If you are a mother or father, you will have already noticed how quickly children grow. When we want to realize it, the clothes have outgrown being completely new. In most cases, babies grow so fast that a lot of the clothes we put on them have only been worn once. That is why most moms and dads try to keep all that clothes, with a view to being able to reuse it for their little brother, if there is a forecast of having more children, or for their cousins.

What happens is that in some cases, when we want to use it again, we realize that the clothes are not as new, as when we had stored them and, above all, they do not have that smell of new baby clothes, that before yes it had. Therefore, in this article we want to give you recommendations for how to store and care for baby clothes.

Tips for storing baby clothes

As we say, it is not unusual for little siblings reuse older siblings' clothes. The truth is that this has many benefits. Among them, solidarity between brothers. However, in order to do so, we must carry out certain measures to store baby clothes, in order to keep it in good condition when it is time to use it again. From Paz Rodriguez, baby clothing store, give us the best advice for it.

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The first tip is to check all the baby clothes you intend to keep, and make a selection of everything that is not in good condition to discard. It is normal that you find clothes that you have become fond of, but that their state is not the most optimal to store them. In this case, you must face this task frankly to assess both its status and its usefulness.

One of the baby clothes that you can store without problems, apart from the usual clothes, are the booties and shoes made of crochet or crochet. Although it is true that footwear should not be inherited between siblings, under any circumstances, for reasons of the postural health of children's feet - each child has a different shape in the feet -. This case is an exception, since this type of shoe has not been used for walking. Yes indeed, Before storing them, it is advisable that you wash them.

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It is advisable have a baby wardrobe and chest of drawers in which to store all the clothes. This type of furniture is designed to make the most of all its space and storage capacity. They also have a lot of extras such as shelves, bars, compartments ... You can take a look at our prices for children's furniture. You also have the option of using a custom adult wardrobe. By having more space, for example, in the area of the bars you can add an extra bar, just below taking advantage of the space.

At the time of place baby clothes in drawers, use dividers. In this way you will have everything much more controlled and organized by typologies, for example. Baby hangers are important. All the baby clothes that need to be hung, you must do it on this type of hanger so that they do not deform.

Store baby clothes in airtight drawers. Thus, you will prevent dust from entering and it will wear and deteriorate the fibers of your baby's clothing. Once in the drawers, sort it by size. In this way, it will be much easier for you to locate it when you want to put it on the second baby. If you keep all the clothes stored in the same place, it will be much better when looking for them. You will avoid going crazy or crazy with the typical question “Where the hell did I keep this…?

How to care for and preserve your baby's clothes

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A very important step, before put away all the baby's clothes the thing is you must wash it with the same care, that you applied when the baby used it. This is important to eliminate those difficult stains and avoid, that - if they are food scraps - they generate or attract bugs, that come to eat the material or make nests in it. Needless to say, you should wash your clothes following the label and manufacturer's instructions.

In addition, it is also advisable to iron it, since wrinkled clothes take up more space than those that are ironed. Of course we must make sure all baby clothes are completely dry when storing them. Otherwise, it may collect moisture.

If it is going to be several years until you use those baby clothes again, it is important that we remove the buttons from those more delicate garments. These buttons could rust and damage the surrounding fabric. Keep them in a box, which you can have located so as not to lose them.

Look for a place free of moisture and dust to store your baby's clothes. This way you will avoid odors, which are not pleasant, and even the appearance of mold. If you prefer store your baby's clothes in boxes In order to continue using the wardrobe, avoid making it made of cardboard. This material is not the most suitable for storing clothes for a long time. As days go by baby clothes stored in cardboard boxes take on a "closed" smell, which is not usually pleasant. You should not store baby clothes in plastic bags either.as these could transfer moisture.

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A good choice of storage and conservation of baby clothes, are the plastic storage boxes with lids. But you must bear in mind that you have to keep them in places where the sun's rays do not affect too much so that the colors of the garments do not deteriorate.

Use Vacuum-sealed garment bags are another recommended option for storing baby's clothes.. Thanks to them, everything you keep will be protected from dust and mold, taking up much less space in the boxes or shelves in which you store it. The only thing you should keep in mind is that when you take it out, it is probably a little wrinkled.

Before using it again, it is advisable to wash all clothes with a mild detergent and dry them naturally. This will prevent mite problems and irritations on the baby's skin.

Many mothers and fathers doubt the advisability of save and reuse the clothes of the older children for the little ones. But the truth is that this habit brings many benefits, not only financial. If not, also establishing ties between them. In many cases, the fact that the older brother knows that his little brother is wearing his clothes causes him to develop a very positive protective feeling.

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