The basic accessories to make the baby's bath easier and happier

With practice you will know which are the essential baby bath accessories for your little one, but we want to advance the work for you. So, we bring you a list with everything you will need when bathing your little angel.

Anything that enriches that moment and makes it as happy and pleasant as possible, both for the baby and for the parents, will be a great success, for sure. At Alondra we love that babies are super comfortable and comfortable with our furniture at home. For this reason, we are going to show you our bathtub furniture with which you can live the most tender experience in all the bathrooms of the little one.

Baby bath accessories

1 bathtub baby changing table

This type of furniture incorporates several functionalities in a single piece of furniture . At Alondra we have four different styles of changing tubs for little ones: the Life , Kubo , Bubble and Joy models.

bathtub furniture baby changing table

The best thing about having a bathtub specifically for the baby at home is that they are specially designed for the little ones. So, they will always be in a controlled environment , since it fits them to the maximum.

All Alondra bathtub furniture models have four large-capacity drawers and a top lid to cover and store the bathtub. In addition, to safeguard the safety of the baby, the furniture incorporates four wheels with rubber bands, two of them with brakes . This will allow the bathtub to be anchored in the place where you decide to give the little one or the little one a bath and you will be able to move the bathtub to the most suitable place at all times.

On the other hand, they also include a dressing room or changing table in the upper part of the furniture while it is closed. Inside, by lifting the cover where the changing table is installed, there is a bathtub with a drain and a soap dish that can be removed from the side. This is a functional and versatile accessory for the baby's bath, since it can be placed both on the left and on the right .

plastic bucket for baby bath

While the plastic toilet bowl is on, the top drawer cannot be opened. However, once the little one stops bathing in it, you will have one more chest of drawers for life that you can install anywhere in the house. It is the perfect piece of furniture to store all the elements in the bathroom, but it is also ideal as extra storage space when the little one gets older .

2 Bath changing table cover

To complete your bathtub furniture with changing table for the little one, you can take a look at the entire variety of adjustable covers for the dressing room of the Alondra bathtub . We have a wide variety of colors and styles so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and the decoration you have chosen for the baby's room.

This accessory for bathing the baby will be great when you take him out of his bathtub and it's time to change and clean him. It is a fitted cover that incorporates a removable terry changing pad in the center. If the curl gets stained, you can easily wash it.

3 Children's storage basket

What is better than preparing all the accessories to bathe the baby in an orderly manner and always at hand? This is achieved thanks to Alondra's padded storage baskets . In addition to matching the cover of the changing table that you choose, it will go hand in hand to gather all the accessories for the baby's bath .

In them you will be able to store and have in view all your creams, colognes, combs or any other necessary element for your bathroom and subsequent toilet.

storage baskets colonies for baby

4 The essentials for a relaxed and super fun bath!

Apart from the previous elements, there are a series of accessories for bathing the baby that are super important and very useful to make the shower relaxed and fun at the same time. We see?

  • Natural sponges for different parts of the body. It is advisable not to use the same sponge for the intimate parts of the little one. You can buy different shapes or colors to differentiate them.
  • Bath gel and shampoo . For the body gel you should use one with a neutral pH and without irritants . In your trusted pharmacy they will help you choose the best one for your little one.
  • Jug to rinse the baby. It will be necessary so that the water runs well throughout the body, even in areas that are not submerged in water. In the same way, it will be very useful when you go to remove it, in case there is any soap residue that you want to remove quickly.
  • Large or hooded bath towel . Now you can find endless models of towels, which are specifically designed to cover each part of your body. They are available with or without a hood, although if you opt for a hood, you will surely find one with ears or any super-fun and cute children's motif ;).
  • Water thermometer . This element is very important since, apart from the ambient temperature, you must control the temperature of the water where the baby will bathe.

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    • Bath water toys . These baby bath accessories probably won't be needed until around eight months of age . However, when he starts to develop his motor skills and wants to discover the new world around him, he will be delighted to play in the bathtub with his special bath toys!
    • Baby creams or oils . The little ones in the house need lots of pampering and care. After drying it, it is convenient to hydrate the skin of your little angel. If the bath is late, before putting on your pajamas, it will be a perfect time to start the relaxation routine with small massages before going to bed.
    • Care set . This type of accessories for the baby's bath usually includes a brush or comb for the hair, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, thermometer and scissors, among many other elements.
    • Perfume, colognes and diapers . Finish refreshing your little one after his relaxing bath with a few drops of cologne or perfume for babies.

    At Alondra we are sure that if you have all these accessories for the baby's bath , it will be a piece of cake to shower him and prepare his daily relaxation routine. The most important thing is that you can have these elements at hand, as close as possible, in case something unforeseen arises or you forget to take an accessory beforehand. You will see how bathing the baby becomes one of your favorite moments of the day!


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