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Wooden co-sleeping cribs

Wooden co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO LIFE · C17-M9477

from €389,00

EQUO Life convertible wooden co-sleeping crib To sleep close to your baby! The Convertible crib to co-sleeping EQUO Life will be the perfect choice if what you are looking for is a baby...

Beige co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO · C10-M7753

from €369,00

EQUO Beige crib with wheels To co-sleep safely with your baby! Fall in love with the details of the convertible co-sleeping crib EQUO Beige. Its simply lines and timeless style will...

Grey co-sleeping crib EQUO 50x80 · C10-M7778

from €369,00

EQUO Grey crib with wheels For elegant nurseries! The convertible co-sleeping crib EQUO Grey it's amazing! It's lacquered in matt white and the legs in grey colour. It's a neutral and elegant colour...

White co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO · C10-M7700

from €349,00

EQUO White crib with wheels To have the baby always close! Don't miss the details of the convertible co-sleeping crib EQUO White. It has a completely atemporary and brightness design thanks to the...

Mint co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO · C10-M7755

from €369,00

EQUO Mint convertible crib with wheels For fresh and playfun baby bedrooms! The convertible co-sleeping crib EQUO Mint will bring the freshness and joy that you are looking for your little one's bedroom. With...

Pink co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO · C10-M7752

from €369,00

EQUO Pink crib with wheels To have the baby always close! Let be surprised by the convertible co-sleeping crib EQUO Pink. It's lacquered in white and matt pink, colours that will...

Blue co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO · C10-M7751

from €369,00

EQUO Blue crib with wheels For your baby to have the best dreams! Discover all the possibilities offered by the convertible co-sleeping crib EQUO Blue. It has multiple functions as it can...

Wooden baby cribs

At Alondra our priority is to keep your newborn safe and comforted. That is why we created this wooden co-sleeping crib 50x80 EQUO. We create practical, functional cribs, whose size allows you to move it around easily. Discover all the options that our co-sleeping cribs offer you, including 5 transformation stages and plenty of colours.  .

This is a question that many mums and dads-to-be have a lot of doubts about.

Starting to co-sleep with a co-sleeping crib is an option, but since you will have to make an initial outlay for a product that will last for 6 months, if you want to continue practising co-sleeping, you will have to buy a co-sleeping cot, which you could have done from the start and save a good deal of money. The recommended option is usually to have a co-sleeping cot in the bedroom and a crib in the living room, but this will certainly depend on the needs of each mom and dad.

They are one of the top sellers on the market.They are the result of several researches to improve the comfort of babies and moms at bedtime. At Alondra we have created a very functional and useful crib, the EQUO 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib, which has the following functions: co-sleeping crib, crib, kids sofa, desk and toy chest. Sleeping in a co-sleeping crib is different from a scissor crib, the bond between mom and baby is much stronger. It also has many benefits for the infant and the mother.

As they are so small (50x80cm), it's recommended to use the co-sleeping crips up to 6 months. The Equo co-sleeping crib by Alondra, incorporating 5 different stages, can be used for longer period of time. Once the child grows up and needs to sleep in a bed, it can be used as a toy chest, sofa or desk in his/her room.

As it can only be used up to about 8 months, you will need a larger cot in your baby's room. Remember that we have convertible cribs that can be used up to 18 years of age, or the 70cm cots that can be converted into 70x140 beds. The Equo co-sleeping crib can later be used as a kids sofa, desk or toy box.

Yes, normally all co-sleeping cribs include 4 wheels (2 of them have brakes) to be able to move them around the house with total comfort and ease.

In all our co-sleeping cribs the bed base can be set at 7 different heights. At Alondra we recommend using the same height as your mattress, so the baby will be at the same level.

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