It is normal to have doubts and concerns when you are going to become a mom! At Alondra we know that receiving advice can make a huge difference at this time of your life... This is why in our BLOG you will find a lot of posts to solve all your concerns. Come on! Check it out and tell us what you think ;)
que significa ser madre para ti

#Alondrapregunta: ¿Qué significa ser madre para ti?

Desde Alondra queremos agradecer y participar todo nuestro amor, cariño y apoyo a todas las mamás luchadoras y heroínas del planeta. Porque sin ellas, nuestro sueño de llenar las habitaciones de bebés de dulzura y confort no sería posible. ¡Que vivan las madres!
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Camas infantiles bajitas con el sello Montessori

2 designs of low children's beds with the Montessori seal for a safe rest.

Low children's beds are a trend and, in addition, they provide multiple benefits to the little ones in the house. Today we bring you our selection of the best low beds for children by Alondra: the ILMOON and MONTBLUE models, which you will fall in love with!
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Nueva oferta cuna convertible Bubble Alondra K554

Todo sobre nuestra cuna convertible Bubble Alondra K554 en oferta

Cada mes Alondra ofrece un producto con descuento para que podáis adquirir mobiliario Alondra ¡a un precio irresistible! Si estás buscando la habitación de tu bebé de mayor calidad, diseño y de confianza ¡no te pierdas la nueva oferta bimensual de Alondra!
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Novedades Alondra en cunas de ratán

New collection of Alondra rattan cots, the fusion between avant-garde design and nature.

Do you want your baby's room to be trendy with a rattan cot as the main piece of furniture? At Alondra we are always chasing the latest trends, so we bring you our new rattan cots, so you can fall in love with them as much as we do!
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Sorteo conjunto Alondra y Crochetts

DRAW Crochetts + Alondra set, don't miss it!

Introducing our new friends from Crochetts! Come in and discover the DRAW that we have prepared for the whole community of Instagram followers ;) You're going to love it. Raffle valued at 256€.
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Novades Alondra en Feria Valencia Baby Kid Spain + Fimi 2022

We'll tell you how much fun we had at the BabyKid + Fimi 2022 Fair in Valencia!

We bid farewell to the Babykid Spain + FIMI fair with a very good taste in our mouths. The new rattan furniture novelties have been a great success among all the professionals of the sector who have visited our stand. Thank you all for your visit!
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Nos vemos en la feria Babykids + Fimi 2022 de Valencia ¿Te apuntas?

See you at the Babykids + Fimi 2022 fair in Valencia. Are you coming?

La feria Babykid Spain + FIMI 2022 está a la vuelta de la esquina. ¡Y estamos deseando enseñaros las novedades Alondra 2022! En Alondra vamos a ir, ¿y tú? ¡Toma nota! del 17 al 19 de febrero te esperamos en nuestro stand.
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¿Cuál es el mejor momento para que el bebé deje de dormir la siesta?

When is the best time for a baby to stop napping?

Napping is essential for babies and children, as it helps their development. However, as they grow older, nap times will decrease until they eventually disappear. Do you know when that time starts to come? Read on...
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Empezamos aventura en TikTok, ¡siguenos! @alondrababyrooms

We start adventure on TikTok, follow us! @alondrababyrooms

After a long time waiting for this moment.... We are finally on TikTok! From today you can find us as @alondrababyrooms. If you want to know the different real Alondra's rooms, follow us! We are waiting for you...
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Oferta del mes Enero-Febrero 2022 Cuna Convertible Sero Joy Alondra

All about our Sero Joy Alondra convertible cot on sale

At Alondra every month we have a convertible cot on offer. From the 1st of January until the 28th of February 2022 we will have the Sero Joy K559 on sale. If you've made it this far, you're in luck! Find out all about our TOP SELLING convertible cot...
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CONCURSO - Habitación Alondra del mes ¿será la tuya?

CONTEST - Alondra's room of the month - will it be yours?

As you know, at Alondra we love it when you share your Alondra Rooms with us. That's why we want to reward your loyalty. The Alondra room of the month has a prize. Will it be yours?
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Cómo arrullar al bebé para dormir: 3 métodos para lograrlo con éxito

How to lull your baby to sleep: 3 methods to achieve it successfully

Discover how to lull your baby easily and safely to calm them down and get them fall asleep faster. It will be a piece of cake! We give you the keys to do it correctly, up to what age you can lull a baby to sleep and when NOT to do it. You can't miss it!

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Las mejores minicunas convertibles en cuna de 2021

The best convertible cribs in 2021

Discover the best convertible cribs from Alondra. Come in and take a look at the most versatile, functional, useful and durable convertible cribs so that you and your baby have the best possible experience when you get home. Which of them would you choose?
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Cuna convertible Sero Evolutive Alondra en oferta

All about our Sero Evolutive Alondra convertible crib on offer

You will find every month in Alondra a convertible crib on offer. From 1st November until 31st December 2021 the Sero Evolutive K502 convertible crib will be on sale. If you've come this far, you're lucky! Find out all about our Sero Evolutive convertible crib..
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Maxicuna de colecho: El 6 en 1 ideal para el descanso seguro de tu bebé

Co-sleeping cot: The ideal 6-in-1 for your baby's safe sleep

Thinking about co-sleeping with your future baby? At Alondra we have many kinds of cots, but today we want to highlight our Omni XL 6-in-1 co-sleeping cot 70x140cm Functional and practical! We tell you all about it...
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¿Quieres saber que tipo de madre eres? ¡Averígualo con un simple juego!

Do you want to know what kind of mum or dad you are? Find it out with a simple game!

Find out what kind of mum or dad you are with this simple emotional personality game! Come in and play our colourfulword search. The colour you find first will determine what kind of mum or dad you are...
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Novedades catálogo Alondra 2021/22

The 6 new products in the Alondra catalogue to create safe and beautiful environments for your baby.

Hellooo! We have great news for you.... The new Alondra 2021/2022 catalogue is now available! Cots, beds and many more accessories that you will discover little by little. For now, take a look at these baby beds!
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que hacer para que el bebé no caiga

[Alondra answers]: What can I do to keep my baby from falling out of bed?

We bring you a list of safety products that we use in the Alondra cot beds to make them the safest you can find. If you don't know what to do when a baby falls out of bed, take a look at these tips and stay calm!
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Cuna colecho mejor valorada año 2021

Omni, una de las cunas colecho mejor valoradas del año por el Blog del Bebé

Desde el Blog del bebé, eligen nuestra cuna Omni como una de las mejores cunas de colecho del mercado del año, por su diseño y por las distintas funcionalidades que ofrece, llegando a convertirse en una 5en1. ¡Millones de Gracias!
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accesorios para el baño del bebé

Los accesorios básicos para hacer el baño del bebé más fácil y feliz

¿Preparando la llegada del bebé? Entre muchos otros momentos el baño se convertirá poco a poco en vuestro momento favorito del día. Te traemos un listado con los accesorios para el baño del bebé que deberás tener preparado para que todo vaya ¡sobre ruedas!

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