Do you know how to cover your newborn baby to sleep through the night?

It seems like a simple matter, however, one of the most frequent questions among new parents is how to cover a newborn baby to sleep . And it's the most normal thing in the world! When we bring a child into the world for the first time, anything or action becomes a great unknown.

The well-being of the little ones is something essential that, although everything can be learned with practice, receiving prior information makes the journey much easier. At Alondra we care about all the babies who will enjoy our products at birth, so we want to tell you first-hand how to cover the baby in the crib safely and effectively .

How to cover a newborn baby to sleep

First of all, it is very important to keep in mind that babies do not regulate their temperature well at birth . For this reason, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, in the Practical guide for parents. From birth to 3 years , insist that heat loss must be avoided or that the little one suffers excessive heating .

cover up a baby

On the other hand, the AEP also recommends, due to the above reason, to cover the little arms and feet of the little ones who have just come into the world. And, in addition, always place the crib away from sources of heat or cold , such as radiators or windows.

To know, approximately, what the baby's body temperature is, it is best to measure its heat in the tummy , since the extremities, such as the feet and hands, are usually always rather cold.

Therefore, the best way to help your baby regulate his temperature correctly will be to dress him in layers . The comfortable and loose clothes will help you to be able to remove the garment that is left over at any time.

After these notes we tell you what is the best bedding so that your little one can sleep peacefully and throughout the night without problem. Keep in mind that the AEP recommends that the ambient temperature where the baby is installed should be 20-22ºC during the day and around 18ºC at night.

How to cover a newborn baby to sleep in winter

cover up a baby in winter

In winter, depending on where you are in the world, the high temperatures will determine how much you have to cover your newborn baby. In the same way as with the baby's clothes, you should put the bedding in layers , to be able to remove the excess or add another, if necessary.

The best way to cover a newborn baby in winter is to use Alondra's 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm crib linen , depending on the size of the little one's bed. The Nordic and crib protector set is perfect, since with the same kit you tuck your baby in and protect him from bumps using the protector.

For its part, the duvet is made up of the 100% cotton duvet cover and the filling with which the warmth of your little treasure will be assured. On the other hand, the protector includes velcro and straps to be able to tie it to the evolutionary cradle without problem and that it does not come off at any time.

Crib clothes to cover a baby in winter

How to cover a newborn baby to sleep in summer

Once winter is over, you will ask yourself: "How to cover a newborn baby to sleep in summer?" Even if your baby is born in the hottest seasons, you should also keep him or her warm, although in a lighter way , since, as you know, he or she alone cannot regulate their temperature normally.

To do this, from Alondra we recommend you buy a few children's sheets for these months in which it is somewhat more difficult to hit the right bedding. Our sheet sets are made up of three different pieces: a top sheet , a pillowcase , both 100% cotton, and a fitted bottom sheet made of poplin.

cover a baby in summer to sleep

If, in addition, you have Alondra's removable crib duvet, you can use it without the duvet filling in case at any time your little one needs another layer of extra warmth. In this way you will make sure you have everything you need to cover the baby in the crib.

Now you have all the keys on how to cover a newborn baby to sleep and be safe, whatever the season. And, remember, if you have more doubts about it, the best thing to do is always consult with the medical personnel who manage your pregnancy or the health of your little one. So you won't have to worry about anything!


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