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wicker crib

Barrera júnior para cuna de ratán DIEM 60x120cm · RJB222


Barrera para cuna DIEM¡Fabricada en rattan! Convierte la cuna 60x120cm de ratán modelo DIEM de Alondra en una práctica camita infantil, de medidas 60x120cm, con esta barandilla júnior. Fabricada en...

Cuna de ratán para bebés 60x120 DIEM · RC222-N99

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Cuna de rattan 60x120cm¡Convertible en camita infantil! ¿Amante del estilo natural y rústico? ¡Entonces te va a encantar nuestro nuevo modelo de cuna-cama de ratán DIEM de medidas 60x120cm, hecha...

Baby cane cots

At Alondra we always try to be at the forefront of new materials and designs. That is why this year we have designed a new model of rattan cane cot-bed that you will love An eco-friendly material that will protect your baby at night and give him warmth.

This typology of baby bassinet It is characterized by having a rigid and unique design, made of a bamboo cane-style material. Normally they are traditional cribs, but at Alondra we wanted to go one step further and, for this reason, you will be able to assemble it as a 60x120cm crib. You will fall in love as soon as you see her...

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The one of cane andIt is one of the options most used by future parents for the newborn to sleep. It is a wicker crib or any other natural material (rattan or bamboo) which allows the baby to sleep in a place with full perspiration.

In these types of cribs, the baby is very protected. Since he feels good, he manages to fall asleep alone more easily than when he is in the middle of a big bed. This option is especially suitable for very sensitive and reactive babies.

It is so that newborn babies can sleep during the first years.

Although wicker cribs (with fiber mesh) are very nice, they require the use of a padded cover or crib protector so that the little one does not injure himself with the rigid crossbars.

The rattan cot is purchased without a mattress, but you can choose the cot mattress that we have specially designed for it. However, if you prefer another model with other features, you will have to look for a baby mattress from proper size and firm hold.

As soon as your baby runs out of room to reach out and touch the edges (or when he can pull himself up on his own), you'll need to move him to a larger crib. At Alondra we have all kinds of cots: 60x120cm cots, cot-beds, convertible cots...

In the case of this crib model, the structure of the legs is fixed, for greater safety. Wheels cannot be added.

One of the priorities in the manufacture of Alondra cribs and mini-cribs is the health of babies. That is why we choose to use solid wood or natural fibers, without painting or treating. This cradle model is made of natural rattan fibers, a rigid but pleasant and respectful material for the baby.

The wicker is treated to eliminate psocopter larvae. These are sometimes found on palm fronds. This carrycot will be ideal for the first months of your baby's life.

We recommend using the crib bedding specially designed for her. Although any textile for a 60x120 crib will also work.

For the crib, we recommend using the mattress, specially made for it. Although you can opt for a standard one measuring 60x120cm.

It complies with the UNE-EN 1130:2020/AC:2021 standard (the same as the co-sleeping mini-cot) and has all the certificates that guarantee the safety and health of the newborn baby.

Unfortunately, the structure of the rattan crib legs is fixed and rigid. It can not be disassembled.

Supports babies weighing up to 15 kg. Suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 15 kilos (or until the baby begins to rise).

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