New mini co-sleeping 5in1 EQUO LIFE by Alondra

More and more parents are looking for a co-sleeping crib to sleep with their babies every day, in a completely safe way and practice safe co-sleeping . And it is understandable, because how is a mother going to want to separate from her newborn baby? In addition to this, it has been shown that co-sleeping is really comfortable and has many benefits for the baby and also for the parents.

Practicing co-sleeping unites the baby with their parents even more. It helps the newborn feel more secure and protected during the night and allows both mother and baby to continue sleeping peacefully more quickly after each feeding, improving the quality of their rest.

These are just some of the benefits of co-sleeping from day one. However, it is important to do it safely. Therefore, the best option is to opt for a co-sleeping mini cradle that guarantees the safety of the baby at all times.

But... What is a mini co-sleeping crib?

Crib attached to the bed

A co-sleeping mini-crib is very similar to the traditional mini-crib but without a side rail, in order to be able to join the parents' large bed, as if it were an extension of it. In this way parents and babies can sleep together without any risk.

Mini cots are really useful and comfortable. However, they are usually only used during the first six months of the baby's life and then they are not used again, unless another baby comes home. To solve this problem, at Alondra we have designed Alondra's EQUO LIFE 5-in-1 wooden co-sleeping mini-crib : co-sleeping mini-crib, mini-crib, sofa, children's desk and toy chest in a single piece of furniture. A much more functional mini-crib convertible into a bed , which adapts to the different stages and needs of your baby and can be used for a long time with full guarantee, thanks to the quality of its materials. Its design, in a matt white finish and wood effect, makes it a truly beautiful piece.

Below we will explain in detail all its characteristics and different stages, but first we want to remind you that when choosing a co-sleeping crib, it is important to make sure that the mini-crib meets a series of characteristics (robustness, height-adjustable bed base, straps for security to attach them to the bed, etc.) that guarantee the safety and comfort of the baby and the parents, especially during the co-sleeping season.

Alondra's EQUO LIFE mini co-sleeping crib has 5 stages : co-sleeping mini cot, mini cot, children's sofa, children's desk and toy chest. Let's see one by one:

1. CRADLE SHARING STAGE (approximately 0-3 months)

Wooden co-sleeping crib 50x80

To use it as a co-sleeping crib, all you have to do is remove the side rail and attach it to the large bed, using the safety straps and the braked wheels. Thanks to its 7-height adjustable bed base , the co-sleeping mini-cradle guarantees that the baby's mattress and the parents' mattress are completely united, both at the same height. No awkward steps or gaps.

Also, so that the co-sleeping crib is fully fixed and does not move, it includes some straps that are attached to the crossbar or to the slats of the bed. Or, in the case that a sofa is used, some straps to join the bed under the mattress and a stop.

Co-sleeping crib fastening system

2. CRIB STAGE (0-6 months)

When you no longer do co-sleeping and to use it as a mini-crib (interior measurement: 80x50cm), you just have to replace the easily removable railing and that's it. As in the previous stage, it includes 4 wheels and <span class=;" color-theme="">When you no longer do co-sleeping and to use it as a mini-crib, you just have to replace the easily removable railing and that's it. As in the previous stage, it includes 4 wheels and 7 different bed base heights.

According to the European mini-cradle safety regulations, the baby can use the mini-cradle until he can get up on his own. At that time (or before, if you think it's convenient) is when the baby will begin to sleep in his new larger crib , convertible crib , Montessori bed or youth bed with safety barriers.

Wooden mini cradle 50x80


Once the baby can get up on its own, it is time to transform the EQUO LIFE mini-cradle into a children's desk, which can be used for a long time. It's really easy to assemble and kids will love it! It has 4 heights and includes wheels .

Mini crib convertible into a children's desk


Another option for this mini-cradle is to transform it into a children's sofa. If instead of a children's desk you want to have a sofa in the room, here it is! Like the desk, it supports an estimated maximum weight of 40kg.

Mini crib convertible into children's sofa

5. TOY TRUNK STAGE (+2 years)

That you see that your baby does not use the sofa or the desk, do not worry! The EQUO LIFE mini-cradle also transforms into a toy drawer, super fun! When the legs are removed, the drawer remains at floor level, so that the baby can play freely and access their toys.

Co-sleeping co-sleeping toy box

And... What accessories are there for the EQUO LIFE co-sleeping crib? To complete the mini co-sleeping cot you will be able to choose from one of the available co-sleeping mini cot textile items : mini cot duvets with and without padding, protectors or bumpers, mini cot sheets, bottom sheets, mini cot mattress ... We have thought of everything so that your baby, don't miss anything!

We also have a wide range of co-sleeping cots and wooden co-sleeping cots , to be able to use them for much longer.

And now, you may be wondering <strong> where can you buy the equo life co-sleeping crib?</strong> because it is available in physical stores, espacios alondra, where you can see it in situ and start enjoying it: <a href=;" www=" " espaciosalondra="" com="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" http:="">And now you may wonder, where can I buy the EQUO LIFE co-sleeping crib? Well, it is available in physical stores Espacios Alondra , where you can see it in situ and start enjoying it: Although you can also purchase it online through our new ALONDRA ONLINE STORE :


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