Evolutionary co-sleeping cots measures

We bring you the definitive list of the measures available in co-sleeping cribs evolutionary. If you are considering co- sleeping with your baby, but you are not sure which bed is the most suitable for it... Find out right now! With the Alondra co-sleeping cots , you don't have to worry about anything other than relaxing and enjoying the rest with your little angel ;).

The different sizes of Alondra's co-sleeping cribs

At Alondra we love durable, functional and convertible furniture. If we add to all this a modern and sophisticated design, we obtain the selection of Alondra wooden co-sleeping cribs that we bring you below.

EQUO 5 in 1 co-sleeping crib 50x80 cm

One of the most notable advantages of mini cribs is that they allow you to have your newborn baby close at all times. The EQUO 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib measures 50x80 cm , making it perfect for anywhere in the house.

It is a cradle that allows you to cover five stages of your baby's growth . To begin with, in the same piece of furniture you have the crib with which, in addition, you can practice co-sleeping . For this reason, it has seven different bed base heights and includes a set of anchoring straps so that the crib is perfectly attached to the bed.

co-sleeping cot reviews EQUO

Alondra advises you  

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in the Clinical Practice Guide on breastfeeding recommends that in order to practice co-sleeping safely, a sidecar crib or a bed with the ideal characteristics for co-sleeping is used.  

A sidecar crib is one with which to practice co-sleeping with the crib attached to the parent's bed. Therefore, it must have specific characteristics and components that allow the cot to be attached to the large bed.  

This is the so-called safe co-sleeping , since the baby will always have its space and a suitable rest environment designed specifically for it.

To make the life of a new dad or mom a little easier, the EQUO crib incorporates four wheels . Thanks to it , you will be able to move the crib at all times and you will be able to keep an eye on your baby wherever you are . You will be able to do anything, since you will always have it by your side. In addition, the wheels have a rubber band that avoids scratching the floor and prevents noise when moving it .

After these two uses, you can turn it into a small sofa , where your little one can spend their time playing or reading with maximum comfort.

Finally , if you prefer , you can transform the EQUO into a desk where your little angel can develop all his imagination and creativity from very early on. But, if it's more practical for you, you can use it as a toy box , where you can store all your most beloved belongings 😉.

Co-sleeping cot NEXOR 4 in 1 60x120 cm

What stands out most about the NEXOR 60x120 cm co-sleeping crib is its design and style. By combining the timelessness of white and the warmth of wood, a sophisticated crib is achieved , but also very functional. We tell you why.

As standard it is a crib and a desk, although, due to the philosophy that we follow at Alondra, we have managed to increase its possibilities of use , which is why it is a 4 in 1 .

co-sleeping cot Alondra

In the first place, apart from a conventional crib , you can use it to practice co-sleeping , since it has five different bed base heights . But, for this, you must additionally purchase the co-sleeping kit available on our website to ensure anchorage and the safety of the practice.

On the other hand, you can turn it into a children's bed . It will be perfect to facilitate the transition of your little one to the large 90x200 cm bed . If you want to increase the safety of the bed, you can additionally purchase the child barrier kit .

To finish the evolution of the crib, you can turn the NEXOR into a practical desk that your little one can use until they need a larger one, if necessary.

The good thing about this crib is that its design allows it to easily fit into various spaces and adapt to different tastes and styles . For this reason, when your little one no longer uses it, you can install a state-of-the-art office with the NEXOR function as a desk. In this way, the durability and versatility of your purchase will be assured!

OMNI 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib 60x120 cm

The 60x120 cm OMNI co-sleeping crib is one of the Alondra beds with the most transformation possibilities, since it is a 5-in-1 bed . It is an evolutionary crib , very versatile , that will accompany your baby in the various stages of its growth.

As a conventional crib it is an excellent little bed and super easy to transport because it incorporates rubber wheels. Its dimensions, not as large as the 70 x 140 cm cribs, allow it to also be moved around the house, in case at any time you need to keep an eye on your little one.

best OMNI co-sleeping crib

To use it as a co-sleeping cradle you must additionally purchase the OMNI co-sleeping kit, so don't forget to include it in your order! To perfectly adapt to the parents' bed, it has five bed base heights that, together with the kit, will allow the crib to be anchored and secured for co-sleeping.

Once your baby is a little older and asks for a little more autonomy, you can transform his OMNI crib into a children's bed . To reinforce the safety of the bed, you can also additionally purchase the child barrier that we had with the NEXOR.

To take advantage of the purchase of this barrier, the OMNI is transformed into a children's sofa . For this use you must place the barrier downwards and thus cover the gap that may remain between the seat and the floor.

Finally, the crib becomes a desk with the measurements that your little one will need once it starts to grow. You can have your own space for work or fun. And all this in just one piece of furniture!

The greatest advantage of the OMNI is that its various transformation possibilities considerably extend its useful life. For this reason it is a very good long-term investment . On the other hand, like all Alondra cribs, it is very easy to assemble at home , so it is a perfect plan to do with the family.

Campaign You can assemble our cribs yourself at home! Discover how to assemble an Alondra co-sleeping crib in 10 minutes !

OMNI XL 6 in 1 co-sleeping cot 70x140 cm

Each house is a world , so if you have enough space, our last proposition may interest you. The 70x140 cm OMNI XL co-sleeping and Montessori crib goes a little further and adds properties to the previous OMNI.

It is a 6 in 1 , so you can also use it as a conventional crib , co-sleeping crib , children 's bed , sofa or desk . As an additional option, your little one can use it as a Montessori bed , since it allows the bed base to be lowered as much as possible.

the best OMNI XL co-sleeping crib

Of course, to practice co-sleeping , with its five bed base heights , you need the OMNI XL co-sleeping kit that you have to purchase additionally. In the same way, you can increase the safety of the bed with the child barrier kit designed just for it.

What advantages does it offer over the others?

Very easy. If the 60x120 cm convertible cots were already versatile and durable, with the larger OMNI XL cot, the life of the furniture increases twice .

On the other hand, this crib is perfect if, over time, you want to apply the Montessori philosophy at home . When it is a baby you will use it as a cradle or for co-sleeping. But, when he grows up, you will already have his Montessori bed , so you will already have the central element of his room.

In this way , the little one will be able to develop their autonomy and independence until they completely move to a more youthful bed. If you are interested in this philosophy and want to apply the Montessori methodology in the room of your little treasure, do not lose detail in our post on how to decorate a Montessori room for the baby .

What co-sleeping crib size is better? comparative

You must choose the best co-sleeping crib for you based on the benefits you are looking for. In the comparative table that we leave you below, you can decide at a glance which of them best suits your needs .

For the moment we anticipate that none of them will leave you indifferent! They are pure style and versatility!

oh! Finally, keep in mind that the maximum age that appears in the table corresponds to the use of the product until the last stage or conversion mode that each crib has.

comparative table best co-sleeping cots Alondra

*You must bear in mind that the OMNI XL co-sleeping crib does not have the included wheels. But do not worry! You can order them separately , since they will always be optional.

The different sizes of Alondra co-sleeping cribs can provide you with the safest experience when sleeping with your baby. Safe co-sleeping is an essential requirement for your little one to have their space and, at the same time, to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful practice. Now it's your turn to choose yours!


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