How to wrap a baby to sleep at night

How to wrap a baby to sleep

How to shelter a newborn baby to sleep ? You won't be surprised if we tell you that this is one of the most frequent questions that first-time moms and dads have. You may be wondering this before holding your little one in your arms for the first time. You are furnishing, decorating and equipping your room and you want to know which bedding is best for your baby to sleep like a little angel anywhere.  

At Alondra we take the safety and well-being of the little ones in the house very seriously. For this reason, we believe it is very relevant to tell you that this is a very important issue when your baby has just been born .  

« In its first months of life, the baby still does not fully regulate its body temperature , so it is important to avoid heat loss or excessive heating of the child, taking into account that , due to immaturity , thermoregulation may be ineffective » , communicates the Spanish Association of Pediatrics in the Practical guide for parents. From birth to 3 years .  

Come on! Let's get down to business!

How to wrap a baby to sleep

First of all, we are going to tell you some basic questions that you must take into account to adapt the environment of your little one . This will be very important since it will intervene in the way of tucking him in to sleep.

What does the Spanish Association of Pediatrics say?

* All these tips are reflected in the AEP Practical Guide for Parents that we mentioned earlier.


Since newborn babies do not regulate the temperature correctly, it is convenient to cover their little arms, feet and head well, whatever time of year it is. To make it easier, you can try to make all the accessories have velcro , thus avoiding buttons and zippers, which are more uncomfortable to put on and can leave marks on the little one.

2 The room or rooms where the baby will be, during the day , should have a temperature of about 20-22ºC and , at night, 18ºC . Remember that, during the first months, it is convenient for the little one to sleep in the same room as the parents .

3 The crib should be located away from sources of excessive cold or heat , such as windows or radiators. Also not under shelves or pictures, which could fall on top of him. In addition, it is very important to know what safety regulations your baby's crib must comply with .

The clothes and their materials

The AEP advises that the baby's clothes be "loose and comfortable" so that they do not squeeze. For this reason, it does not recommend that garments contain cords or ribbons that serve to hold them.  

Regarding the material, both for clothing and crib or bed linen, it must be soft and non-allergenic , such as cotton . And, to wash it, you should use a neutral soap, without using fabric softener or bleach .  

During the coldest times of the year, it is best to dress the little one in layers, so that they can be easily removed in warmer indoor environments. But, how to coat a baby to sleep in winter?  

You can use, for example, Alondra's 60x120 cm crib linen or 70x140 cm crib linen , depending on the measurements of your little one's bed. Specifically, the Nordic and crib protector set includes these two elements.  

Nordic and protective set Alondra how to shelter a baby

The duvet comes with the padding included and will serve to cover the baby in the winter months . On the other hand, the crib protector is specially designed to avoid blows and, incidentally, dress and decorate the bed in the safest way for your little angel.  

Of course, both the duvet cover and the protector, which come into direct contact with the baby, are 100% cotton . At Alondra we have several different models and, how could it be otherwise, in several modern and current colors. oh! You can also buy these two items separately.

Don't miss out on the different styles of Alondra textiles available!

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How much to shelter a baby? Avoid overdressing

In the document Take care of me: a guide for mothers and fathers , from the Department of Health and Consumption of the Government of Aragon, it is specified that excess is just as harmful as lack of shelter in children. They do not correctly regulate the temperature at birth, but it can be solved with layers of clothes .  

baby playing and convertible crib how to shelter a baby in winter with textile indiana rosa de Alondra

However, the guide warns us that we should not measure the cold that the baby can feel through his hands or feet, since the little ones tend to always have them cold. The tummy may be a better indicator of temperature .  

Overdressing your baby can, in the first place, give rise to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. On the other hand, and secondly, it can cause sudamine or miliaria , as the AEP warns in its guide. « It is a frequent rash, especially in children under one year of age. It is related to heat, which is why it is more frequent in summer, although it can also appear in winter due to excessive clothing » , reports the AEP.  

This reaction is a consequence of the baby retaining sweat and its sweat glands are blocked . It can be avoided by wearing soft cotton clothing. If sudamine or miliaria were to occur, the AEP reminds: « It is necessary to maintain an adequate environmental temperature and give it water frequently to hydrate it ». In the same way that it does not recommend using creams or other remedies to cure the rash because it could increase the obstruction.

How to cover a newborn baby to sleep

At bedtime, the guide of the Government of Aragon insists on not covering the little one too much or covering his head. As the AEP rightly says, the crying of the baby can also be caused by the discomfort caused by too many layers of clothing or that the clothes themselves are too tight.  

Finally, the AEP guide says: "It is advisable to use the child's clothing and the crib or bed that best suits the season in which we are." This information leads us to another question: How to shelter a baby to sleep in summer?  

For the hottest seasons of the year in Alondra we also have the solution. Our children's sheets will provide your little one with the shelter they need , avoiding excess heat .  

Children's sheet sets are made up of three pieces: a flat sheet and a 100% cotton pillowcase and a fitted bottom sheet made of poplin . This material is thin and light, which will allow proper ventilation and perspiration of the surface when it comes into contact with the baby.  

beige sheetsLight gray crib sheetschildren's sheets with star printchildren's sheets with star printchildren's sheets with ethnic printwhite and gray children's sheetswhite and brown children's sheetswhite and mint children's sheetswhite and pink children's sheetswhite and blue children's sheets

To cover it, whether it is winter or summer, the bedding should be perfectly fitted . The bottom sheet must fit perfectly to the mattress and the sheet or duvet to cover the little one must be well attached between the crib and the mattress. This is very important so that, during the night, and with the baby's movements, nothing covers him completely , since it could cause him to suffocate.  

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You see! Everything has a solution! Including your doubts about how to shelter a baby to sleep. After these tips and recommendations, you will have no doubts when choosing crib clothes for your little treasure. On the Alondra website you will find everything you need to do it... Dressing it up will be sewing and singing! 


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