5 ideas to decorate the baby's room with a Nordic style

Ideas to decorate the baby's room with Nordic style

Discover how to get a Nordic baby room with all the decoration ideas that we bring you. Scandinavian decoration has been very successful in recent years and it is so ideal that it looks good in any home in the world. If you are thinking of designing a Nordic-style baby room, be sure to read!

What is the Nordic style?

The Nordic style is based on the harmony that is achieved with the maximum simplicity of things . In this case with the decoration of a house or a specific room, but, after all, it is a lifestyle.  

Scandinavian decoration is all about minimalism, functionality and versatility combined with the beauty and calm that comes from order and neatness . Therefore, the simplicity and naturalness of things, in its most literal sense, are the qualities that prevail in this type of space.  

When we see images with this type of style, we tend to find perfectly lit spaces naturally. Colors are also very important, but white is the dominant color in the rooms , both on the walls and on the floors. It is very common to combine it with wood in light tones that help provide light. It is also very common to resort to beige and gray tones.  

On the other hand, black is usually used as a secondary color and is one of the most used to achieve this decorative style in its purest form . The most vivid contrasting brushstrokes are achieved by playing with accessories, such as paintings or rugs.  

Alondra advises you

We could affirm that "less is more" is one of the most important maxims of the Nordic style for decoration .

5 tips to get a Nordic baby room

When we talk about the room for the little ones in the house, the rules can vary a bit. Perhaps combining black does not seem like the best option for you, since this color can give an impression that is too serious. This doesn't mean you can't use it! But we are going to offer you some sweeter options adapted to the little ones .

Would you like us to see how to combine all the mentioned elements focusing on your future baby's room with a Nordic style?

1. White walls

Without a doubt, starting with a blank canvas is the best way to gradually add the rest of the details. So, choose this color for the walls of your little treasure's room and let your creativity do the rest!

2. The color in the decoration

Choosing the base elements of the room in white or light tones allows the decoration to admit very interesting touches of colour . However, you should not forget that the decoration in the baby's Nordic room has to conform to the minimalism that we talked about before.  

However, we have to try to make the children's room give off a special and personalized magic to your tastes with the decorations you choose. To do this, choose simple patterns , but that attract attention. Geometric shapes are very fashionable, try them!  

In the decoration choose soft and serene colors , not so aggressive. Pastel tones are ideal for achieving that magical touch that represents babies so well. They are sweet, cuddly and affectionate, why not show it in their environment too?

Textile and cushions

Indiana pink Alondra cushions for Nordic baby room decoration

The cushions are a good way to give those touches of color around the room, especially in the bed and in the play area. When he is a baby they will be the perfect decoration, but when he gets a little older he will surely love to use them and hug them!  

At Alondra we have a unique style and we love that things are as simple as they are beautiful . Our Children's Deco cushions are a good example of accessories with which you can decorate your baby's room. Take a look because they are so cute! You can purchase them individually to combine the ones you want and how you want or in sets of three matching cushions.

Of course, they match the Alondra textiles of which we are so proud. They are one of our strong points and both the cushions and the textile for the cribs or beds can be combined with each other . We have a good selection, so you are sure to hit the mark with one of our styles!

Vinyls and pennants

Alondra bunting for baby's room with Nordic style

Garlands and pennants are super fashionable ! With them you can decorate, for example, the walls or the little one's crib. At Alondra we think of everything, so we also have a wide selection of this type of ornamentation to match the textiles.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to decorate the walls with something more fixed and that lasts over time, vinyls are for you. Again, in Alondra we use simple shapes , such as clouds, stars or hearts , among many others. In addition, we also have letter-shaped stickers for you to create the combination of words you want or the name of your little one in the most original way. With them you will be able to define the spaces and, in addition, they will give the room the personality it deserves 😉 .

3. Simple lines for furniture

The furniture in your little angel's room will be the center of attention of the room . To get a Nordic baby room you should invest in functional, practical as well as aesthetic and beautiful furniture to get the perfect Scandinavian decoration that you are looking for.

Choose an evolutionary crib

Evolutionary cribs are very common when it comes to preparing a Nordic-style room for the baby, since they fully respect the philosophy of functionality . In addition, with this type of furniture the durability of the bed is prolonged because, being multifunctional, the baby will be able to use it much longer .  

At Alondra we are experts in convertible cribs, but also our style and our way of understanding furniture for the little ones fits with the characteristics that a crib should have for a Scandinavian - style room .  

The 70x140 cm Premium Kurve Essence cot-bed-desk fits perfectly into the simple but beautiful lines required by the Nordic style. First of all , you can use it as a conventional crib , but when your little one grows up, you can use it as a child's bed with the same measurements.  

Premium Kurve Essence Alondra crib for Nordic style baby room

Once your little angel needs a larger bed, the Premium Kurve Essence crib becomes a beautiful 80x146 cm desk . The size it acquires allows it to extend its useful life as much as you want at home, since it can be used until the adult life of your son or daughter without neglecting the Nordic style that you want to achieve in your room.

Matching chest of drawers and wardrobe

Nordic baby room Premium Kurve Alondra

The combination of furniture you choose has a lot to do with the harmony, beauty and magic that a Scandinavian-style baby room requires. For this reason, our selection of Premium Kurve children's chests of drawers and wardrobes follows the same lines as the cribs in the same range.

The four-drawer Kurve children's chest of drawers has a minimalist design perfect for this type of environment, apart from the fact that it fits perfectly with the Kurve Premium crib . Its upper drawers have a double compartment, so the total of the final space is six drawers.  

As you can see, its simple line eliminates traditional knobs and the drawers incorporate a highly functional push -system . This means that, just by pressing the center of the drawer , it opens , so that the handling of the furniture is very easy and comfortable.  

To finish off the combination of furniture in your little one's room, the large Kurve children's wardrobe is perfect. It follows the same aesthetics and the same design as the chest of drawers and will constitute the main storage piece of furniture in the room.

Large Kurve Alondra wardrobe for Nordic baby room decoration


nursing chair

Nursing chair Glam Alondra Nordic baby room

Currently it is very common to prepare a lactation area in the newborn baby's room . Choosing a nursing chair may not be an easy task . Make sure that it meets a series of characteristics to make it a good nursing rocker and adapt perfectly to your needs .

In order to fit perfectly into the Nordic baby room decoration you want, our selection focuses on the Glam nursing chair with wooden legs upholstered in leatherette . Although we have more colors and materials, this one, specifically, is in white or gray and with legs in natural wood or lacquered in white .  

One of the characteristics that we like the most about our nursing chairs is that they can be both rocking chairs and fixed chairs. oh! And, thanks to its beautiful design, it can be a complementary piece of furniture for any corner of the house once you stop breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby in it. You will see that it looks great anywhere!

4. Natural light and complementary lighting

When we see images of Nordic-style houses or rooms, we tend to find perfectly lit spaces naturally . The large windows and the curtains that are not thick, almost transparent , are very typical. Natural light gives the room that magical, clean and large touch that is intended to be achieved with the Scandinavian style.  

However, the room cannot be left without lighting when night falls and it gets dark, therefore, you should choose lamps or light fixtures that follow the simple lines we are talking about.  

The white Volare children's ceiling lamp is our great bet for this section. Its design with a star-shaped structure fits perfectly with the Nordic style that you are looking for, since it provides that touch of simplicity that is sought. In addition, at Alondra we also have the same version , but in a wall lamp format .  

White children's ceiling lamp Volare Alondra Nordic baby room decoration

If, in addition, you want to have a floor lamp or to place it on some surface of the furniture in the room and have it more at hand, we also have several children's floor lamps or tabletop lighting .

5. Complete the Nordic-style baby room with a play area. You can not miss!

Tipi Indian hut for baby room Scandinavian style

In a children's room it is essential to have a play area or corner , since it will be the space where your baby develops all his creativity. To design and decorate this area , you simply have to make sure that the style of the accessories is correct .  

As an example, at Alondra we offer you our matchingteepees and rugs . Of course, they follow the unmistakable textile line with which we work, so it will not be difficult for you to combine.  

Finally, for this area we also advise you to include shelves so that your little one can store all their materials and books . It will be the perfect complement to finish defining this space as it deserves 😉 .  

At Alondra we encourage you to try and decide on a Nordic baby room , because it will surely look spectacular. In addition to being completely fashionable, the harmony emanating from the Scandinavian style will be a relief in times of greatest stress. So let's get to work and do n't forget that beauty is often found in the simplicity of things.


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