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In Alondra you choose ...

Beach or mountain; With onion or without onion; Online or in store ...

We understand you perfectly. Life isn't always easy and sometimes you are faced with complicated decisions ;). But in Alondra you won't have that problem.

The philosophy with which the ALONDRA online store was born is to support and encourage, from the beginning, all physical points of sale “ALONDRA SPACES”.

We are lovers of LOCAL AND PROXIMITY COMMERCE, without it we would not be here. We want you to bring our products home so that you can see them live, touch or try them.

Both we and the stores work together hand in hand to always offer you the best service and attention.

It is you who decides how you want to buy:

start online - finish in store

OPTION A: start online - finish in store

You can make your budget or basket online, first on this website and finalize it in your nearest store, where you will receive a personalized face-to-face treatment and you will be able to see a small exhibition of our products live.

If you are not sure about buying online without first seeing the product, you can make a wish list or an abandoned cart with the items that interest you, and take it to your "Espacios Alondra" store to confirm your order. There they will review it with you, to check that everything is correct, and they will help you in everything you need.

In the store you can also choose the shipping method: delivery with floor upload; delivery with home assembly or store delivery. You choose!

OPTION B: start in store - finish online

You can start the purchase in the physical store and then finish it online on this website, comfortably from your home.

If you have recently visited a "Espacios Alondra" store and they have made a budget for you with Alondra products, you may want to check everything well from home, before confirming anything. Logical. We make it easier for you:

Take that budget home, review it and finish it comfortably from the sofa, without having to go back to the store. You can do and undo to your liking.

If you finalize and pay for your order on our website, you can also finance it online in up to 12 months. As for the shipping method, you know, you can choose to receive it directly at your home or pick it up at the store. You just have to indicate at the end of the order, the shipping method you want.

start buying in store and finish it online

For us it is the same and for the stores as well, since prices and attention do not change.

We are all here to help you and we work together to serve you as well as possible.

You can go to the store for advice in person, or you can ask us by chat, whatsapp, mail or phone.

Because we know that each person is different:

1. There are people who prefer to call or write an email, to save the trip.

2. And others who take advantage of their doubts, to take a pleasant walk to the nearest store ;-)

In both cases, it is you who decides which store you want to provide the sales, advice, delivery or store collection service.

These two services are the cheapest or free, and the ones we recommend at Alondra. But we also offer you other services of direct delivery, express delivery and home assembly at a higher price. In case you want to pay a little more, for a more comfortable service.

What do I have to do to buy in each case?

OPTION A: Start online and finish my purchase in a physical store

paso 1

Enter and identify yourself

Identify yourself with your email and password.

If you are not yet a user, you can register here. It will only take a few minutes.

paso 2

Choose what you like the most or what you need to buy

Add to your cart what you want and create a virtual cart where you can see an estimate of the price of your order.

paso 3

Print your unfinished order or your wish list

Once you have your wish list or cart ready, print it out so you can show it to the store.

paso 4

Visit the nearest point of sale

Now it's the store's turn. Take the printed virtual budget to your trusted point of sale and finish the order there. They will be in charge of reviewing everything in detail so that there are no errors.

paso 5

Ready! Your order is already confirmed

The point of sale will be the one that will inform you about your order, for our part we will keep you informed of the status and shipment of it.

If you have chosen "Store pickup" or "Home delivery from store" as your shipping method, they will contact you when they receive your order, to agree on a pickup or delivery day.

OPTION B: Start in a physical store and finish my purchase online

paso 1

Visit the nearest point of sale

If you prefer to go to the store, find your nearest "Alondra Spaces" point of sale here and visit it.

paso 2

Choose what you like the most or what you need to buy

With the help of the store's commercial team, choose what you want from our catalog for your baby's room. They will give you a detailed budget in writing.

paso 3

Take home the budget and review it

Check everything comfortably from home and make sure that you have selected everything and it is what you really want or need.

paso 4

Enter and identify yourself

It is time to enter the online store and identify yourself with your email and password. If you are not yet a user, you can register here.

paso 5

Add the products chosen in the store to the cart

In the search engine you can find each of the products you have seen in the shop. Search for them and add them to the shopping basket to complete your order.

paso 6

Choose the shipping method

Once you have the basket with all the products, click on "Finish order". Select the shipping method you want and the payment method, remember that you have to add the POINT OF SALE you trust as well.

paso 7

Add a discount code

If you have a discount code, add it before confirming the order.

paso 8

Ready! Your order is in preparation

We will notify you of its status via email, both you and your trusted store at the same time. If you have chosen "Store pickup" or "Home delivery from store" as your shipping method, they will contact you when they receive your products, to agree on a pickup or delivery day.

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