What measurements are convertible cribs?

Know the space available in the baby's room is crucial to choose the best furniture and the perfect decoration for the room. But, what are the measurements of the convertible cribs ? Will I have enough space in my little treasure's room ?

The world of childcare is so wide and diverse that there is an option for all kinds of tastes . However, the first thing you should take into account are the measurements of the children's furniture that you are going to choose.

Alondra moms and dads, who know our products and trust our know-how, frequently ask us about the measurements of convertible cribs. For this reason, we bring you all the information about Alondra's transformable cribs. Do you want to know us a little more?

Alondra's convertible cribs

Alondra convertible crib measures

If you already know us, you will know that at Alondra we are specialists in creating evolutionary, convertible, functional and highly usable furniture . But : what is the result of combining all these features? - The perfect children 's furniture to create the most tender atmosphere in the room of the little ones in the house !

One of our specialties is convertible cribs, which stand out for their multiple benefits. And , they are a success if what you want is not to complicate your life by accumulating various baby furniture that you will not use in the future.

We have different models and with different colors available , which strengthen the style and personality of the cribs. In addition , they are all reversible. This means that you can choose the side on which you want to arrange the cot and chest of drawers, both on the left and on the right.

Do you want to meet them?

Just range

Convertible cribs measuring 60 x 120 centimeters belong to our Just range and are available in three different designs: Just Joy , Just Even and Just Bubble .

Due to their measurements, the 60 x 120 cm Just convertible cribs cover two stages of growth of the little ones . First of all , they offer the crib, a chest of drawers and a changing table on top . In this way you have everything you need for your baby until he is approximately three years old .

Secondly, its transformation capacity allows it to become a 90 x 200 cm bed with a headboard, a nightstand and a desk with the drawer attached . A complete children's room that your little one will be able to use perfectly until he is much older.

Just Bubble convertible crib measurements

Advantages of Just convertible cribs

What is the highlight of the Just range convertible cribs ?

The measurements of these convertible cribs are ideal for smaller spaces . Due to its size and dimensions, this range of convertible cribs is the most appropriate for smaller rooms .

If your baby's room is a small room or with less space, it is best to invest in the Just range . At first it will seem very large, but , when transforming it , the various parts that it incorporates will create and complete your little one's children's room .

Sero range

The convertible cribs measuring 70x 140 centimeters correspond to our Sero range , and also have three different designs: Sero Even , Sero Life , Sero Kubo , Sero Joy , Sero Bubble and Sero Evolutive . Due to their size, they have the capacity to combine more space than the previous ones.

For this reason, the 70 x 140 cm transformable cribs reach three stages of growth of children . In the first stage they offer n the crib; a three-drawer dresser with a changing area on top; a shelf next to the bed; a book shelf on the side and, at the bottom, two drawers for storage or a trundle bed.

For the intermediate stage , you simply have to remove the railing and you get a child's bed. Optionally, and for the little ones to have better access and safety , you can purchase a ladder-toy box and our safety barrier . The best thing about this stage is that it will facilitate the transition of the children in the change from the crib to the older bed.

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The third stage of the crib, and of the little ones, consists of the complete transformation of the furniture into a children's room. Thus , you get a 90x 200 cm bed, a nightstand, a desk and a book shelf with wheels.

measures convertible crib Sero Joy transformation

Advantages of Sero Convertible Cribs

The dimensions of this type of crib are larger, but , as a whole , the furniture measures the same as a conventional 90x200 cm bed . However, the feeling it produces is that it is a much bigger piece of furniture, even though it is not .

If you have enough space, these convertible cribs will be perfect. In addition, thanks to this size, the transformation is more complete than with those of the Just range .

Measures of the Just Bubble K374 convertible crib: 60x120 centimeters

When we talk about 60x 120 cm convertible cribs, these measurements correspond to the interior of the crib . So the measurements of the complete furniture are higher. We are going to see in detail the measurements of this type of furniture with the 60x 120 cm Just Bubble convertible crib model .

The complete dimensions of this range of cribs are: 173.2 cm long , 65.4 cm wide and 96.5 cm high for the drawer part. The height of the furniture in the cot part is different: it measures 101.5 cm with the railing up and 91.5 cm with the railing down .

Just Bubble Alondra convertible crib measures

Measurements of the Just Bubble convertible crib disassembled

When the crib is converted to a complete children's bedroom, the measurements of the convertible crib bed are: 205.6 cm long, 98.8 cm wide and 33.5 cm high. The headboard, for its part, measures 120 cm long and 101.5 cm high. To complete this transformation, when purchasing the convertible crib, two 2-meter beams and a set of slats to assemble the 90x200 cm bed are included.

Regarding the desk with the attached drawer , its measurements are: 173.2 cm long , 65.4 cm wide and 101.5 cm high in the part of the drawer. The desk table is assembled with a height of 74.2 cm .

Just Bubble convertible crib measurements disassembled Alondra

The Just Bubble convertible crib bedside table can be mounted either to the right or to the left of the bed, just like the rest of the models in the same range. The headboard incorporates the corresponding perforations so that this can be possible.

Alondra's advice

At Alondra we recommend that the measurements of the crib mattress be 60x120 cm and 90x200 cm for the bed once transformed.

Once disassembled, you can additionally purchase a large or two medium drawers for under the bed . In this way, you will achieve more storage space and the space under the bed will not be empty.

Measurements of the Sero Joy K559 convertible crib: 70x140 centimeters

As you already know, the measurements of the 70x140 cm convertible cribs also refer to the interior of the crib . Let's review them in more detail using the Sero Joy 70x140 cm convertible crib as an example .

The complete dimensions of this crib are: 206.4 cm long, 102 cm wide and 105.5 cm high . If you decide to opt for the lower drawers, the dimensions of a single drawer are: 99.5 cm long, 78.3 cm wide and 23.8 cm high at the visible front and 20 cm high at the back.

measures convertible crib Sero Joy Alondra

On the other hand, if your choice is a trundle bed, the slatted bed base is 190 cm long and 90 cm wide. The visible front that holds it is 199.4 cm long and the remaining height from the bed base to the ground is 7.5 cm.

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Dimensions of the Sero Joy convertible crib disassembled

When the Sero Joy Convertible Crib is converted, the bed measures 206.4 cm long, 102 cm wide and 37.5 cm high. The nightstand measures 60 cm long, 46.2 cm wide and 60.7 cm high.

The measurements of the desk are 146.4 cm long, 68 cm wide and 102.5 cm high, but the height at which the table is left is 78.9 cm high. Finally, the book shelf is 55.4 cm long, 60 cm wide and 68.2 cm high with the wheels on.

measures convertible crib Sero Joy transformation Alondra

Alondra advises you

For convertible cribs measuring 70x140 cm, we recommend that the mattress of the crib be 70x140 cm, 90x200 cm for the mattress of the converted bed and, for the mattress of the trundle bed , 90x190x15 cm.

For the Sero range , you can additionally purchase a rear cover to cover the hole at the back where the drawers or the trundle bed are located and a headboard for the 90x200 cm bed.

This is all! The exhaustive review of the measurements of Alondra's convertible cribs comes to an end. However, if you have more questions or queries about our convertible cribs or any of our products , do not hesitate to write to hola@alondra.es or call us at +34 965 00 25 25 . We will be happy to help you ! 😉


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