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convertible baby bed cribs

Hello daddies and mommies! Today we have come up with useful recommendations to make it easier for you to choose the best crib for your little one and you can also take advantage of the benefits that the best baby cribs and beds on the market promise, which translates into an investment that will pay off in the coming years. future years, this will help avoid spending on furniture later.

Consider that when the little ones in the house sleep well, according to the institute of sleep medicine this has a very positive impact on learning, attention, character and in general the process of its development. Fortunately, there are several types of super-cool functional cribs that fit your little angel, making it easy to create that all-important sleep routine.

To get started we'll name 3 cribs that convert to beds that meet CPSC safety standards, important fact!

Learn more about the safety regulations that a baby crib must comply with

Well without further ado, let's get to it!!! ;)

Convertible cot bed 70x140 Sero Joy

A complete convertible baby room!

You will fall in love with this Sero Joy convertible crib bed and desk even more for its precious details with on-trend colors that bring naturalness and joy to your baby's bedroom. The rest is lacquered in matt white to give the room a feeling of spaciousness. It is an evolutionary crib, so it will grow at the pace of your little angel.

This bed-cradle and desk will accompany your baby during much of his growth. In the following image you will be able to see the 3 stages of this cot bed that it offers from the Baby, Kid phase ending with the Junior phase.

convertible baby bed cribs

CREA DUE White 70x140

Cot large bed for baby (3in1)

How cool is this crib that can be transformed into a CREA DUE bed . It has a timeless style and is perfect for adding warmth to any room in the house thanks to the tones it incorporates. It is a 3in1 convertible crib with wheels. From a 70x140cm crib it can be transformed into a co-sleeping crib (optional) and also into a Montessori bed. Super complete option!

In the following image you can see the 3 stages of this crib bed that it offers from the Baby phase (optional), Kid ending with the Junior phase.

70x140cm bed cribs for babies

Montessori cabin crib for baby house type 5in1 70X140 cm AUNA

Cot 70x140cm in the shape of a house. Super fun and original!

Speaking of cribs that become beds, do you want an original and fun crib for your future baby? The AUNA crib-bed in the shape of a house , from the Montessori philosophy, will be more than perfect for your little angel. It is a 70x140cm Montessori evolutionary crib, convertible into a child's bed or a Montessori bed, 3in1. If you purchase the optional co-sleeping kit, you can transform it into a 4in1 co-sleeping crib in the shape of a cabin. A most original option!

You can combine it with the coordinated textile that you like the most from our different collections.

In the following image you can see the 4 stages of this cot bed that it offers from the Baby phase (optional), Kid, junior ending with the Junior+ phase.

Montessori bed cribs for babies

What do you think of these original, functional and fun crib beds to furnish the baby's room? With any of them you can not worry about re-furnishing the little one's room until he is approximately 5 years old. A long-haul solution!


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