It is normal to have doubts and concerns when you are going to become a mom! At Alondra we know that receiving advice can make a huge difference at this time of your life... This is why in our BLOG you will find a lot of posts to solve all your concerns. Come on! Check it out and tell us what you think ;)
Ares Baby tienda para bebés en Madrid

New point of sale Espacio Alondra in Madrid: Ares Baby

Ares Baby is a baby items store where you will find everything you need for your newborn. A local trade to discover the best of our catalogue. At Ares Baby you will find all kinds of baby products.
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Rebajas de invierno en puericultura marca Alondra

Take advantage of the Alondra SALES on children's furniture in January!

Don't miss the SALE at Alondra in January! From the 7th to 31st January take advantage of a 15% discount on all Alondra's products. Come in and find out all the details you need to know in order to enjoy this great opportunity!
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Ventajas cambiador-bañera de bebé

3 advantages of the changing table-baby bath for which you should opt for this basic piece of furniture

Alondra's convertible baby changing table with bathtub is a useful piece of furniture that will allow you to have a well-equipped bedroom and will help you in the task of cleaning your little angel. With it you will get comfort and savings. Discover all its advantages!
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Black Friday productos de primera infancia marca Alondra

BLACK FRIDAY on Alondra baby items - great deals!

Alondra's Black Friday (from November 26th to 29th) is one of the times of the year when we offer great discounts on many of our products and baby items (crib textiles, furniture, deco, accessories ...).
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La mejor cuna convertible con somier regulable en altura

The best convertible crib with height-adjustable bed base

You've been crying out for it, and here it is! We present the new model of convertible cot with height adjustable bed base: the INSIDE convertible cot, available in 10 different colour combinations. Do you want to know more about it? Come in and we'll tell you about it!

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tiendas puericultura Alondra en Madrid

Where to buy Alondra children's furniture in Madrid

If you have a baby on the way and you are looking for a place to buy everything you need to furnish their future nursery, you have found your Puericulture shop in Madrid. El Último Koala shop has the entire Alondra 2022/2023 catalogue.

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donde deben dormir los bebés recién nacidos

Where should a newborn baby sleep? With his parents or in his own room?

In terms of baby upbringing, there is controversy as to whether the best thing for our little angels is to sleep with their parents or for them to learn to sleep alone. Enter and discover the different pros and cons that exist for each decision.
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Ideas para crear un jardín para niños divertido

Ideas to create a fun garden for children

Are you looking for ideas to create a fun garden for children? If so, keep reading because today on the Hortum blog we are going to give you the best ideas to create a fun kindergarten where the little ones can live a thousand and one adventures.
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Quincena del bebé 2021

Baby's fortnight at Alondra - Big discount on most of our products!

The baby fortnight (from 1 to 21 October) is the only time of the year when we offer very interesting discounts on many of our products and articles for babies (cot linen, furniture, deco, accessories...).
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habitaciones para bebés mellizos niño y niña

This is how interior designers decorate twin baby rooms for boys and girls

Doubts about how to decorate the bedroom of twin babies boy and girl are very frequent. For this reason, you cannot miss which are the decoration tips that are most successful and which colors are perfect to combine in this beautiful room.
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Camas cabañas infantiles para bebés

Children's cabin beds, the key to the room you always dreamed of for your little one

Discover the latest trend in children's cabin beds! The 70x140 cm Homy, 70x140 cm Indy and 90x200 cm Homy XL cabin beds in dark brown from Alondra are very stomping! Go ahead and get to know them a little more... They are wonderful!
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cuna Montessori en forma de casita

6 recommendations for choosing a Montessori crib and getting the most out of it

Are you considering educating the little one in the Montessori philosophy and wondering which is the best bed to do it? Get to know the Montessori crib Auna de Alondra in detail. It's a real pass! I'm sure that when you see her you'll fall in love almost as much as we do 😉.
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cuna-cama 70x140cm crea due

How to make the most of an evolutionary crib bed up to 5 years

Are you looking for a crib bed that offers your baby maximum comfort and that will last for a long time? Do not miss the CREA DUE evolutionary crib with which your baby can enjoy up to five years of age. Discover all its corners. Looks good, huh?
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lámparas de ratán para la decoración de habitaciones de bebés

Why are rattan lamps preferred by interior designers to decorate baby rooms?

Rattan lamps are an essential that decoration professionals constantly use in their interior designs. Now, with Alondra, you can join this trend. Come in and discover the new natural rattan lamps for babies!
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¿Será niño o niña?

Will it be a boy or a girl? Myths and legends about the sex of the baby according to the Mayans and the grandmothers.

Is it possible to predict the sex of the baby at home? In the following post we will tell you different traditional methods to find out the sex of the baby. According to the Mayans, the grandmothers... Come in and find out!
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Las mejores cunas cama para bebes

[RANKING] The best cribs-beds for babies on the market!

Discover the benefits that the best baby crib beds on the market promise. We give you a review of the convertible cribs that future moms and dads like the most. So that they can be used for much longer.
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2 muebles de ratán que lucirán genial en habitaciones infantiles originales

2 rattan furniture pieces that will look great in original children's rooms

One of the latest trends in decoration is the use of natural fibers and materials in different furniture in the house. We suggest you use natural rattan furniture for the children's room of your little treasure.
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El motivo para escoger una cama a ras de suelo para tu bebé

Why choose a floor-level bed for your baby?

Are you familiar with floor beds for babies and want to make sure they're a good choice for your little angel? Discover the benefits these cute little beds can bring. Adventure is guaranteed and your baby will have a great time!
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Rebajas de verano puericultura cunas bañeras ofertas bebé

[RANKING] The 5 things you should buy without fail in Alondra's childcare summer sales

Discover our wide selection of innovative baby products on sale at a great discount. In this wonderful stage for you, we know that you want everything to be perfect for your baby, at Alondra we will make everything easier for you, so take advantage of Alondra's childcare summer sales!
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que significa ser madre para ti

#Alondraquestion: What does being a mother mean to you?

From Alondra we want to thank and share all our love, affection and support to all the fighting moms and heroines on the planet. Because without them, our dream of filling babies' rooms with sweetness and comfort would not be possible. Long live the mothers!
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