5 fun ideas to announce your pregnancy at Christmas

Are you thinking of announcing your pregnancy at Christmas , but do you want to do it in an original way ? Don't know how to take advantage of these dates and need ideas to do it ? Don't worry , because by reading a little more ... you will have everything solved!  

From Alondra we want to give you the peace of mind you need at this time and, above all, congratulate you on this new wonderful stage that you are about to experience!  

This year that we are closing has not been easy at all. Despite this, now more than ever we must let the good news arrive and flood each of our thoughts in order to fight more strongly those that are not so good.  

But, right now, only you and the little angel that is on the way matter , so... Do you feel like getting a little inspired and announcing your pregnancy to the family in a more special way?

When is the best time to announce your pregnancy this holiday season?

Perhaps your partner still does not know the great news, so we advise you to surprise her before the rest . You can do it with some more romantic or special detail for both of you.  

A more personalized way to announce it to them is to choose some baby items that have to do with your partner's main hobby and give it to them in advance. You will be so excited that you will not be able to contain your emotions!  

How to announce a pregnancy to your partner

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To surprise the family, all you have to do is choose a key day of celebration , such as Christmas or the night of the Three Kings. It sure is the perfect gift .  

oh! And, if you already have other kids at home, make them part of the gift-making process with the new news. They will have a great time and you will melt with the enthusiasm they will put!

Take advantage of the photo of the first ultrasound to announce your pregnancy at Christmas!

Design an ornament for the Christmas tree with the sonogram of the little one . You can hang it directly with a bow or you can support it on the branches of the fir tree. Another idea, a little more elaborate, is to find a transparent Christmas ball and put the ultrasound inside . It will be very tender and original!  

Transparent Christmas ball to announce family pregnancy

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When all the relatives are there , gather them in front of the tree and invite them to discover the beautiful decorations that you have bought this year. The first one to find it wins! ;).  

If you want to offer the ultrasound as a surprise gift , you can make as many copies as you want to surprise family members. Get some small boxes and put the copy inside as a Christmas greeting.  

Details to announce your pregnancy at Christmas to the family

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To make it more fun, you and your partner can dress up as Santa and Mama Noel to deliver the gift to your relatives. Yes indeed! They should all open it at the same time...

Giving away photographs always triumphs

It is one of the most recurring gifts, but photographs mean memories and the people who love you will always appreciate them.  

It's time to pose! Take a photo with your partner in the way you think is most convenient. For example, hug you from behind and both of you hold a pacifier or booties in the center of your tummy.  

If one of the two masters photo retouching, you can take it off so that there is a gap between the two and a little more space on the sides. Thus, you can add the formula "1+1=3" with a photo editing application.  

Couple photo to announce pregnancy

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Take advantage of that very special photograph as a Christmas greeting postcard . In the event that you can't see all the people you'd like to tell, you can always email them with it. They sure don't expect it!  

This idea can be a very original way to announce the pregnancy to the grandparents . They always have a place on their shelves for their grandchildren and they are sure to be more excited than any other gift.

Take advantage of the Christmas decorations and give free rein to your imagination!

Personalized Christmas ball to announce pregnancy to grandparents

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Now personalized Christmas balls are very fashionable . I am sure you will find a local business that prepares them and so you can take the opportunity to give them your support on these special dates .  

This detail will be the most suitable for the people closest to you . If you give a ball to each member of the family, they will be able to show off their precious and sweet decoration at home.  

You can order Christmas balls with a message announcing the arrival of the new member of the family . Or, even, engrave them freehand or with a template with the note you want. If you include a drawing related to babies, you will make the message even clearer and it will surely look super cute!  

Finally, another of the most traditional ornaments are Santa's socks as a sack . Surely you have ever hung one in the fireplace or in any corner of the house.  

ideas to announce pregnancy with Christmas booties

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If you and your partner already have yours, you can buy some booties with Christmas motifs and hang them among the largest ones for everyone to see. If you prefer, you can also put them in a box and give them to various members of the family. So they can wear them too!  

There are a thousand ways to announce the pregnancy at Christmas, but the most special will be the one you choose. From Alondra we propose these ideas to inspire and motivate you to use your funniest and most hooligan ingenuity. Have fun in the process and shower your loved ones with love and happiness!


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