What safety regulations must the crib for your baby comply with?

The European safety regulations on cots guide the childcare market and guarantee that the products are reliable and maintain the necessary requirements for safe sale. What do you think if we review this essential information for the Alondra team ?

Alondra safe cribs design department

For us the most important thing is the safety of the little ones who enjoy our products all over the world. For this reason, we believe that it is very important to emphasize that we strictly follow all existing regulations when manufacturing our cribs .  

Everything that we tell you about is included in the UNE-EN 716-1:2018+A C regulation Cribs and folding cribs for domestic use for children. Part 1: Security Requirements .  

And in the document UNE-EN 1130:2020 Children's Furniture. Moses. Safety requirements and test methods .

Let's start!

What does the European safety regulations say about cots?

The first thing to keep in mind is that these safety regulations refer to baby cots that have an internal length between 90 cm and 140 cm . Therefore, when we talk about the mini-cradles, we will indicate it to you before. So ... it 's the perfect occasion for you not to miss any detail about our cribs !  

1. When we talk about the internal height of the crib, we refer to the distance between the surface of the mattress and the bed base, when they form a single component, or the highest support surface (only the bed base) to the top of the bed. the sides and headboards of the crib.

If the mattress base is in the lowest position (with mattress included), the regulations define that the internal height (that is, the distance between the surface of the mattress and the upper part of the structure of the crib) must be, at least , of 50 cm . But, when it is in the highest position, it will be 20 cm.

Alondra baby crib regulations

The same happens with the internal height of the mini-cradles, which must be 20 cm . At Alondra we have incorporated a mark on the side of our mini-cribs to indicate the maximum height that the mattress can reach.

Alondra advises you  

Isidro Estruch, from the Alondra design department, points out that the safety regulations for baby cribs without an adjustable mattress indicate that the instructions should alert parents that when the little one can get out of the crib alone, they must leave to use it .  

2. The distance between the railing bars must be between 4.5 cm and 6.5 cm . To prevent the head of the little ones from getting trapped, it is essential to always have the gap between the bars well controlled .

As for the distance between the slats of the mattress , it must be less than 6 cm .

3. Edges and protruding parts should be rounded or flattened . Above all, in the parts that are accessible to the baby when the crib is being used correctly and in a normal way. In the same way, they must not contain protrusions or sharp edges that could cause undesired accidents.

European safety regulations on Alondra cribs

4. When the cradle contains mobile sides , the locking system must be activated through two consecutive actions but which are governed by different principles or with two independent and simultaneous actions, which also act with different principles.

At Alondra we use the third possibility of the regulations , which specifies: " Have two operating devices. Separated by a distance of at least 850 millimeters , which must be activated simultaneously" .  

Locking system for baby crib safety standards railing

For example, in convertible cribs we use a raise-lower system for the railing designed solely and specifically so that the little ones cannot activate it.

5. Sometimes, to improve the mobility of the beds, the cribs incorporate wheels . In this case, the regulations for baby cribs indicate that, in the case of integrating only two wheels , they must include, at least, two other support points . And, if the cot has four wheels, two of them, at least, have to have a locking system .

For mini-cribs, the regulations indicate that, in the case of incorporating four wheels, all of them must contain the locking system.

At Alondra we have this technology for all our mobile cribs. In addition, our wheels have a rubber coating , which prevents scratches on the floor or prevents making uncomfortable noises when moving them. They also have the regulatory brakes so that they are all mobile and safe cribs.

wheels for safe crib

6. Cribs with an adjustable base are becoming more common (especially in wooden co-sleeping cribs ) . In this case, the European safety regulations on cribs say that, to adjust the bed base, a tool must be used or the necessary action must be taken to deactivate the locking system that may be incorporated.

At Alondra we are experts in offering this added advantage . To adjust the height of the base of our cribs you must unscrew the bed base that is attached to some lateral supports . After unscrewing it, you have to place the supports again at the height you want and that's it!  

In our extensive catalog we have beds that incorporate from two heights , such as the 70x140 cm Premium Kurve crib-bed-desk , to five, as is the case with our 60x120 cm Nexo co -sleeping crib .  

Alondra advises you  

The European safety regulations on cots specify that, in the case of cots with an adjustable bed base, the instructions for use and warnings must include a reminder that the lowest position of the bed base is always the safest .  

For this reason, Estruch, from the Alondra design department, points out that when your little one can sit alone, they should always use this position.  

At Alondra we know that the European safety regulations on cribs are a very important issue for the moms and dads who trust our products. For this reason, we focus all our efforts on offering you the highest quality and all the safety that your baby needs, so ... enjoy every moment with your little treasure and we'll take care of the rest ! ;).


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