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Welcome to Alondra!

As experts in the children's furniture sector and with more than 30 years of experience, we offer a tailored and exceptional design , as well as high quality materials.

Therefore, to facilitate the purchase of our products to companies in the sector, we offer discounts to companies that register on our website and wish to purchase the products at the production price .

Here are the steps to register:

How to register as a professional on our website?

To access the new B2B website these are the steps you need to follow:


In order to process the order, you will have to select the ALONDRA CREDIT option, which will appear in the shopping cart. Then click on "Place Order" and we will automatically receive your order.

If your invoices are paid on credit, direct debited to your account, you don't have to do anything; we will process your order with the payment conditions previously agreed with you.

Otherwise, you can pay by bank transfer or credit card. To do this, you will have to indicate in the NOTES section of the order, the payment method you prefer (if it’s by credit card, you will have to indicate the details of your card, to facilitate the process).

Why be a B2B customer?

  • Cost reduction

We facilitate the purchase of our products at production cost for those companies in our sector, so you can reduce costs thanks to buying at production price.

  • Quantity discounts

With the purchase of multiple items, you will have a discount for large quantity purchases on your order.

  • Information

We will keep you informed so that you are always up to date with our products and discounts.

  • Trust

We create a good business and personal relationship between companies.