How to dress the baby's crib for spring

Dressing the baby's crib is one of the most important issues when it comes to preparing all your little things to have everything ready for your arrival. When you buy what is necessary for the little one in the house, make sure that everything around him provides him with maximum security and comfort so that he grows and develops in the best possible way .  

Spring has arrived! So we are going to learn a little more in depth about the appropriate materials for the baby, how to use the crib clothes and what are the best options now that the heat is gradually arriving.

Crib bedding for baby

dress a convertible crib with Estilo Mare Alondra

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, in the Practical guide for parents. From birth to 3 years , reports that newborn babies are not yet able to regulate their temperature correctly. For this reason, it is super important to know what clothes and what crib clothing to use and how to wrap them up to sleep .

Crib bedding materials

The fabrics of the little ones are very important, since they are much more prone to allergies or rashes caused by whatever comes into contact with their soft skin. The best thing to do will always be to look for fabrics that are as natural as possible, such as cotton.  

On the other hand, you should also take into account the touch they have. They should be soft fabrics and non- allergenic fabrics . Also, something that will influence the safety of the little one will be the products to wash their clothes. Try to use neutral soaps and not use fabric softener or bleach . The components of these products may be harmful in some cases.

Choose the crib linen for babies that perfectly fits your crib

This is another of the most relevant issues. If the baby bedding is too big or too small, it may come off more easily. This can lead to serious problems, such as the baby curling up excessively between the sheets or duvets. Therefore, the risk of suffocation may be higher if you do not choose the appropriate measures.  

So, both the bottom sheet, the top sheet and the duvet or blanket that you use, must be perfectly adjusted and tight under the mattress so that they do not come off while the little one sleeps.

How to dress a crib

What crib linen does a baby need? Vento Alondra quilt
It seems obvious, but, you know, they are the best and most important thing in our lives. So , it is always good to review what is necessary to dress the baby's crib to have everything planned ;).  

1 Washable mattress protector . Unexpected leaks in babies are very common. If you protect your mattress you will avoid having to clean it many times and you will save time and trouble! Nor should you forget to choose the perfect mattress for your baby and give him the best rest.

2 Bottom sheet and spare parts . For the same reason that we told you before. Sometimes you will have to change the sheets without time or at somewhat ungodly times. It's best to have a spare fitted sheet, or more, for these occasions.

3Top sheet and more spare parts! This piece may be dispensable when it's colder, but it will come in handy when the heat starts . Later we will talk a little about the subject , but we anticipate that using it has its advantages ;).

4 A duvet or a blanket . Depending on the time of year we are in, the baby will need more or less shelter. For this reason, use the duvet in winter and the blanket when temperatures rise.

At Alondra we are super experts in textiles for children and babies and we have a wide selection of crib and bed linen for the little ones. In this case, the duvets are Nordic, that is, they have padding , to make the crib the warmest and most pleasant place for the baby. The cover is made of 100% cotton and has a zipper so that it can be removed and washed separately from the padding.  

But not only that. At Alondra we love to mix and match styles and all baby accessories. For this reason, we sell the duvet together with the bumper to protect the bars of the cribs and thus avoid unwanted blows from the little angels in the home. In this way, in just one purchase you protect and shelter the little one without problem.

Alondra Nordic set to dress a crib


The Nordic and crib protector set is available for 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm cribs . We have many colors and styles, so surely one of them fits perfectly with the personality and color range that you have chosen for the baby's room. oh! And you can also buy the two pieces separately, of course.

5Cushions are not recommended until at least one year of age. Truly, though, kids don't need a pillow to sleep on until their shoulders are wider than their head . This is from two or three years of age. If you include pillows, cushions, stuffed animals or something similar in his crib before these ages, your little one will be at greater risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome .

Dressing the baby's crib in spring

dress a crib in spring Mare Alondra Style

With the arrival of good weather, babies also notice the warmer environment , so they have the same heat that an adult can perceive. The Practical Guide for Parents , of the AEP, specifies: «It is convenient to use the child's clothes and the crib or bed that best suits the season in which we are» .  

For its part, the guide of the Government of Aragon , Take care of me: guide for mothers and fathers , insists on not keeping children too warm or covering their little heads. This is reinforced by the idea conveyed by the AEP that crying babies can also be caused by discomfort caused by too many layers of clothing or by the fact that the clothes themselves are too tight. That is, probably one of your little one's cries is due to being hot or, on the contrary, feeling cold.  

If we go back to the idea of ​​adapting crib clothes for babies based on the time of year , we ask ourselves, how to dress the crib in spring? From Alondra we want to give you some advice for this time of year, from now on, and offer you our best solutions and options.

What crib clothes does a baby need in spring?

The first thing you should know is that, whatever time of year it is, the best thing for the baby, and for you, is to dress it in layers . This will facilitate the task of undressing him if he is hot and you will be able to better control the clothes he needs at all times.  

As you already know, the little one will let you know how he feels about this, but you can also check if he feels hot because his neck or upper back will be sweaty .  

The same goes for baby bedding. It is best to dress the bed in light layers , especially in spring or autumn, since these are seasons where temperatures are very changeable. In this way, it will also be easier to regulate the ideal temperature for each little one in their crib.  

To dress the baby's crib in spring, therefore, you can first use Alondra's 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm crib sheets , depending on the size of the little one's crib . We also have loose crib fitted sheets , so you can more easily have spare parts.  

Alondra Indiana Style Pink set and sheets to dress the crib in spring

Of course, also depending on the measurements of the cot you can find several types of fitted sheet : fitted sheet for co-sleeping cot 60x120 cm or for conventional cot 60x120 cm , fitted sheet for co-sleeping cot 70x140 cm or for conventional cot . If your baby has just been born and his bed is a mini-crib, we also have 50x80 cm co-sleeping mini-crib sheets .  

These packs are made up of the bottom sheet, the countertop and a cushion cover . With the pillowcase you can complete the decoration of the room and place it in the area that you consider, although never inside the crib . All the elements are made of 100% cotton and the bottom sheets with poplin .  

As we told you before, the top sheet can be expendable, although, if you use it, it can have its advantages . On the one hand, if the baby stains the crib at night, with the top sheet you will not have to wash the comforter or the blanket , since the sheet will stain first . And, on the other hand, the sheets usually have a nicer and softer touch than the rest of the elements, especially if they are made of cotton, so it will be perfect to come into contact with the skin of the little one and that nothing bad happens .  

Sheets Style Mint Alondra crib linen for baby

To cover and protect your little angel, you can use the Alondra crib duvet , from which you can extract the filling on the hottest days and months . With these elements it would be enough for the baby to sleep peacefully. If you wish, you can also use a blanket or shawl. And if you want security for the bars, don't forget the crib protector .  

You must bear in mind that the room temperature has to be between 20º and 22º , so the elements that cover the little one are accessories to regulate their temperature . Sometimes, many moms and dads, if they notice that the temperature of the room is too warm, do not cover the baby with anything, since the environment is adequate and excessive heat is as harmful to the little ones as cold.  

Dressing the baby's crib correctly and with style will be a piece of cake with Alondra's textiles. With the sheets and refills you will have the spring and summer months covered. We assure you that the quality they offer leaves no one different. Come on! Check them out , you'll love them!


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