Manual for the design of personalized baby cribs with all the magic Alondra

Baby bedroom with Alondra design convertible crib

As? Are you still unaware of the infinite crib design possibilities that Alondra offers? Well, stay a little longer! And discover everything we can offer you if you decide to trust the quality and safety of the best designer convertible cribs on the market. Join us on this exciting journey!

In this manual you will find all the models of Alondra convertible cribs, the great variety of colors that each one offers, its wonderful little corners and all the accessories to complete them. You're going to love it!

Custom Convertible Baby Cribs

Alondra's star beds are cribs that can be converted into a bed and a desk. In addition, they are the ones with the most possibilities for transformation and customization , since they will become the most important piece of furniture in the baby's bedroom and, over time, will offer a complete youth room .

To give you an idea of ​​the shades we work with in all our products, we leave you a small sample of Alondra colors . You will be able to verify that they are ideal for the baby's bedroom and that, with them, you can make an infinite number of compositions and color combinations in the room.

color chart custom crib design Alondra

In addition, what will make the big difference will be the Alondra textile that you choose for the crib. For the convertibles you can choose between the textile set option only or the pack that also includes the mattress for the crib. Again, in our textiles the designs are just as varied, or more, if possible, than our range of colors for furniture.

Alondra textile styles for designer baby cribs

Alondra design Just convertible cribs 60x120 cm

The Just range of convertible cribs have measurements of 60x120 cm and, although they are the smallest convertibles, we have a wide range from which you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. In addition, these transformable cribs are reversible, that is, you can choose whether to mount the crib on the right or on the left.

The 60x120 cm convertible crib models are Just Joy , Just Even and Just Bubble . The best thing about these cribs is that, due to their measurements, they are perfect for baby rooms with the smallest space .

The customization possibilities of the Just range have to do with its colors. For the Just Joy model you can choose between Rose , Mare , Etnik , Gray or White. These colors are subtly applied inside the handles in the shape of a smile, which are modeled on the front of the drawers. This makes them the funniest transformables in our collection .

Just Joy range of personalized convertible cribs

Just Even convertible cribs are available in the colors Mare , Grey , Arena , Arosa , Cielo and White. In this case, the color is in the last two drawers of the dresser. Its simple lines and colorful touch will be perfect for creating an elegant but daring convertible baby room .

design of modern baby cribs Just Even Alondra

Lastly, the Just Bubble model is available in Grey , Mint , Arena , Arosa , Cielo and White. This model combines handles in the form of children's motifs with color in the last two drawers of the chest of drawers. They are super adorable!

crib design Just Bubble Alondra

Complements to personalize Just design baby cribs

Due to its size, the Just crib has two transformation possibilities . In the first, the baby stage , you will enjoy a compact piece of furniture with the cot, the changing table and the chest of drawers for the baby in a unified way. In addition, the cabinet has a completely closed back, so it does not require a back cover.

In the second, the juvenile stage , your little treasure will have a 90x200 cm bed with a headboard , a small table , with the possibility of mounting both to the left and to the right of the bed , and a desk with an attached drawer . A complete room for your older age.

For this second stage, optionally, you can choose between a large or two medium drawers for the lower part of the 90x200 cm bed. With these accessories you will considerably increase the storage space of the youth bedroom without breaking the general aesthetics offered by the conversion of the furniture.

On the other hand, if when you transform the crib into a bed you want to offer extra security to your little one, you can also purchase the JBJ502 wooden children's bed barrier . Being a universal railing , it will be attached under the mattress of the bed by itself or with anchoring straps.

Learn a little more about Alondra's convertible cribs and everything they can offer you. Discover the 3 benefits of convertible cribs into beds !

70x140 cm convertible cribs for designer babies

At Alondra there are currently two ranges of convertible cribs measuring 70x140 cm : the Sero and the Premium . Would you like us to go into more detail with these two varieties of designer baby cribs? Go for it!

Design of Sero convertible cribs

The Sero range of convertibles measures 70x140 cm, so if you have enough space in the baby's bedroom, they can be a very good option if you are looking for a modern baby crib design that will last you a looong time. Like the Just, they are reversible convertible cribs, so you decide if you want to mount the crib to the right or to the left of the furniture.

We have several models of Sero transformable cribs: Kubo , Evolutive , Even , Joy , Bubble and Life . This latest model is the latest in Alondra's modern crib design.

Again, we start with the possibilities of customization regarding colors . This will make a big difference in the room, since, depending on the color you choose, you can combine it with some colors or others . Let's start!

The Sero Kubo bassinet is available in Rose , Mare , Grey , Mint , Arena or White. These touches of color are applied to the last drawer of the chest of drawers located under the changing area for the little one. As you can see, this transformable crib model is very simple and, thanks to the color, it provides an exclusive touch of personalization, unique!

Sero Kubo Alondra convertible crib design

On the other hand, the Sero Evolutive , being an earlier model, only has the Artik or Pearl color. Although, don't worry because the Evolution models of convertible cribs follow the same minimalist Alondra style as always , so it fits perfectly with the most current design standards of convertible cribs.

design cradles Sero Evolutive Alondra

We continue with the Sero Even , which you can buy in Mare , Grey , Arena , Coral , Cielo or White. In this case, we find the touch of color in the lower part of the crib , so that it provides the benefits of color without becoming too burdensome for the room.

custom convertible cribs Sero Even Alondra

Sero Joy Convertible Cribs are available in Rose , Mare , Etnik , Gray and White. Just like the 60x120 cm transformable cribs, the smile-shaped handles modeled on the front of the drawers give a small touch of color to the furniture in the softest and sweetest way. They will brighten up your little one's day!

custom convertible cribs Sero Joy Alondra

We continue with the Sero Bubble model in the colors Mint , Grey , Arena , Coral , Cielo and White, again with handles in the shape of children's motifs to give the baby's room the sweetness it deserves . In this case, the color is applied to one of the drawers of the chest of drawers.

design cots Sero Bubble Alondra

Finally, the most recent model of the Alondra convertible crib is the Sero Life crib. It has been created with the Nordic style in mind, which is super fashionable today and, besides, it is ideal for creating a bright and harmonious space at the same time. Everything is lacquered in matt white and the lower part of the crib comes with a wood texture in light tones . A dream in designer baby cribs!

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Add-ons for Sero Designer Convertible Cribs

As you already know, Sero convertible cribs have three transformation possibilities . In the first stage you will have a crib, a changing area with a chest of drawers and a side shelf in a single piece of furniture. In this way, you will have everything you need to care for your little angel very close at hand.

One of the first decisions you will have to make when purchasing a Sero convertible crib, apart from the model and color, will be whether you want to add a trundle bed to the bottom or two large drawers . Depending on your needs, you can choose these two complements.

In addition, since this cradle does not include a rear cover, if the location that you are going to give it is not attached to the wall, you can obtain the white rear cover for Konver SERO WTN502-M40 .

In the second stage, in which the evolving furniture serves as a children's bed, you have two more complementary options. On the one hand, you can purchase a universal children's bed barrier JBJ502 , as in the Just cribs. In this case, as this rail is designed to complete the Sero convertibles, in addition to reinforcing the barrier with tapes, you can screw it directly to the bed boards .

On the other hand, to make the bed much more accessible to your little one, you can also buy Alondra's children's ladder and toy box separately . It is available in both matte and glossy and will be the perfect secret corner for your baby to keep their most precious treasures ;).

In its latest transformation, the Sero Evolving Crib will provide your little one with all the furniture they need to grow up. A 90x200cm bed, a nightstand, a wheeled book shelf and a large desk for study moments.

However, if you decide that the bed is empty and you want to complete it, you can add a high headboard for Sero convertible cribs . It can be ideal and be perfect for your son or daughter to decorate as they like!

Premium Kurve designer baby cots

The Premium Kurve design convertible cribs are the beds with the most customization possibilities in our catalogue. But, first of all, you should know that, unlike the Just and Sero, they are not reversible. However, at the time of purchase you can decide if you prefer the mounting of the cradle on the right or on the left . For this reason, in our catalog you will find each model in duplicate, and only this assembly detail changes.

Secondly, we are going to start with the designs and colors available. This range of transformables is specially designed for more neutral spaces , but which achieve the warmth and tenderness that is desired for baby's bedrooms. Its curved lines give the little one's room an extra point of sophistication that will undoubtedly make a difference. In addition, they are ideal for convertible baby rooms with a Nordic style .

designer baby cots Alondra Premium Kurve

As they follow the Scandinavian aesthetic, the colors are applied in wood tones of different styles . Although the first of the models is the Premium Kurve White , with the cradle all lacquered in matt white. Perfect to achieve maximum light in the room of the little one or the little one.

Next we find the Premium Kurve Gray convertible crib , with the detail of a dresser drawer lacquered in light gray . This color never goes out of style, as it is one of the quintessential neutrals. These shades allow you to combine and add touches of color to the room without clashing or looking too overloaded.

And we continue this journey with the Premium Kurve Nature transformable crib bed . It incorporates one of the drawers in natural oak wood , so that the little one's room clearly contains a higher warmth . Natural wood brings a lot of warmth and, when combined with white, it will bring a lot of light to the baby's bedroom.

Finally, the Kurve Coco Premium convertible crib bed has a drawer in white oak wood . It is ideal if you prefer to maintain a whiter aesthetic without giving up the personality that the detail of the wood gives off.

Complements to perfect the design of Premium Kurve Alondra cribs

The Premium Kurve convertible cribs have three stages of transformation, just like the Sero. However, our desire to offer an exclusive product has led us to design them so that you can personalize them a little more and gain storage space , among other things.

In its stage as a baby crib, you can purchase between one and three JAZ400-G2300 wardrobe-shoe cabinet modules or the JAE400 shelf modules . With these accessories, the back of the crib will have more space to store the little one's clothes or shoes. And, in the same way, by transforming the crib into a room, they will serve as additional furniture mounted on the wall or on the floor.

Finally, in its stage as a children's bed, you can complete it with a junior bed barrier specially designed for it . This barrier is screwed to the metal rails of the crib and further reinforces the safety of your baby. In the same way, you can also use the toy-ladder that is also used in Sero cribs.

You can see that, at Alondra, if there is something that we are passionate about, it is offering all the moms and dads in the world a unique crib design . To be able to personalize them to the maximum and, thanks to their condition of evolutionary and convertible furniture, which can be fully profitable over the years. We love knowing that each little one will have their modern baby bedroom and super adapted to the needs of him or her and the entire family.

And you? Will you join our trip?


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