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Have you considered furnishing your future baby's bedroom with a convertible crib that turns into a bed? Good choice! In case you happen to be a new mother, we inform you that this type of cot grows with your baby and can become a complete junior bedroom. So it can last for many years to come! ;)

In addition to convertible cots, here you will find all the accessories and mattresses you need to complete your baby's convertible cot and personalise it as much as possible.

Cots beds for babies

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Habitación de bebé con cuna convertible en blanco y verde-menta

Great purchase and unbeatable result

Being already in the 20th week of pregnancy, we started looking for a cot that would meet our expectations, both for quality, aesthetics and that would last for many years. We immediately found the Alondra evolving cot, which we had already seen on social networks and was what we wanted. Finally, we decided on the Kurve Premium, especially for the design and the guarantees that were explained to us when we contacted the customer service department. Everything was explained to us and it was perfectly in line with what we were looking for. It's a big investment, but it's future-proof and looks better than it does in photos or on the web. I did the assembly myself, and I didn't have any complications, and it was a great illusion to assemble it and see the result. I am sure it is one of the best convertible cots on the market, and whoever is in the same situation as my wife and I were, I recommend it 100%, you will not regret it.

- Manuel & Laura -

Cuna convertible con cambiador

A very practical and future-proof convertible piece of furniture

Some friends recommended a convertible cot from Alondra and we were absolutely right. We were warned when we placed the order that if we ordered it with assembly it would take a little longer, and so it did. The assemblers called us a few days before and came to assemble it, left it in place and took the cardboard with them. Our baby sleeps in the convertible in the evenings, at night he sleeps next to our bed. We use it all the time to change the baby on his changing table, which is very big by the way, and underneath in the drawers we have the nappies, creams and his little things. In a few months we will move him to his convertible and in a few years we will turn it into a bed like our friends, I am sure we will use it for many years, as it is of great quality, a success.

- Javi Castro -

What is a convertible crib?

A convertible crib bed is a compact piece of furniture composed by a cot with a baby changing table and a chest of drawers. In time, it can be transformed into a junior bedroom with a 90x200cm bed, a bedside table and a desk. This sort of furniture allows you to create a convertible baby room right from the start. They are one of the most functional baby and children's furniture on the market. They are robust, practical and will growth with your baby, since they adapt to his different stages and needs. Alondra offers you two different sizes of convertible cribs:

Transformación cuna convertible pequeña 60x120cm

For small kids' rooms...

If the space in your future baby's room is limited, Alondra's convertible crib 60x120cm will become your best ally.

A super compact piece of furniture including a 60x120cm cot, a 4-drawer chest and a changing area, which will become a 90x200cm bed and a desk with a chest of drawers.

We have several models to choose from, available in different colors: Just Joy, Just Even, Just Bubble and Duplo (convertible twin crib)

Our customers' favourite baby cot with changing

Baby cot that turns into a bed, in white and beige. It is transformed into a junior room with a 90x200cm bed and a desk with a chest of drawers.

This model brings elegance and warmth to the baby's room. The shape of its knobs lends a touch of sweetness to this versatile piece of furniture.

From 1095€

Transformación cuna convertible grande 70x140cm

Baby cots-beds, for those who start from scratch ...

Forget about buying more furniture once your baby outgrows his/her cot, by purchasing Alondra's convertible crib, which becomes a 70x140cm bed!

A compact piece of furniture consisting of a 70x140cm cot (with a trundle bed or bottom drawers), a 3-drawer chest and a changing area. In the future, your baby's cot will be transformed into a 90x200cm bed, a desk, a bedside table and a book shelf.

We have several models to choose from, available in different colours: Sero Joy, Sero Even, Sero Kubo, Sero Life, Sero Bubble and Premium Kurve.

The best-selling convertible baby crib

Convertible crib with changer in a simple and contemporary style, fully lacquered in white. It is transformed into a complete junior room including a 90x200cm bed, a bedside table, a desk and a book shelf.

It is the ideal solution to create a room that will evolve with your baby. The combination of colours will lend a touch of sophistication to your little one's bedroom.

From 1575€.

Convertible cribs FAQs

In case you don't know, all our products are mass-produced, so they cannot be changed or customised to your liking. However, so that you can't be left without it due to lack of space, we have 2 sizes: 60x120cm convertible cots and 70x140cm convertible cots, so you can choose the one that best suits the space available in your baby's room! Both convert into a 90x200cm bed.

All of our convertible cribs are reversible. They can be assembled with the drawers on the right or left, either way. Except for the KURVE model, where you will need to choose on which side you want the railing assembled.

If you already have a convertible Alondra crib and want to change the lower part for drawers or trundle bed, there is no problem! In this case you need to contact the after-sales department by mail indicating the model of crib you have and the change you would like to make, to be able to check if we have spare parts and send you the price. Once everything is clear, we will send them to the address you specify.

This same answer wil be useful if you want to change the handles and / or wheels, either because you would like to have another colour or simply because they have deteriorated over time and you need replacement parts.

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