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Under cot: Trundle bed

Textile collection: Without textile

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Porque la vida es algo que sucede mientras tú haces otros planes...

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Dispones de un plazo de 14 días naturales para hacer cualquier cambio o devolución.

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Convertible evolutionary crib
For a complete baby room!

Fall in love with the happiness of the baby crib convertible into bed and desk Sero More Erba, the aqua green shades are trendy and also convey the naturalness and calm of the sea. Perfect for a convertible baby bedroom! Being an evolving crib, it will become a complete convertible nursery when your baby grows up. You can match and choose the textile pack you like the most.

0-3 years

1. Baby stage: 70x140cm crib

In the same unite you will have a 70x140cm crib, a bedside table with 3 drawers and a changing table at the top, a book shelf with two large capacity spaces and, at the bottom, 2 drawers or a trundle bed to choose from.

Convertible crib sero more white 70x140cm
Cot-bed sero more white 70x140 convertible crib

2. Kid stage: crib-bed

The railing of the crib can be removed, becoming in a 70x140cm children's crib-bed.

Optionally, you can buy the junior safety guard (ref. JBJ502) for greater baby protection and the toybox stairs (ref. JU400) for easy access to the crib.

3. Junior Stage: youth room

The convertible can be disassembled and transformed into 4 different pieces of furniture for the youth room: a 90x200cm bed, a small bedside table with 3 drawers, a book shelf with wheels and a desk.

This way you can use the crib up to 18 years or more.

Convertible crib sero more white 70x140cm converted into a youth room
Security regulations convertible cribs



Non-toxic varnishes



Matt lacquered finish


lacquered finish

Soft close system drawers

Drawers with


Reversible convertible crib


convertible crib


Features convertible crib K546

Up and down system

Railing with up and down system - in 2 positions

Back side open convertible crib

Back side open (Optional cover ref. WTN502-M77)

Mattress supports for the bed included

4 mattress supports for bed included

Pull-out bottom with wheels

Pull-out with wheels (drawers or trundle bed)

Slatted bed base convertible crib

Slatted bed base for greater firmness (crib and bed)

Maximum conversion in 4 pieces convertible crib

Maximum conversion into 4 pieces of furniture


Assembly, conversion and features videos of convertible crib


You can choose between ...

Convertible crib 70x140 sero more white K546 with bottom drawers

2 pull-out bottom drawers

(with rubber wheels)

Convertible crib 70x140 Sero More K546 with drawers

Pull-out trundle bed

(with folding legs and wheels)


What do I get with the Sero More convertible crib?

By choosing this model of convertible crib you will have the following furniture in one:

Crib 70x140 convertible crib

Cot 70x140cm *

Changing table convertible crib

Changing table

Bedside table convertible crib

Bed side table

Bed 90x200 convertible crib

Bed 90x200 *

Children's desk convertible crib

Children's desk

Book shelf convertible crib

Book shelf

Drawers or trundle bed convertible crib

Trundle bed / Drawers


* Mattress space dimensions: 71.5 x 140 cm (crib) and 91.2 x 201.2 cm (bed).

We recommend using mattresses of: 70x140x12 cm or 68x138x12 cm (crib), 90x200 cm (bed) and 90x190x15 cm (trundle bed).


Convertible crib dimensions K546

Dimensions convertible crib sero more K546

Materials and construction convertible crib K546

This convertible crib model is made with the following materials:

Solid pine

Solid pine

(Crib railing)

Melamine Board

Melamine board

(Rest of the crib)

MDF board

MDF board

(Drawers frontal)


What does the textile pack and convertible crib mattress include?

Cot duvet Etnik 70x140cm with removable filling

Cot duvet 70x140cm with removable filliing (ref. 626) *

Cot bumper Etnik 70x140cm reversible with fastening straps

Reversible bumper 70x140cm with security strips (ref. 627) *

Changing mat Etnik 70x140cm with removable cover

Changing mat 70x140cm removable (ref. 631) *

Memory foam mattress 70x140cm

Memory foam mattress 70x140cm (ref. ZV70-140)

* Textile range of your choice

Normativa de seguridad
Normativa de seguridad
Barnices no tóxicos
Lacada en barnices no tóxicos
Acabado lacado mate
Acabado en lacado mate
Soft close system
Cajones con cierre suave
Cuna convertible reversible

Vídeos montaje, conversión y características cuna convertible

Puedes elegir entre....

Cuna transformable 70x140 sero more K546 con cajones inferiores

2 cajones inferiores extraíbles

(con ruedas de goma)

Cuna convertible 70x140 Sero More K546 con cama nido inferior

Cama nido inferior extraíble

(con patas desplegables y ruedas)

*Medidas del hueco para el colchón: 71,5 x 140 cm (cuna) y 91,2 x 201,2 cm (cama).

Recomendamos usar colchones de: 70x140x12 cm o 68x138x12 cm (cuna), 90x200 cm (cama) y 90x190x15 cm (cama nido).

Medidas cuna convertible Sero More 70x140cm

Medidas cuna convertible Sero More 70x140cm

*Coordinado textil a elegir

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