Co-sleeper 60x120

Wooden co-sleeping cot 4 in 1 Nexor Natural · C187R-M7795

from €495,00

Wooden co-sleeping cot Convert it in up to 4 stages! We introduce you the co-sleeping cot NEXOR with Nordic style by Alondra. With this cot you can create a space...

Co-sleeping cot 4 in 1 Nexo White · C187-M7700

from €485,00

Convertible co-sleeping cot 60x120cm Transformable in 4 different stages! The co-sleeping cot 120x60 NEXO is lacquered in matt white and will make the baby's bedroom the most tender and sweetest room in the...

Cot and desk 60x120cm 5 stages Omni Grey · C181-M7778

from €445,00

Co-sleeping cot of 120x60xcm It will grow with your little one! The evolving co-sleeping cot of 120x60 OMNI Grey it is one of the most versatile and practical cots in our catalogue. This is a...

Cot and desk 60x120cm 5 stages Omni Mint · C181-M7755

from €445,00

Co-sleeping cot of 120x60xcm Converts up to 5 stages! Let yourself be surprised by the freshness and liveliness of the convertible co-sleeping cot of 120x60 OMNI Mint. Its mint green lacquer is perfect for making...

Cot and desk 60x120cm 5 stages Omni beige · C181-M7753

from €445,00

Convertible co-sleeping cot of 120x60xcm With 5 stages conversion! Discover every detail of the evolving co-sleeping cot OMNI Beige. This is a 2-in-1 cot (cot-desk) but can be converted into 5 stages thanks to...

Cot and desk 60x120cm 5 stages Omni Pink · C181-M7752

from €445,00

Co-sleeping cot of 120x60xcm It will grow with your little one! You will fall in love with the evolving co-sleeping cot of OMNI Pink and it's soft shades in pink and matt white. It radiates all-round sweetness!....

Cot and desk 60x120cm 5 stages Omni Blue · C181-M7751

from €445,00

Co-sleeping cot of 120x60xcm The best rated for its conversion and durability (from 0 to 14 years old) Let your baby have the best dreams with the evolving co-sleeping cot OMNI Blue. Lacquered in white and...

Cot and desk 60x120cm 5 stages Omni White · C181-M7700

from €445,00

Wooden co-sleeping cot Convertible and evolving to grow with your baby! Learn a little more about our baby co-sleeping cot OMNI White. It's lacquered in matt white, so you can easily outfit and...

Co-sleeping cot 120x60cm

The 60x120 convertible co-sleeper are the 2-in-1 cots that can be turned into a desk and much more. These cots will grow with your baby and last until your little one is 5-6, since they can be used as a cot, toddler bed/couch and desk. A long-term solution! Discover our wide range of colours, designs and conversion options.

The 60x120cm baby co-sleeping cot convertible into a desk has greater usability than traditional cots. They share the same characteristics, but the difference is that they offer the option of co-sleeping with your baby in a totally safe and comfortable way.

It's recommended that parents practice co-sleeping until their baby reaches 18 months, since that is the date when the child should begin to sleep alone in order to fully develop and give way to the process of parental independence.

It is really important that the co-sleeping cot is well fixed to the parents' bed to prevent the baby from falling and to avoid possible accidents. Our cots include simple systems to fix the co-sleeping cot to the parents' bed that will allow an easy fastening, will secure the baby and will avoid all kinds of accidents.

Furthermore, there should be no gap between the cot and the parents' bed. The cot is fixed to the bed by means of a series of strapes that hang below the cot and are tied around the mattress base of the parents' bed, tightening to achieve the maximum degree of fixation and safety, with the cot firmly attached to the parents' bed. This ensures that the baby, no matter how much is moving, will not have enough strength to move the cot and the bed and fall through the gap. There are also wheels included, with a braking system that help to secure the cot to the ground and prevent it from moving. They are not only used to secure the cot to the floor and make it safer, they are also used to move the cot around the house.

There is no problem at all! You will simply have to lift up the bed base or box spring to fix the straps under it, instead of fastening them to your bed base.

Alondra's co-sleeping cots are evolutionary. They have several different stages of use that allow them to extend their lifespan. They become a cot, desk, couch and bed. Perfect to grow with your baby during all his/her stages.

In all our co-sleeping cots the bed base can be adjusted to 5 different heights. At Alondra we recommend using the same height as your bed mattress, so the baby will be at the same height as you. The safety rail is locked in place.

The textile you need for your co-sleeping cot is the same as a traditional 60x120cm cot, that is, size 60x120cm.

You can use the same mattress as a traditional cot. Furthermore, in the case of Alondra's co-sleeping cot, it's necessary to buy a mattress supplement to avoid gaps between the mattress of the double bed and the cot mattress.

Advantages of 60x120cm co-sleeping cots

The 60x120 co-sleeping cots have a side that can be completely removed to put the cot next to the double bed for co-sleeping. This allows your baby to sleep next to you without any risk. Furthermore, once you finish the co-sleeping, you can replace the railing and use it as a cot for the baby's first 3 years and, if necessary, move it around the house in total comfort, as it includes wheels with rubber bands that do not scratch the floor or make any noise.

Once the baby can get out of the cot by his/herself (according to safety regulations), you can convert it into a junior bed, so your baby can get in and out his/her cot while being totally protected from a fall. Even when it's no longer used as a junior bed, you can convert it into a couch or desk for the junior room.

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