Cribs: 5 keys to make a good choice

A good way to prepare the baby's arrival is to focus on the crib that you will be using a lot during the baby's first months. Getting a crib is always a good decision, it does not matter if it's a traditional crib or a co-sleeping crib, if you would like to practice attachment parenting. However, it's not always easy to choose the right one. For this reason, we are going to give you 5 keys to help you to take the best decision.
There they go:

1. Bear in mind the safety of the baby: obviously this comes first. For this reason, you should focus on always choosing a crib model that complies with the standard. UNE-EN 1130: 2020 which is currently in force. This must be specified on the product.

2. Comfortable and washable clothing: It's very important that the crib linen can be easily washed to guarantee maximum comfort and hygiene for the baby. In addition, it must have good seams so that, related to the previous point, they are totally safe for the baby. Alondra's crib covers have two sewn parts and two with Velcro. This way, the crib is safe for the baby and it's also easy to remove for easy washing.

Textile set for co-sleeping crib 50x80cm Indiana Rosa

3. Comfortable mattress: The crib mattress should be as comfortable as possible, because although the baby will only sleep on it for the first months of his/her life, it's important for their growth that they can rest properly. In this case, we need to check if the the mattress is breathable, hygienic and that it's not lined with PVC. The mattresses of our Alondra cribs meet all these requirements and also have an anti-suffocation system for maximum protection for the baby.

Memory foam mattress and anti-suffocation mattress Alondra

4. It should be comfortable piece for both parents and babies. To achieve this, it's important that the crib has wheels so that it can be moved from one place to another easily. These should be covered with rubber to avoid damaging the floor, make as less noise as possible and incorporate safety brakes.

Co-sleeping crib EQUO in pink with rubber wheels EQUO Alondra


5. Easy to handle and move. The mobility of the crib is one of the most important things for the baby's first months. If you have a crib with wheels you will always be close to your baby and will be able to take care of him/her more comfortably.


In addition to all this, it's important to take into account what is included in each crib. The Alondra cribs with textile include: the complete wooden structure with wheels and removable guardrail, anti-suffocation crib mattress, duvet with removable filling, three-sided bumper and another one on one side, set of tapes and stopper to attach the crib to the parents' bed and all the accessories, fittings and instructions to convert it into the five conversions available. Super complete! 

These tips are totally valid for both traditional scissor cribs and co-sleeping ones. The latter are being preferred by many parents because they have the advantage of being convertible. The EQUO co-sleeping crib by Alondra is the perfect 5-in-1: co-sleeping crib (0-3 months), crib (0-6 months), kids daybed, kids desk (+2 years) and, finally, toy box. In addition to its amazing design and functionality, it's worth noting that it fits perfectly to any double bed, so making co-sleeping will be really comfortable and simple. 

Co-sleeping crib EQUO conversions Alondra

We hope that these tips we have shared with you will be useful for you to choose the crib that best suits your needs and those of your baby. Don't forget to take a look at our catalogue where you will find a wide variety of models that meet all the requirements that we have mentioned in terms of quality and safety for babies. You can get more information about baby furniture and kids decoration items on our websites: Alondra Online and online store: or visit any of our distribution stores


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