Alondra's EQUO co-sleeping crib. The perfect 5 in 1 for your baby

In the month of September we showed you the news at the Kind&Jugend fair in Cologne. One of them was the EQUO co-sleeping crib and the OMNI co-sleeping cradle . Today we are going to tell you a little more about Alondra's EQUO co-sleeping crib, its different stages and characteristics, since more and more parents are asking about it. You will love it! Of course, we will have them available from February 2019.



Mini cots are really useful and comfortable. However, they are usually only used during the first six months of the baby's life and then they are not used again, unless another baby comes home. To solve this problem, at Alondra we have designed the EQUO mini co-sleeping cot , the perfect 5-in-1: co-sleeping mini cot, mini cot, children's desk, sofa and toy box in a single piece of furniture. A much more functional mini-cradle, which adapts to the different stages and needs of your baby and can be used for a long time with full guarantee, thanks to the quality of its materials. Its design and its matte finish (available in 6 colors) make it a truly beautiful piece.

Equo co-sleeping crib features :

1. Co-sleeping mini-cradle stage: from 0 to 3 months approx.

To use it as a co-sleeping crib, simply remove the side rail and attach it to the large bed, using the safety straps to practice safe co-sleeping . Thanks to its 7-height adjustable bed base, the co-sleeping crib guarantees that the baby's mattress and the parents' mattress are completely united, both at the same height. In addition, it includes wheels for easy handling inside the room and the house.

Mini cot with wheels to practice safe co-sleeping

2. Mini-cradle stage: from 0 to 6 months approx.

Once you stop co-sleeping, all you have to do is reattach the easy-to-remove railing to the co-sleeping crib and that's it! As in the previous stage, it includes 4 wheels and 7 different bed base heights.

Small wooden crib with wheels

3. Desk stage: up to 40kg approx.

Once the baby can get up on its own, it is time to transform the EQUO mini-cradle into a children's desk, which can be used for a long time, since it supports an estimated maximum weight of 40kg. It's really easy to assemble and kids will love it! It has 4 heights and includes wheels.

Mini crib convertible into a desk

4. Sofa stage: up to 40kg approx.

Another option for the EQUO mini-cradle is to transform it into a children's sofa. If instead of a children's desk you want to have a sofa in the room, here it is! Like the desk, it supports an estimated maximum weight of 40kg and, in addition, it has 7 heights, as in the mini-cradle stage.

Mini crib-desk for baby

5. Toy maker stage:

That you see that your baby does not use the sofa or the desk, do not worry! The EQUO mini-cradle also transforms into a toy drawer, super fun! By disassembling the legs of the mini-cradle, the drawer remains at ground level, forming a very practical and useful toy drawer so that the baby can store all his toys in it and play freely.

Mini crib convertible into a toy box

We hope you like our EQUO de Alondra 5 in 1 co-sleeping crib. Soon we will tell you many more details about it, which will be on sale in Espacios Alondra distribution stores in Spain, Portugal and other countries starting in February 2019. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about its launch.

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