What color to paint the baby's room to create a cozy and beautiful environment?

What color to paint the baby's room to create a cozy and beautiful environment

What a thrill! The time has come to choose the color for the baby's room to finally prepare and decorate his bedroom. It is one of the most special moments, which fills all the fathers and mothers in the world with illusion and tenderness.

His room will be the space that will see him grow and where he will spend many years preparing for his adult life. For this reason, fixing and arranging this corner of the house fills new parents with so much joy .

How to choose the color for the baby's room

It will seem very typical , but for tastes, colors. For this reason, the colors for the wall in your baby's room also have to have your tastes and preferences . Based on this, you will consider an endless number of possibilities, but you can narrow the search by focusing on a decoration style that you like the most .

Next , we present various options to give you an idea of ​​what you should take into account and you can more easily choose the colors of the paint for the baby 's room .

Colors to paint the baby's room

If you want more lively walls , it is best to resort to primary or secondary colors . But, if you want something more subtle and create a softer environment , you can opt for pastel tones . Currently they are very fashionable and give a more silky and delicate touch to the rooms of the home.

The meaning of colors is very important when we talk about painting the little one's room. Each shade provides a series of different benefits and can influence the personality or mood of people .

1 Green is the color of nature, the color of hope. For girls and boys , greenish tones are ideal for improving concentration and brings them peace of mind .

2 The bluish colors , together with the green ones, are the ones that contribute the most goods . Blue , for its part , transmits a sensation of relaxation and decreases stimulation . This factor can considerably help the little one rest better at night.


Both greens and blues should not be chosen in shades that are too dark , since they can make the baby 's room too gloomy . In addition , dark colors reduce the feeling of spaciousness in the rooms , so if your little angel's room is small , better choose light tones or, as we told you, pastel.

3 Violet tones are the star colors for the children's room . They are not the most chosen , but they may be the best choice . Purple provides a harmony between energy and serenity . This can strike the perfect balance in the little one 's room .

4 Pink is a very calming color and gives a feeling of humanity and solidarity . The pink colors pick up some benefits of red, but reduce the excessive stimulation that it causes.

5 For this reason, reds and oranges are not recommended because they can generate anxiety or excessive anger caused by the great energy they give off. Therefore, if you want to use these colors, you can do it through objects or more subtle decoration .

6 Yellow is one of the most used colors in the baby room , since it is one of the most neutral secondary colors. Its benefits are to promote motivation and provide concentration . The most appropriate thing in this case will be to choose a not very bright tone, otherwise it could cause frustration in children .


Trends in decoration and colors for the baby's room

The most current trends pursue neutral colors and add touches of color with accessories and decoration , such as bedding, paintings, cushions or toys. Combining wall paint with more colorful elements will add character and personality to the little one's room .

Neutrals are a very good option for two reasons. Firstly, they will provide a sense of calm in the little one's room and, secondly, they will give an impression of spaciousness and light . Greys, whites or the baby's room in sand or earth tones in general, are the most chosen colors.

sand colored baby room with Alondra convertible crib

One of the most successful formulas to paint the baby's room in two colors is to combine the darkest (without going overboard) with the neutrals . Depending on your tastes, you can create a perfect balance of emotions for the baby and for you.

Choose a wall for vinyl or murals


Another of the most fashionable options is the decoration of one of the walls of the child's room with vinyl , murals or wallpaper with personalized motifs . These types of decorations are chosen mainly as a way to complete the trend of neutral colors to paint the baby's room.

They are a very striking and tender option that allow you to fully customize your room according to your tastes or, if you wait until they are a little older, theirs. This type of solution increases the beauty of bright rooms with softer colours. They allow you to create a very colorful space without resorting to the stridency of bright colors that cover the entirety of a wall, which can then become tiring.

Alondra cribs to match the colors of the baby's room

The best thing about Alondra's characteristic style is that all the furniture maintains a subtle aesthetic that is super easy to combine in any baby room. Despite this, we propose three of Alondra 's most popular baby cribs that fit perfectly in soft and relaxed baby bedrooms . Let's start!

NEXOR 4-in-1 co-sleeping crib 60x120 cm in white and wood

The 60x120 cm NEXOR co-sleeping crib is one of the Nordic-style furniture in our catalogue. It will be perfect if you want a room with this harmonious and current atmosphere. Smooth textures and neutral colors are the kings of Scandinavian decoration .

wall colors baby room with co-sleeping cot Nexor Alondra

If you decide on this style , the NEXOR crib will give the tenderness that the space of your little treasure needs . Its color combination will bring a sense of timelessness , thanks to the white , and warmth , due to the wood . A success to create a magical and relaxing space in the baby's room.

Campaign Do not miss the 5 ideas to decorate the baby's room with Nordic style and create the best environment for your little one!

Apart from standing out for its design, the NEXOR co -sleeping cot is very versatile and functional, since it is a transformable and evolutionary bed . Being 4 in 1 , it has its first use as a conventional crib , as a co-sleeping crib , a third stage as a child 's bed and, finally, it transforms into a desk so that the little one can use it for a long time.

safe co-sleeping cot NEXOR Alondra

OMNI 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib of 60x120 cm in Gray color

The 60x120 cm OMNI co-sleeping crib is a more informal and fun crib model , but just as practical and very comfortable to move around the house without problems . This is due to the built-in rubber wheels. You will be able to have the little one wherever you are and you will be able to return the crib to the baby's bedroom comfortably and without complications. For this reason, at Alondra, we have named this model the best co-sleeping crib with wheels 😉 .

colors for baby room with co-sleeping crib Omni Gray Alondra

Its availability in various colors makes it the ideal bed for more lively and carefree spaces . In this case, the OMNI Gray model can also fit perfectly in a more Nordic or aseptic environment, with more subtle touches and little overloaded. That is why it becomes one of Alondra's top sellers, and with good reason!

The OMNI crib is also evolutionary and grows at the same rate as your little one . As standard it is a 5 in 1 crib . What does this mean? Well, you can also use it as a co-sleeping crib , acquiring the co-sleeping kit for OMNI , as a children's bed or sofa , purchasing the children's barrier kit separately , and, finally , it becomes a beautiful desk . What more could you want?

Convertible cot 60x120 cm Just Bubble in Sand tone

Now, we welcome one of the most compact and evolutionary pieces of furniture in our catalogue. The 60x120 cm Just Bubble convertible crib in Sand color will be your greatest ally if you want to have basic furniture for your baby's room from birth to majority .

This range of transformable cots reaches two stages of growth of the little ones. In the first, for when your son or daughter is still a baby, you will have the crib, a chest of drawers and the changing table all in the same piece of furniture. In the second stage, when the little one is older and needs a more spacious bed, the cot will be transformed into a 90x200 cm bed with a small table and a desk with a drawer attached to the side .

Sand-colored baby room with Just Bubble Alondra convertible crib


Alondra's convertibles are a very good investment for the future of your little one or little girl and, in addition, they follow the modern and subtle style that fits with any type of environment. For its part, this model , in Sand color , will bring warmth and elegance to the baby's bedroom, as it is combined with the timelessness of white .

It will give a feeling of purity, but it will be super easy to combine with the colors of the wall in the baby's room. In this way, its versatility will allow you to add touches of color to the room, but without giving up the elegance of earth tones .

With all this you can start choosing and shuffling what will be the best color for the room of the baby that is on the way. Above all, take into account your tastes, what you want to transmit with the tones and if you prefer to add color to the wall of the baby's room or through accessories. Let your imagination and your sensations fly! It will be wonderful!


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