Tipi children's beds: these are the preferred beds for children to sleep in

Sometimes children refuse to go to bed on their own or slack off when parents alert them that it is late and they need to go to bed. That's because they don't know Alondra's fun Tipi children's beds . They are so cool and cute that the little ones will want night to come so they can go to sleep and dream about the little angels! 

At Alondra we are experts in Tipi-type beds, because they fascinate us as much as they do children! For this reason, we bring you a review of the Tipi Montessori children's beds that we have. So you can choose without any doubt which one you like best for your little treasure. I'm sure your jaw will drop when you see it!

Alondra Teepee Beds

Tipi children's beds by Alondra

There is nothing we like more at Alondra than creating functional, durable, trendy and, above all, fun children's furniture! And this is all that our Montessori teepee beds stand for.

The most remarkable thing about Montessori Tipi beds for children is that they are made especially for them. They will always be at their height, so that they can access the interior of the bed by themselves . The beneficial thing about this philosophy is that it enhances the independence of the little ones since it allows them enough autonomy to lie down without help . 

Our children's T ipi beds are only a few centimeters off the ground . This detail provides two different benefits: it protects from the cold of the floor in the coldest months and, together with the separation between the slats of the bed base, allows proper ventilation of the mattress . 

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Alondra's Montessori tipi beds are super safe for the little ones , since if they get out of bed in the middle of the night they have no height to cause damage. Anyway, since we know that daddies worry about any kind of bump, we have a Montessori Safety Guard bed rail . You can purchase it separately, optionally and include it in your order. 

oh! If you think that this is not enough security for your little one, we also have the protective roller cushion for Montessori . Depending on the size of the bed you choose, you must combine it in one way or another. If you want to know more about our protectors, discover the keys to choose it .

roller cushion Montessori beds Tipi70x140

Do you want to know them all?

INDY Montessori bed 70x140 cm

Montessori beds teepee INDY

The 70x140 cm Montessori INDY bed is perfect if you want to surprise your little one with an authentic wooden cabin . It is made of solid pine and lacquered in matt white, of course , with non-toxic varnishes . 

Its design allows it to be fitted with an awning , which covers most of the bed and is collected from the center to the sides. By tying the opening to the sides, it is possible to leave open a cloth door that leads to the interior of the bed. 

To complete the structure and have your fully equipped Alondra tipi bed, we offer various packs to choose from. To your purchase you can add the awning , the duvet and the mattress through the most complete set. But you can combine your choice in any way you want if you don't need all these elements. On our website you can check the types of pack available. 

Remember that each batch is made up of different accessories, so you should look carefully and choose the one that best suits your needs. Also keep in mind that the price varies depending on the elements you choose . 

You can choose the style you want! Surely with your interior design skills you manage to create the perfect atmosphere for your little angel to enjoy the advantages of the Montessori philosophy .

HOMY Montessori bed 70x140 cm

teepee beds for kids HOMY

The 70x140 cm Montessori HOMY bed also has a structure designed to look like an Indian hut. It is made of solid pine wood and lacquered in matt white without toxic varnishes . 

The main difference between T ipi HOMY children's beds lies in the design of the structure. It has side barriers to reinforce its rigidity and safety . In this way, the mattress is more embedded inside the bed. 

You can purchase the awning optionally through the packs. As in the INDY bed, they are diverse and depending on the one you choose, they contain some accessories or others. Of course, there is the option of adding all the available accessories: the awning, the duvet and the mattress. 

The HOMY bed canopy does not cover the entrance area to the bed, but remains halfway as a porch. In this way, your little one will have a complete view of his room while he is lying down. And you will also be able to see it better at all times.

HOMY Montessori bed 90x200 cm

teepee beds HOMY XL

We introduce you to the older sister of HOMY ! The Montessori HOMY XL bed measures 90x200 cm. Its components are the same as the two previous ones and, its appearance and design, the same as the Montessori tipi HOMY beds of 70x140 cm. 

So... What is the advantage of acquiring the HOMY XL ? 

Very easy! Your little treasure will be able to enjoy it for much longer . If what you want is to extend the life of your son or daughter's bed to the maximum, these measurements are for you!

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