6 Characteristics that a good nursing rocking chair must have

In the last post we told you about the best option to furnish the baby's room, with special emphasis on the aspects to take into account when choosing the best crib for your baby . A nursing rocking chair is another of the most important and essential purchases that a future mother has to make for the health of the baby, but also for her own.

Why buy a nursing rocking chair for the baby?

keys to choose the best nursing chair

The initiation of lactation may not be easy. One of the things that must be taken into account when breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) is to achieve a suitable position for the baby's grip and comfortable for the mother. The nursing chair or rocking chair is essential for this.

Keep in mind that when the baby comes home, you will spend many hours feeding him, so both of you will need to be as comfortable as possible. You will not be as comfortable in bed, in a chair or on the sofa.

The nursing chairs produce a relaxing sway for the baby, which calms and comforts him . In addition, they favor the production of breast milk. If you are looking for a nursing rocking chair or nursing chair, we explain how it should be.

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The nursing rocking chair is not only useful for breastfeeding. It is essential for many more moments. For the dad it will be a great ally when it comes to calming or sleeping the baby by rocking him, taking advantage of the rocking.

Keys to choosing a good nursing rocking chair

The process of deciding on the best nursing chair for breastfeeding the baby can be really intimidating, since there are many models on the market with different features and designs. But, just as in the post to choose the best crib for the baby we told you: "calm down!", in this one we tell you the same. Next we are going to explain it to you in such a way that your purchase is as simple and easy as possible.

And you may be wondering... why do I need a nursing rocking chair ? After a long and exhausting day with your baby, a good and comfortable nursing chair will bring you multiple benefits . For example, it will help the production of breast milk and help the baby and the mother to relax, thanks to the swing it offers.

Once you know its great benefits, we are going to see what must be taken into account when purchasing a rocking chair to breastfeed (or bottle) the baby .

1 A nursing rocking chair should be practical and comfortable:

best baby nursing rocker

This is the main feature that a good nursing rocker should offer. Keep in mind that during the baby's first 6 months you will spend many hours in it, either nursing it or trying to calm it down at night.

In this case, the chair must have a soft base with an ergonomic design and adaptable to the mother's posture, as well as offer enough support so that you can get up and stand up without disturbing the baby. It is also important that the nursing chair has wide armrests, since you must be able to support them comfortably to relieve the stress of the baby's weight. In fact, the armrests allow better positioning during breastfeeding.

Another feature to take into account for a comfortable nursing rocking chair is the footrest, as it will reduce back pressure. At Alondra you will find the most comfortable nursing poufs .

2 A nursing rocker should rock easily :

The rocking is a factor that helps the baby and the mother to relax, turning the nursing place into a peaceful space to enjoy. Therefore, it is necessary that the nursing chair offers smooth and stable movements, without requiring too much force. All our nursing chairs are rocking, but they also have a fixed position, in case you want to use it to sit down.

Rocking Nursing Rocking Chairs

3 A nursing rocker should be easy to clean:

It is recommended to choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or wipe and resistant to stains, since it can get dirty regularly with feeding milk. In this case, microfiber is a very good option, as well as fabrics similar to skin. Although you can also choose a fabric armchair, as long as it is stain resistant and easy to clean.

At Alondra we are very clear about this point, which is why all our nursing rocking chairs are made of 3 different fabrics, so you can choose the one you like best: micro-perforated leatherette, leatherette and stain-resistant fabric.

easy-clean nursing chair

4 A nursing rocker must be durable :

We understand that the baby will not always be breastfed, but that does not mean that the nursing chair cannot be used more than once once this stage is finished.

Thinking about the future is an important factor to consider. In this case, it can be used as an extra sofa in the youth room, when the baby grows up, or even in the living room of the house. What's more, it is a comfortable chair that the whole family can benefit from, and in fact, it is not common for it to be bought only for the aforementioned purposes.

At Alondra you will find nursing chairs with timeless and durable designs, like our GLAM chair .

5 A nursing rocker must be safe :

fixed nursing rocker

To avoid unwanted accidents, it is advisable to choose a nursing chair with a locking mechanism that prevents the chair from rocking when not in use.

All our nursing chairs have 2 positions: rocker position and fixed position. During the feeding of the baby, you will use the rocking position, since the sway it offers will allow your baby to relax. While it is not in use, you will place the fixed position, in this way you will avoid unwanted incidents.

6 And finally, a nursing rocker should be pretty ;)

Let's not forget this point. A children's room with beautiful furniture always brightens the day of any mom and dad. At Alondra we know a lot about that!

nursing rocking chair with wooden legs

Other characteristics of the rocking chair to take into account to get it right:

  • Look at the measurements:

The height and depth of the seat must be the one that allows you, mom, to get up with a baby between 3 and 10 kilos in the exact position in which you are without hands. That is, if it is too low, you will need your hands to support yourself on the arms of the chair and this is not practical. You should be able to get up without using your hands.

The height of the armrest is also important. Here there are no seats with short arms, no matter how beautiful they are. It needs to be enough so that, resting your arm there, your baby can flow comfortably. That is, that the mother's arm is at the appropriate height in relation to the height of the chest.

The height of the backrest is very important. You must be able to support your head comfortably, so the headrest should protrude above your head so that you can support it and even fall asleep during night feedings.

  • Where are you going to place it:

Once you have decided on the perfect nursing chair, you should consider creating a space for feeding the baby, making sure that you have everything you need to breastfeed the baby, as well as the necessary resources for the mother.

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