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You are going to be a mum soon and, while you're waiting, it's time to prepare your baby's dream bedroom. But with so much variety, we know it's not easy to find the perfect nursery, is it? Currently on the market there are many different kids furniture to choose from: cribs, 60x120 cots, 70x140 evolutive cribs, sets of chest of drawers and wardrobe and cots convertible into a bed with a desk. But… which option can we choose? What's more recommended, a traditional cot, a convertible crib or a conventional bedroom?

Although it all depends on individual preferences, more and more moms and dads are choosing convertible cribs to furnish their baby's room. These kind of furniture offer more advantages than traditional kids furniture. Do you also find yourself in a similar situation? Would you like to discover all the advantages that convertible cribs can offer? Or, do you need advice on which convertible crib is better to choose? Keep reading! below talk about its main advantages, features and also some useful tips that you should take into account before buying a convertible crib for your little one.

Convertible cribs as the name suggests, become complete youth bedrooms. This means that, in the same piece of furniture, all the different needs in each of the baby's growth stages will be covered. But, up to what age can convertible cribs be useful? In fact, there is no maximum age, as the cot can be converted into a 90x200cm bed that it can be used from 0 years old until a bigger one is needed. For this very reason, at Alondra we refer to them as a long-term solution.

Baby's room with convertible crib Premium Kurve

Convertible crib

In addition to the savings, another advantage of convertible cribs is that they are really functional and comfortable and, as it's a compact piece of furniture, they are very complete. But let's take it step by step:

From 0 to 4-5 years approximately, the convertible crib has a cot with an homologated guardrail, a chest of drawers and a side shelf, to have the baby's clothes close on hand and a changing table at the top, to dress and change your baby comfortably. You can also choose from 2 lower drawers, to store everything you need under the convertible crib, or a trundle bed to sleep next to your baby or for a sibling, friend or unexpected guests to use.

Convertible crib Premium Kurve 70x140 cm


In the baby stage (from 0 to 5 years old) the baby can use his/her cot during all this time thanks to its larger interior size (70x140 cm) and sleep comfortably every day. In addition, as they have a large number of drawers and shelves you can store all the baby's things and have them always handy.

If you wish, you can also complete the convertible crib with additional modules such as a shoe rack, shelves or with the Alondra brand's speciality: the junior guardrail and the stairs-toy box (age 2 to 5 years old). For this specific stage, at Alondra we designed these two modules with the kids' comfort and development in mind, so that they can access their cot on their own and sleep protected with the guardrail, which can also be used on the 90 cm bed.

Convertible crib with optional guardrail, intermediate stage

Convertible crib in stage 2 to 5 years old. Additional modules: junior guardrail and stairs - toy box.

From the age of 4-5 years old, it can be transformed into a youth bedroom with a 90x200 single bed (with lower drawers or trundle bed), bedside table, book shelf with wheels and kids desk. If there is a wardrobe in the bedroom, with the convertible crib you will have all the furniture you need to enjoy a complete youth room. If this is not the case, you can complete the bedroom with one of our matching wardrobes.

Convertible crib converted into a complete youth bedroom

Convertible crib in bedroom stage, assembled as full youth bedroom.

As you can see, with a single initial investment you can have an all-in-one piece of furniture, without having to make any additional outlay when the baby gets older. This is one of the main advantages of convertible cribs over other baby furniture.

For example, with the 60x120 cm traditional cribs, when the baby grows, it's necessary to buy a youth bed and a desk to complete the bedroom. And with convertible cribs, this step is covered. If you think about it, although the initial outlay for convertible cribs is a bit higher, you will realise that, as here is everything included, you will save more than with other baby furniture.

And finally, another advantage of convertible cribs is that you can match everything thanks to the available matching products. You only need to decorate the room once, before the baby arrives! As it's the same piece of furniture, each of the pieces are of the same style and colour, in their different stages: crib and bedroom. And, as there is a wide variety of designs and colors, you will always find that ideal room you are looking for for your baby.

Now, what should you consider before buying a convertible crib?

Here are some tips that may be helpful when buying a convertible baby crib.

  • Furniture quality. Bear in mind that, as it's a piece of furniture that is going to be used for a long time, it must be made of high quality materials and must be resistant. At Alondra we take this point very much into account and work with quality materials that ensure the durability of all our baby furniture, especially our PREMIUM range, with fully lacquered solid pine wood convertible cribs.
  • Safety regulations and baby-firendly materials. Ensuring baby's safety is everyone's business. Make sure that the furniture you buy complies with all safety regulations and is made with non-toxic varnishes and paints for the little one. The strong instinct for protection at Alondra is what makes us take care of these and many other details, guaranteeing in every case the maximum safety of the little ones.
  • Bedroom and convertible crib dimensions. Convertible cribs are suitable for all kind of rooms, large and small. They take up no more space than a traditional 90x200cm kids bed does. If the measurements of the room allow to put a bed of this size, also allow a convertible crib. This is guaranteed. However, at Alondra we have two different collections of convertible cribs: the Sero convertible cribs, 70x140, and the Just, 60x120, specially designed for smaller kids bedrooms.
  • Furniture design. As we have already mentioned, convertible cribs are pieces of furniture designed to be used for many, many years. That is why you should choose the design of the furniture also thinking about the future, this means, choose a model that you like both for babies and for children and teenagers. This is the main reason why at Alondra we design baby furniture in a minimalist, simple style, with timeless colours, always guaranteeing that they can adapt perfectly to each stage of a kids growth.

Before we finish, we would like to make a note about the only disadvantage that convertible cribs can have, which due to their size, cannot be moved like a 60x120 cot with wheels or a crib. So, for the baby's first 6 months, you can get a scissor crib or a co-sleeping crib, with which you can keep your baby in your own bedroom and also move it easily around the other rooms in the house.

One of the most popular options nowadays is the co-sleeping crib. With the Alondra EQUO co-sleeping crib you will be able to co-sleep during your baby's first months and sleep next to him/her, in a totally safe way. In the post about the EQUO co-sleeping crib you can discover all its details and features. You will discover that, like convertible cribs, it's also convertible into a cot, sofa, kidss desk and toy box.

Co-sleeping crib EQUO for baby bedrooms

With the Alondra co-sleeping crib and convertible crib, you will have the bedroom of your dreams for your baby: functional, quality and design.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, more and more parents are choosing convertible cribs for their babies. Recently a um blogger from Spain (Lidia Bedman), chose our convertible crib PREMIUM KURVE for her two babies Jimena and Santi. We invite you to discover their wonderful room. Do not miss it, it's fantastic!

Baby bedroom with cot convertible into bed and desk


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