The best co-sleeping crib with wheels to improve mobility in the room

Have you thought about opting for a co-sleeping crib with wheels to receive your little one at home ? Or are you still not sure what your choice will be?

If you find yourself at that point of total uncertainty and you can't decide on any specific option, let us advise you in these beautiful and complicated moments .

Discover the co-sleeping cot with wheels OMNI 60x120 5 in 1

Currently the co-sleeping options are broader, since the market combines various alternatives of wooden co-sleeping cradles to be able to practice it safely.

But, to make up your mind completely, we suggest the Alondra OMNI 60x120 co-sleeping crib with wheels . If you are looking for a useful, versatile and durable all -rounder for babies , you will not hesitate to take one with you !

Colecho, yes or no?

Co-sleeping is a practice that has always been present when caring for and pampering our little angels while we also try to rest.

Its benefits are multiple:

  1. We control your sleep more and better.
  2. The closeness and contact reassures them, but it also calms us to see that they are well at all times.
  3. The response time to breastfeed is shorter, therefore it is easier for them to fall asleep again.
  4. Helps maintain and prolong the duration of lactation.
  5. As everyone is more relaxed, the general rest of the family is greater.

However, the co-sleeping decision also involves a series of doubts that always boils down to the same concern:

It can become a problem for the baby to use the parents' bed to rest, since if they invade the little one's space more than they should, it can be dangerous.

Although, let us tell you that this problem is getting harder to happen...

What does the OMNI 60x120 cm convertible co-sleeping crib offer me?

The 60x120 cm OMNI stands out among our cribs because it is one of the most practical and functional . As you will see , it stands out for its great utility as a co-sleeping crib with wheels .

Thanks to this mobile feature, you can move the crib around the house and you will always have your little one under surveillance during the day . This is a great advantage when it comes to continuing to do the tasks of daily life and not die trying; ).

Alondra rooms with OMNI co-sleeping cot with wheels

At night, you can return it to the parents' room to practice co-sleeping , if you decide . Its mechanism for this option is very easy, since simply by removing the railing you will have your co-sleeping crib ready to use.

Another of the particularities that most surprises parents is that the adjustable bed base contains 5 different heights , which allows the co-sleeping bed to be perfectly attached to the main mattress . This makes the 60x120 cm OMNI the best option for many moms and dads .

As it serves as both a conventional crib and a co- sleeping crib , you can purchase it with or without the co - sleeping kit . This consists of the extension board for the parents' bed, a set of fastening straps and the foam supplement to attach the crib to the bed.

As in all our products , you can also choose the textile collection for the crib that you like the most and that, in addition, is ideal with your entire room. We have so many options that it will be impossible not to hit!

And, if that seemed little to you, you also have the option of adding the children's barrier kit - sofa to your purchase . We'll tell you this right away !

Why is it 5 in 1?

At Alondra, if one thing is clear to us, it is that we design our furniture with the intention that it will accompany you for a long time .

The OMNI 60x120 co-sleeping cot with wheels is evolutionary, so it becomes an option that adapts to the first changes and development of your little one.

co-sleeping cot stages with wheels OMNI

Stage 1: co-sleeping crib with wheels

From the time your baby comes home until he is approximately one year old, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of co-sleeping that we mentioned before.

To do this, you must remember to include the co-sleeping kit in your order in order to have the option. In any case, you can purchase it separately if you are not sure at the time of purchase and finally decide to practice it.

You simply have to remove the screws from the side rail and join it to your large bed with the elements included in the kit.

Stage 2: Conventional crib with wheels

You can also take advantage of the OMNI cradle as the next step after finishing co-sleeping . Therefore, from the first to the second year , he will continue to use his own bed .

Alo ndra advises you

This is very important ! Once your baby can stand up or get up on its own, the European regulations for children's cribs recommend placing the bed base of the crib in the lowest position, to guarantee its safety.

But... you don't have to worry! The 5 heights of the bed base allow you to respect this rule and, above all, keep your little one safe until it is time to remove the crib.

Stage 3: 60x120 cm children's bed

After these first two changes, it is time to convert the co- sleeping crib with wheels into a children's bed. You will have to prepare it once the little one is much more mobile and you want to offer him freedom and autonomy to climb into bed alone.

Do you remember the Children's barrier kit - sofa ? Well , it's time to take it out! By removing the crib barrier and installing the child's one below , the little one will comfortably access his precious little bed.

This stage of the OMNI is perfect for the transition period of the little one from the crib to the junior bed. If you buy this crib from the birth of your baby, he will get a safe rest until he reaches the approximate age of four or five years, when he will have to move to his largest bed of 90x200 cm.

Stage 4: Children's sofa

Before reaching the fifth stage, we can transform the bed into a sofa that continues to complete the decoration of your room.

To carry out the transformation, you only have to turn the children's railing of the kit . It will be perfect to continue enjoying the good times in your room!

Stage 5: Children's desk

Although we offer you these steps, if you wish you can directly convert the crib-bed into a desk at the time that best suits you. Since it requires no additional materials to assemble , it does not depend on anything else to perform the transformation.

To make this change, you must remove the side rail, raise the box spring board to the highest height, and remove the wheels. Simple, right?

The best thing is that, due to the measurements of the convertible co-sleeping crib , the desk is usable until later.

The opinion of the parents Alondra

@saraypinedaa _

Do I have more options?

Oh! Well of course yes!

As at Alondra we know that each house is different, we also have the XL option prepared . The OMNI XL is designed for parents who have much more space at home.

For this reason, the 70x140 cm OMNI XL co-sleeping crib goes a little further and adds properties to the previous one.

First of all, since it is a larger crib, the little one will be able to spend a little more time next to the big bed. That is to say, it allows to lengthen the co- sleeping time .

Secondly , the XL convertible crib can also be transformed into a Montessori bed. In this way, the little one will be able to develop their autonomy and independence until they completely move to a more youthful bed.

convertible co-sleeping crib OMNI XL Alondra

If you are interested in this philosophy and want to apply the Montessori methodology in the room of your little treasure, do not hesitate to consult our post on how to decorate a Montessori room for the baby .

Finally, you must take into account that the ONMI XL co- sleeping crib does not have the included wheels. But do not worry! You can order them separately , since they will always be optional.

As you have seen, whether you want to share a bed with your baby or not, the OMNI 60x120 co-sleeping cot with wheels is a magnificent choice. The design with wheels allows for mobility and, without a doubt, provides extra comfort for the parents. oh! And its versatile character will not leave anyone indifferent!


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