Discount Vouchers

Your favourite Alondra product, at a discounted rate;)

At ALONDRA, we want our products to reach as many families as possible. And for that reason, we offer you a discount whenever we can.

We run promotions throughout the year by offering you discount vouchers that you can redeem for a limited period of time.

I have an ALONDRA discount voucher, how do I redeem it?

Discount vouchers are only valid to purchase online on our website. They cannot be redeemed in physical stores.

You see, easy peasy!

When you place your order and are ready to check out, there is a section where you can enter your coupon code. You just have to write it, press apply voucher, and the total of your order will be automatically recalculated.

BEWARE, we want you to keep in mind that not all Alondra products are included in these promotions. There are products that have already been discounted and/or include a gift. The discount voucher will not be applied to those products.


Which discounts are currently available?


If you are not registered on our website and you have not made any purchase yet, we have good news for you ;-)

We have a 5 euro welcome voucher for you (for orders over 250 euros) using the codeWELCOME5.

Some ALONDRA retail stores also have discount vouchers to be redeemed on our website. If you select their store as a pick-up point for your order, you will be able to apply it.

Go and ask our stockist!