Guide to choosing the best crib for your baby

At Alondra we are aware that the arrival of the baby is not easy, as it entails a series of exhausting tasks and several headaches... But don't worry, don't worry! Do not let the choice of your baby's crib be something that takes away your sleep. In the following post we are going to make your task easier and we are going to tell you everything you need to know to choose the best crib for the baby in the fastest way.

Keys to choose the best crib for the baby

Keys to choose the best crib for the baby

Once again, it is important to know your real needs beforehand when choosing it. Baby sleep is very important for new moms. In fact, their rest usually has a direct effect on that of the parents. Taking the time to find the best crib for your baby ensures that their well-being (and yours) is largely offset by the decision you make.

Before we begin to explain the different types of cribs that exist and the options available, you must take into account some key aspects when choosing a baby's crib :

  1. How long will the baby sleep in the crib? Look at the size of the crib. This is an aspect to take into account if you want to prolong its use. It is important to be clear about the priorities and estimate the time that we intend to use it.
  2. Are you going to practice co-sleeping? Within parenting, safe co-sleeping is something very frequent and practical among future mothers, since it has multiple benefits for both parties.
  3. How much space do you have in the baby's room? Measuring the available space is very important, especially if you want to opt for a convertible crib, which is larger than a conventional crib.
  4. How much space do you have in the double room? Keep in mind that until the baby is 6 or 8 months old, the baby's crib will be in the parents' room at night.
  5. Are you going to have more children? Acquiring a crib or another will depend, of course, on whether you want to have more children. You have to buy it without making a great economic effort to be able to reuse it later.
  6. And most importantly, how much money are you willing to shell out? Today there are many evolutionary cribs, in which the initial investment is much higher, but also its useful life.

If you have an answer for each of them, the choice is assured. It will become a mere formality. If, on the contrary, you do not have an answer for all of them, we are going to go by parts to choose the best crib for the baby .

Alondra advises you

which crib do I choose for the baby

As professional advice, we recommend that, before starting to buy the first thing you like, you stop to assess and study the different options on the market . Choosing the right crib for your baby will not only ensure that you provide him with the comfort and good rest he needs, but it will also help him to develop through the different stages that he is going through.

How to choose the best crib for the baby? Options for mounting the baby's room

As you well know, at Alondra we design evolutionary furniture so that it adapts to the different stages of growth of the baby. We design with the comfort of babies in mind, but also that of parents.

Next, we show you the different alternatives from which you can choose, depending on the needs you are looking for.

If you want to choose a comfortable, functional, safe and quality crib model, in this guide we offer you all the information you need to make the best choice. So keep an eye out for the best cribs.

1 Option 1 : first choose a co-sleeping crib and then a 70x140cm crib-bed.

Sleeping close to your baby in his first days of life is something that is priceless. The mini crib is the first crib that the baby will have, the one that you will place in your bedroom during the first months of the newborn. It is very practical, since:

  • It is light, small and can be easily moved around the house thanks to the wheels it incorporates.
  • It allows you to sleep with your parents comfortably and safely, thanks to the security system that it includes.
  • It has an easy-to-extract side and is easily attached to any type of bed as the bed base can be adjusted to up to 5 different height positions.
    Equo Alondra co-sleeping crib

    Of course, co-sleeping is optional. But we tell you that it has many benefits. With a co-sleeping crib it will be easy for you to feed the baby without getting out of bed. Breastfeeding will be more comfortable and the sleep of both the mother and the baby will be deeper, which will allow your baby to be calmer.

    At Alondra we have the EQUO co-sleeping crib . A super useful and functional model, convertible into up to 5 different pieces of furniture: mini crib, co-sleeping bed, sofa, desk and toy chest. Designed to extend its useful life and give it more than one use.

    Once the baby has reached 6 or 8 months and no longer fits in the mini crib, it is time to move it to a larger crib. In this case, to a 70x140cm convertible crib that can be converted into a junior bed. This option is perfect for those who do not intend to change their crib until the baby is 8 or 9 years old.

    2 Option 2 : first opt ​​for a co-sleeping crib and then for a convertible crib (60x120cm or 70x140cm).

    It is probably the most practical and durable option. It is a great proposal to make the most of the crib, gaining space, utility and functionality.

    Convertible cribs represent a new concept that goes beyond the needs of a standard crib. They are made up of furniture or modules that incorporate a functional structure with drawers, a changing table, a trundle bed... that can be separated and distributed separately in the room, becoming complete youth rooms with a 90x200cm bed and a desk.

    convertible crib into desk and youth bed

    As they are fixed cribs, which cannot be moved around the house, it is advisable to choose a co-sleeping crib for the first few months , as in the previous case.

    3 Option 3 : first a 60x120cm crib or co-sleeping crib and then a Montessori bed.

    If instead of a mini-crib you prefer to use a crib from the beginning, you can opt for a conventional 60x120cm crib . Most 60x120cm cribs on the market have wheels for easy handling around the house. In addition, some of them are evolutionary and have the option of becoming co-sleeping, such as our OMNI 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib . See more wooden co-sleeping cribs .

    conventional crib 60x120

    Campaign Get to know our 5in1 OMNI co-sleeping crib!

    Visit our post and discover all the advantages of having the best co-sleeping crib with wheels at home. You can not lose this! ;).

    Another characteristic to take into account is that they must have at least 2 bed base heights: a higher one for the first year (to improve accessibility for parents) and a lower one from the year onwards (to cannot get out by itself, as mentioned in the European safety regulations for cots ).

    Being larger than the mini-crib, you can use an anti-roll cushion to prevent the baby from moving around the crib.

    Montessori hut bed

    This option is good if after 3 years you want to change rooms. That is why it is important to know the next steps to follow. For example, when the baby is 3 years old, you can opt for a 70x140cm Montessori bed . Creating a space according to the Montessori methodology can be very beneficial for the baby. We tell you more about it in our post about the keys to decorating a Montessori room for babies .

    So far our guide on the different options and possibilities to choose the best crib for your baby . If you want to know more, do not hesitate to subscribe to our Newsletter. With this subscription you will receive, completely free of charge, a practical guide with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the models that we have seen in this post.

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