when a baby falls out of bed. This is probably one of the most common situations among parents all over the world, however, remember that keeping calm and don't panic will help you a lot when facing the problem.


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