There is always a story to tell ...

Let's see what we've got here... Oh no, another "About us" section on how a company was born, it was very small at first, blah blah blah, and now it's one of the best-selling brands in the world! Let's get out of there!! Off to the children's room! ;).

Sorry, like it or not, we are going to tell you our story.

It may not be the most special one, but it is unique, because it is ours.

Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a loooong time ago.

- Warren Buffet -

About Alondra

Hey, hello!

Still here? Great, that means you want to get to know us a little better

Well, yes, like all big companies, at Alondra we were also little. It goes without saying ... Now we have grown, our name is well-known and we bring our beautiful children's rooms to homes in more than 50 countries.

But it wasn't always like this. And it wasn't always easy either, but we really enjoyed the journey.

It's been an exciting 35 year adventure!

Alondra was born in 1985, in Alicante, as a small baby textile and clothing factory.

As you can imagine, at Alondra we are crazy about kids. especially babies. Those cute, plump creatures whose smile lights up any room. Surely for that reason, we just can't do anything without having families in mind.

This all led that small textile factory to grow on a yearly basis, and to realize that it could sell its products in other remote places as well.

By 1990, it was already exporting to France, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. There are babies there too, you know? And above all, there are moms and dads who want beautiful, tender things for their little ones.

And the adventure continued ...

año 1999


This year was a turning point for Alondra, as we decided to embark on a new, challenging project:

We designed our first catalogue of children's furniture.

It wasn't just another collection, we start a revolution. And so we did.

The presentation of our new range at the Valencia Baby & Kids Fair was a resounding success, as it came as a significant innovation in the field of children's furniture and its design.

We started off on the right foot and managed to become well-known in a short period of time.

first catalogue of children's furniture
año 2000
Alondra's production outsourcing


During that time, our furniture was manufactured by neighbouring wood-making workshops.

They taught us the importance of handcrafted, traditional methods. This knowledge has been passed from generation to generation and we still try to preserve it at Alondra today.

año 2002


As the furniture range proved to be successful, in 2002, Alondra decided to make a significant investment and we started manufacturing our complete collection of kids' furniture.

In order to do so, we moved to Silla (Valencia), where this new stage began.

We are very proud of our growth and evolution. We like challenges and, year after year, we try to outdo ourselves. That is how we have conquered other European markets and we aim to continue growing globally.


Alondra's production
año 2008
Alondra's moving


In September 2008, we embarked on yet another adventure. We called a removal company and moved to our new home.

We opened our new facilities in Beniarbeig. Our headquarters is equipped with spacious and modern offices, with the latest technologies and a storage and distribution logistics center, from where all furniture shipments depart.

SSo that you can find us on the map, our company currently has 2 production plants: one in Pedreguer (Alicante) and another one in Silla (Valencia), as well as 2 logistics centres in Pedreguer and Beniarbeig (Alicante).

Our core values are innovation, quality and design... features that have granted us recognition in the baby furniture sector, both nationally and internationally.

We are currently present in 50 countries around the globe

We have a large network of retailers and loyal travel companions (our partners and distributors).

And as our adventurous spirit inspires us to move forward, we have launched into the opening of new markets such as: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Morocco, Senegal, Chile, Australia, etc. We are thrilled because distributors and retailers in those countries have trusted us, our products and our way of doing things.

Alondra's partners and distributors
Alondra's Future

What does the future hold?

After all we have told you, you can imagine that we know when our journey began, but we have no idea where it will end.

We will have to ask the captain, Jose Juan Femenia, who inherited the company from his parents and has steered the boat since then with favourable winds.

If you happen to run into him and are curious, ask him where the next port is where we will dock.

And then you tell us ;).


Enough of our background and business achievements. Let's talk about something more personal.

We are sure that we have come this far thanks to Alondra's values, which are the values of our entire team.

We hope you like them because we have no others ;).

We are all about family and home

When a baby smiles at us, we just melt. And that's what we have in mind when we design our furniture.

t is a given! Can you imagine designers of children's furniture who are sullen and dislike babies? Do you think they would do their job better?

There you have it! ;-).

Beautiful things

We like beautiful things and what they convey to us

Do you know why? Because it is easier to be happy and in a good mood in a cosy room than in an unkept, untidy one.

It is a fact, experts confirm it. We did not make it up to be able to sell beautiful furniture.

We design with people in mind

Our goal, it couldn't be otherwise, is to support moms and dads in the upbringing of their little ones, since we are aware of the challenges this stage entails.

Proof of this are our convertible designs, including Montessori furniture and co-sleeping cribs.

These collections have been designed with the child and the different development stages they go through in mind. They adapt to their needs and not the other way around. This has plenty of benefits for your child's development and learning. And it makes your life much easier.

Design with people

We find adventure much more enticing than routine

We love to visit different places, learn and open our horizons.

That is why a few years ago, we started taking out Made-in-Spain creations around the world, even to remote places such as Qatar, Senegal or Australia.

As a company, we are very proud to carry the SPAIN BRAND and take it very far.

Be and feel special

We like to be and feel special

And finally, we do not like to do things the same way as others..

We strive to be different and innovative.

We know that this is the only way to leave a mark on our clients.

And now we introduce to you our most valuable asset, our team!

Jose Juan Femenia Equipo Alondra

Jose Juan Femenia


Verónica Oliver Equipo Alondra

Eva Avellana

Export manager

Gianni Team Alondra

Gianni Cartechini

Export manager Italy

Agustín Team Alondra

Agustin Vaquer

Chief Accountant Officer

Antonia Team Alondra

Antonia Noguera

Textile Cutting

Aurora Team Alondra

Aurora Orts

Order Manager

Eva Team Alondra

Eva Monfort

Marketing & CM

Germán Team Alondra

German Codina

Warehouse Manager

Isidro Team Alondra

Isidro Estruch

Product Design Manager

Josefa Team Alondra

Josefa Martí

Store Manager

Juanlu Team Alondra

Juan Luis Morant

After-sales Manager

Juanse Team Alondra

Juanse Garcia

Painting Manager

Karmelo Team Alondra

Karmelo Nofuentes

IT Department

Pepe Team Alondra

Pepe Ramis

Textile Warehouse Manager

Rafa Team Alondra

Rafa Esteve

Procurement Manager

Rosa Team Alondra

Rosa Mut

HR Department

Rosario Team Alondra

M. Rosario Pons

Textile Sewing Supervisor

Silvia Team Alondra

Silvia Milvaques

Graphic Design Manager

Tere Team Alondra

Teresa Pastor

Hardware Section

Ximo Team Alondra

Joaquin Server

Customer Service

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