How to assemble an Alondra co-sleeping crib in 10 minutes (without being a handyman)

Have you decided to assemble the co- sleeping crib yourself at home? At Alondra we give you the option of assembly by our specialist technicians, although we design our cribs so that their assembly is so easy that you can do it alone.

As an example we will use the 60x120 cm OMNI 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib , but the assembly is similar in other of our Alondra cribs, such as the 70x140 cm OMNI XL 6-in-1 co- sleeping and Montessori crib and the 4- in-1 co - sleeping crib . 1 Nexus of 60x120 cm .

Elements and tools to assemble the OMNI 5-in-1 60x120 cm baby crib

When you receive our wooden co-sleeping cribs , the content of the box includes all the elements that are part of the bed, as well as the fittings for its assembly. What do you think if we start by reviewing all the elements that you will receive to assemble your new co- sleeping crib ?

  • Two rails , that is, the sides of the crib.
  • Two headboards . These are the frontals of the crib to which the rails and the supports of the box spring are attached.
  • A box spring , that is, the base of the crib where the mattress rests.
  • Two bed base supports . These are the wooden slats that are bolted to the headboards and onto which the box spring is bolted. Therefore, they are in charge of supporting the mattress.
  • Four 35mm screws.
  • 16 50mm screws .
  • Eight 25mm screws.
  • Four wheel supports .
  • Two wheels with locking system.
  • Two wheels without locking system .
  • An allen key.

To screw the components you simply have to get a manual star-tip screwdriver , since this is not included among the accessories.

Alondra's advice

Alondra's Design Department advises against using power tools to assemble cribs , as these tools can exert excessive force and damage the product.

Hand tightening first is recommended, or if you wish, you can use the power tool first, but do the final tightening by hand to personally measure the force exerted.

Assemble co-sleeping cot OMNI 5 in 1

Remember that this is our example with the 60x120 cm OMNI crib ! Therefore, these are the components of this crib, so the elements will vary depending on the model you choose. However, as we have told you, the assembly of our co-sleeping cribs is very similar, so they are all just as easy and quick to assemble!

Steps to assemble the Alondra co-sleeping crib. It's super easy!

Without further ado , we will tell you the steps you must follow when you decide to assemble the Alondra baby crib at home. It will be very simple, since our products come with the necessary holes already made at the factory, so detecting them and screwing all the elements will not be complicated at all.

  1. Thoroughly review all the contents and parts of your Alondra co-sleeping crib . Prepare and arrange all the elements in your assembly area to have them at hand. It will make assembly much easier for you!
  2. Take a look at the instructions that are included with the product. Our team has specially prepared them so that they are easy and quick to understand. In this way, you will make sure that you do not fail in the steps to follow.
how to assemble Alondra wooden crib

oh! Make sure you have all the screws to mount the cradle close to its mounting site. If you review and arrange them beforehand, the process will be even faster and you will anticipate possible doubts that may arise during assembly.

In the instructions for our cribs, all the elements are marked with a number, which will match the step-by-step assembly illustrations. So, you have all the elements to succeed!

  1. To ride! The first thing you have to do is decide the height at which you want to position the baby's mattress . Once you know what the ideal size for your co-sleeping is , screw the two bed base supports, one for each headboard .
  2. Screw the rails to the headboards of the crib . When you finish this step you will have the main structure of your co-sleeping crib assembled.
  3. Insert the bed base from above until it reaches the bed base support and screw it to it.
  1. Carefully flip the crib frame over to gain access to the legs. You can rest it on the box or the plastic packaging so as not to scratch it. Finally , all you have to do is screw the four supports for the wheels to the legs and then insert them . At this point, you already have your 5-in-1 OMNI cradle assembled!

Alondra advises you

screws to mount cradle and wheels

Our Design Department points out that it is very important to ensure that you screw the wheel holders to the base straight and not diagonally. In the case of not doing it vertically you can accidentally break the base of the headboard in that area.

But do not spread panic! It's very easy, because it already includes the drilled guide holes .

  1. Prepare your crib to practice safe co-sleeping ! To do this, you must also purchase the 60x120 cm OMNI and Nexo co-sleeping kit or the 70x140 cm OMNI XL co- sleeping kit . This kit includes a wooden board to extend the bed base, some joining and fastening straps between the cot and the large bed and a foam supplement to extend the mattress.

To fit it , remove the railing and screw the wooden extension board to the main bed base . This extension is slightly outside the main structure and makes it possible to lengthen the surface where the mattress for the baby goes.

  1. Join the co-sleeping crib to the large bed with the joining tapes from your kit . These serve to unify and anchor the two beds. They are extensible, although they are suitable for beds with a maximum width of 200 cm.

when to assemble the baby's crib

Finally , finish anchoring the crib with the wheel blocking system that you have previously incorporated. These reinforce the anchorage provided by the straps and, thanks to the blocking, the non-mobility of the crib is ensured when your little angel is lying down.

Alondra's advice

At Alondra we recommend placing the foam supplement to extend the mattress inside the co -sleeping crib . In this way you will avoid splitting your little one's mattress and it will be like a safer continuation of your bed . In any case, if you decide to place it on the outside of the crib, it will also fulfill its function.

After this quick review on how to assemble the co-sleeping crib at home, it's your turn to get down to work! We will always be willing to help you with everything you need, but if you decide to assemble the crib for your little one yourself, it will surely be a little more rewarding ;).


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