[Alondra Responds] When is the time to move from the crib to the crib?

When is the time to move from the crib to the crib

As a first-time mom or dad, you will ask yourself: " When should I switch my baby from a mini-crib to a crib ?" The question seems simple, however, it is a very frequent question among parents who decide to use this type of small bed for the first months of the baby. For this reason, we are going to try to give the best answer to this general question.

When to go from mini-cradle to crib?

If you have decided or are thinking of using one of these cribs for your little one who has just arrived, you may not know when to go from the mini-crib to the conventional crib. We anticipate that the answer has to do with a logical question .  

Yes. You're probably right. The time to change the baby from one bed to another is when it begins to grow and the dimensions of the mini-cradle are too fair .  

Each baby is different, so each one has different development times than the others. And not only the time, but the way to grow is also uneven . Your little one may be bigger in two months than your friend's having been born on the same day and the same month of the same year!

EQUO 5 in 1 50x80 cm co-sleeping crib by Alondra

The mini crib is one of the most functional furniture that you can use for the first months of your little angel. Due to their dimensions, they are very practical beds and provide your baby with the space they need in the first weeks of life.  

On the other hand, they are usually equipped with wheels that allow the crib to be moved throughout the house. This aspect is one of the most important, since a newborn baby needs to be monitored and in constant attention throughout the day .  

At Alondra we have the 50x80 cm EQUO co -sleeping crib . Like most of our cribs, the EQUO is evolutionary . This means that it grows and develops with the baby. As? Well, it is a 5-in-1 mini-crib , that is, it has five modes of use .  

mini cot up to what age

Its first functions are to serve as a crib and, removing one of the side rails , as a co - sleeping cot . To do this, the EQUO mini-cradle has seven different bed base heights, making it very easy to attach it to the parents' bed. In addition, it incorporates the necessary co-sleeping kit to attach the crib to the large bed.  

Alondra advises you 

The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in the Clinical Practice Guide on breastfeeding recommends that in order to practice co-sleeping safely, a sidecar crib or a bed with the ideal characteristics for co-sleeping is used . 

A sidecar crib is one with which to practice co-sleeping with the crib attached to the parent's bed. Therefore, it must have specific characteristics and components that allow the cot to be attached to the large bed. 

This is the so-called safe co-sleeping , since the baby will always have its space and a suitable rest environment designed specifically for it. 

To complete the life of the EQUO mini-cradle there are three other modes of use. Once your little angel stops using it, the crib transforms into a desk or a children's chair . And finally, you can also use it as a trunk to store your toys . It is super practical!

Up to what age can a mini crib be used?

To be more precise, the maximum time for the use of the mini-cradle should be up to six months of age of your little one. As a general rule, this is the estimated time it takes for babies to grow large enough to outgrow the crib dimensions .  

After six months your baby should move to the conventional crib, but you can continue to place his bed in the parents' room whether or not you practice co-sleeping . If, on the other hand , you decide to place the crib in the child's room, you must take into account that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can be dangerous up to one year of age. So it is recommended to have it close at bedtime until 12 months .

Discover Alondra's cradles, perfect for going from a mini-cradle to a cradle

Next, we present the most popular Alondra cribs so that you can make the change from the mini-crib to the crib without problems!

NEXOR 4-in-1 co-sleeping crib 60x120 cm.

We begin the review with the 60x120 cm N EXOR co-sleeping crib . It has a very sophisticated design, something that is achieved by combining the timelessness of white and the warmth of wood. The railings are made of solid beech wood and the legs are made of solid oak.  

go from crib to crib

With it you can practice co-sleeping if you wish , you simply have to remove one of the side rails. To attach it to the parents' bed, it has five different bed base heights , although you must additionally purchase the Nexo crib co-sleeping kit .  

If you decide not to practice it, in addition to a conventional crib , you can turn it into a children's bed . It will be perfect to facilitate the transition of your little one to the larger bed of 90x200 cm . If you want to increase the safety of the bed , you can optionally purchase the child barrier kit .

Finally, when your little treasure has grown out of the mini-crib bed , the NEXOR transforms into a beautiful desk . It is ideal to complete the little one's room, since they will enjoy their own study or craft area.

Co-sleeping cot 5 in 1 OMNI 60x120 cm.

The 60x120 cm OMNI co-sleeping crib is the evolutionary crib with the most transformation possibilities . To practice co-sleeping you must purchase the OMNI co-sleeping kit, which is the same as for the NEXOR. You can mount it both to the right and to the left and adjust it to the bed with one of the five different heights that the crib bed base has .  

After its use as a co-sleeping crib or conventional crib , you can transform it into a children's bed , again acquiring the previous children's barrier kit. The next use is to use it as a children's sofa with the same barrier, but upside down .  

mini cot up to what age

Finally, the OMNI cradle also becomes a functional children's desk once your little one has passed all the previous stages.  

As if that seemed little to you, this crib has an older sister called the co-sleeping crib and Montessori OMNI XL of 70x140 cm . In addition to all the above uses, it also incorporates the Montessori bed option . To do this, you must place the bed base and the children's barrier in the lowest position to let your little one access their perfect little bed on their own.

Crib C150 of 60x120 cm or Crib C160 of 70x140 cm.

TheC150 60x120 cm crib and the 70x140 cm C160 cot have the same design and are available in several colours. Both have two bed base heights, but the C150 incorporates four wheels , two of them with brakes.  

co-sleeping mini cot until what age

But calm down! The C160 crib also has its advantages. On the one hand, what differentiates them , as you may have already guessed, are their dimensions. But, on the other hand, the C160 transforms into a child's bed without the need to purchase any additional accessories.  

Up to what age can a mini crib be used?

These two options are perfect if you do not want to practice co-sleeping and if you plan to refurnish the little one's room once they have grown up.

Montessori bed of 70x140 cm.

As a last option, if your idea is to practice the Montessori philosophy from a very early age , we present the 70x140 cm Montessori Indy and Homy beds. If you want to design your baby's room with a Montessori style , our little beds will allow your little one to acquire more autonomy and independence when it comes to going to sleep .  

Co-sleeping crib until what age
go from crib to crib

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After knowing when to go from a mini-crib to a crib and after seeing all the crib options we have at Alondra, your little one's transition will be a piece of cake. Try to make the change progressive so that little by little it adapts to the large crib. You will surely rest like a little angel!


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