Colour Chart and Materials

You heard that ...

To suit all tastes


the variety is the spice of life...

Each person is different, varied, unique, special... And as such, we understand we have to give you many options to choose from, so you can find yours ;)

We make lots of recipes but some essential ingredients can never be missing:

First-class materials
Advanced technology
Design process

The result is always high-quality, durable pieces of furniture and textiles that will be with you for many years to come, and colours that will not fade despite the passage of time.

Below you can see our colour chart and the list of materials used for our products.

You only have to take into account one aspect. Things don't look the same in real life as in photographs or on a website. The final hue may be slightly different when you see your product at home. But don't give it too much thought ;)

Materiales y colores mobiliario Alondra

You can choose among all our colors: