Delivery Time

When will I receive my Alondra order?

We know... Waiting for your baby can feel sooo long, especially if it is the first one. And on top of that, sometimes you also have to wait for your furniture.

Will it arrive before the baby is born? Will I be able to have the room ready for that special day?

At Alondra, we strive to meet our deadlines, and this is not just empty words ;-).

Here is everything you need to be aware of, so you know when you will receive your order and you can organise yourself.


IMPORTANT: Please note that in August delivery times may be subject to change due to the summer holidays. More information here.

envio a domicilio

COURIER service

★ Available for small products (textiles, mattresses ...) and baby cots 60, montessori 70, cribs....

★ Freight charges depending on your order

★ Not available for bulky furniture orders

★ The delivery time will be indicated when selecting country and shipping method on each product page.

between 7 - 10 or 10 - 15 days

recogida en tienda


★ The lead time will be indicated when validating the destination country for your order.

★ Available for large furniture (convertible cribs, wardrobes, dressers, bath changers, junior beds 90x200cm...).

★ Deliveries in Europe are arranged by means of a specialised furniture transport company. They will call you ahead to make an appointment.

★ Only curbside delivery available for furniture orders (not in-home or upstairs).

★ For countries outside Europe, contact us at for a personalised transport quote.

between 30-45 days