For their first months of life!

As first-time parents, we understand that you're going to want to keep an eye on your newborn at all times, while're doing chores at home. Cribs are the solution!♥ Cribs for babies are small sized cots (normally 60x80 or 50x80cm), perfect for moving around the house and having the baby always by your side.

Having a crib during the baby's first months of life is essential, as it provides them with the warmth and comfort they need to be able to enjoy the rest they deserve. In addition, with a mini crib the baby will feel cosy and will guarantee a good rest.

Do you know all the baby mini cribs on the market?

When you are going to have a baby you start looking on the market in search of the best for your future child. The stroller, the clothes, the diapers and, of course, the cot or mini-crib where they will spend most of the day. The rest of the baby is something that concerns all new parents, therefore, it's necessary to evaluate the different options of mini-cribs on the market... Which one is better to choose?

In Alondra we have cribs for babies for all kinds of preferences, many colours and designs to choose from: co-sleeping cribs, convertible cribs, cribs with wheels... We explain below the differences between all of them, so that you can decide more easily. Surely you will find in our online shop the mini crib that your baby needs and that suits your needs:

Minicuna de colecho evolutiva

To use after the baby's first months...


If you are looking for a functional crib with co-sleeping option and, moreover, a convertible one, you are going to fall in love with the EQUO model.

This mini crib of 50x80cm, includes an easy-to-remove railing so that it can be attached to the parents' bed and practice co-sleeping safely. In addition, it includes safety straps to better attach the crib to the double bed, as well as 4 wheels with rubber bands (two with brakes).

So that you can use it for much longer, it can be converted into 3 more pieces of furniture: a kids sofa, a little desk and a toy chest.

For parents starting from scratch�


Si lo que quieres es olvidarte de comprar otra cuna cuando el bebé deje de utilizar la minicuna, te recomendamos que apuestes por una de nuestras minicunas transformables en cuna y cama de 70x140cm!

Se trata de una minicuna de 60x80cm que incluye todo lo necesario para poder convertirse en cuna grande de 70x140cm y en cama Montessori.

Tenemos varios colores disponibles entre los que elegir, sí como diferentes coordinados textiles para que la combines según tus gustos.

Minicunas portátiles baratas


Si ya tienes todo el mobiliario necesario para amueblar la habitación del bebé, puedes apostar por una minicuna de tijera con ruedas para su fácil traslado por casa.

Además de ser prácticas, tienen un menor coste que las minicunas evolutivas. Eso sí, solo se podrán usar durante los primeros 4-6 meses del bebé.

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