Charming children's rooms for girls

A baby's nursery is the place where dreams are born. In it, children dream, play, have fun and above all, grow with it. At Alondra we know that choosing the perfect bedroom for your baby is not an easy task, which is why we try to make it easy for you. Once the baby is born, his room will be the place in the house where the most important and wonderful things in your life happen. And, one of the things that most help to make it so, are the furniture, the crib and the decoration that you choose for your baby.

In the next post we are going to talk about the BUBBLE children's room , designed especially for those boys and girls who want to grow up in the most beautiful, modern and fun children's rooms, those that brighten the day;)

Below you can see the BUBBLE room in pink and white , a charming combination that never goes out of style. Without a doubt, the ideal place for the princess of the house! With this children's room, your girl will have one of the most charming, beautiful and original rooms , with unique details that will fascinate you from the first moment. The BUBBLE pink children's room for girls is made up of a baby crib of different sizes to choose from, a pink and white children's dresser of different sizes and a wardrobe (to choose) with special details that make a difference.

Charming children's rooms for girls

You can choose the furniture you prefer and best fit your baby's nursery:

  • Baby cot 60x120 cm : it has 4 hidden wheels to facilitate its movement and with a two-height bed base for greater comfort.
Pink baby crib for girl
  • 70x140 baby cot : convertible crib into a child's bed with junior railing, to be able to use it for much longer and develop their autonomy.
    pink baby cot-bed for girl

In the event that you do not have a bathtub furniture in the baby's room, you can choose to choose only the two pieces you need: crib and baby bathtub.

crib and baby bath for girls in pink

If you are thinking of a charming children's room for girls that is convertible, you can opt for the SERO BUBBLE convertible crib in the same pink and white color combination. At Alondra we are specialists in convertible cribs and we firmly believe that they are a long-term solution. You can see its spectacular transformation into a bed in the following image and also read the post about the advantages of convertible cribs .

Pink convertible crib for girl

We hope you liked the post charming children's rooms for girls. If you want more information about this baby bedroom, other collections of children's rooms or any other Alondra product for babies, you can contact us or visit any of the stores that you will find at:


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