How to breastfeed in a co-sleeping crib: main positions

breastfeed in a sidecar crib or co-sleeping

At Alondra we know the uncertainty that being a new mom causes, so you may already be wondering how to breastfeed your baby in the best possible way. Breastfeeding is a powerful mechanism to facilitate better growth, perfect development and proper health of the baby. Therefore , if you choose to breastfeed your little one, you must be aware of what are the best ways to do it .

Main positions for breastfeeding

The most important thing when it comes to breastfeeding the baby is that both you and he or she are completely comfortable . Sometimes, breastfeeding moments can last longer than you expect, so making sure that you are both relaxed and comfortable is the most basic thing.  

How to breastfeed a newborn baby? If you decide that breastfeeding is going to be your main feeding method, the WHO recommends doing it exclusively for up to six months . Once this period of time has passed, you can introduce other foods to complement your little one's meals, but continue breastfeeding until two years old, or more.  

But, what are the positions to breastfeed the little one? Next we will explain the five main positions for breastfeeding.  

* Medela , a company specialized in breastfeeding, provides the following positions to breastfeed the baby, among others.

1. Cradle position

breastfeed baby cradle position

This is the most common breastfeeding position. It consists of sitting upright, with the baby on its side and with its head and neck resting on the same arm on the side of the mother's chest. In this way his body is attached to the mother's stomach.  

To maintain the position more comfortably, it is very common to use a cushion for the mother's back and another nursing pillow under the baby. This serves as extra support for the little one and as a rest for the mother's arm.

2. Cross-cradle position

how to breastfeed the baby cross cradle position

This position is similar to the previous one, although in this case the baby rests on the opposite forearm next to the mother's chest. With this position the baby can tilt his head a little. In addition, the mother has a freer other hand and can better control the baby's grasp.

3. Rugby ball position, axillary or coupling

how to breastfeed a baby rugby position

In this breastfeeding position, the baby lies on the same forearm on the side of the chest, so that it passes under the armpit and the little feet are behind the mother's back.  

This position is very useful for the first few days because the baby has better support and the mother can have full control during feeding.

4. Koala or standing position

koala breastfeeding postures

This time the little one is sitting with each leg on one side of the mommy, like a koala tied to a tree branch. Thus it will be supported on the mother's thigh or hip, astride, and will sit upright.  

It can be a good technique for slightly older children, who are no longer newborns and can sit without help.

5. Side lying position

side-lying breast-feeding positions

For this position, the mommy and the little one lie down next to each other, sticking their bellies. As you can guess, this is the most used position for night feedings and, above all, the most practiced during co-sleeping .

Breastfeeding the baby while co-sleeping

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, in the report Colecho , sudden infant death syndrome and Breastfeeding. Current consensus recommendations , points out that breastfeeding the baby protects against sudden infant death syndrome. In fact, he points out that colechar favors this breastfeeding practice . However, the AEP points out that co-sleeping is not recommended in some cases because it increases the risk of this same syndrome. 

Alondra's advice  

Although we tell you firsthand, you should make sure that it is safe for your baby and for you to practice co-sleeping. Before making a decision, consult with medical professionals and receive expert advice .

The advantages of co-sleeping for breastfeeding

how to breastfeed newborn baby

By having your little one by your side at bedtime, the response time to breastfeed is shorter . This makes the time to wake up for the shot shorter. Similarly, the time it takes for him to fall asleep is also shorter, since his altered state hasn't been as long lasting. That is, by having it closer at hand we can respond quickly.  

On the other hand, when you collect the baby , the tranquility and rest of the whole family is superior . Both the baby and the parents feel relaxed because everyone is closer and can see each other. In addition, having the little one by your side increases and reinforces the emotional bond that is created between parents and their children.  

If you want to practice co-sleeping and want to avoid any risk, you can purchase one of our wooden co-sleeping cribs to reinforce the safety of your little one while they sleep. The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in the Clinical Practice Guide on breastfeeding recommends that in order to practice co-sleeping safely, a sidecar crib or a bed with the ideal characteristics for co-sleeping is used.

Alondra advises you  

A sidecar crib is one with which to practice co-sleeping with the c one attached to the parent's bed . Therefore, it must have specific characteristics and components that allow the cot to be attached to the large bed.  

This is the so-called safe co-sleeping , since the baby will always have its space and a suitable rest environment designed specifically for it .  

At Alondra we are specialized in transformable cribs that also allow co-sleeping . The good thing about this type of beds is that, being evolutionary, they allow the useful life of the product to be considerably extended. For this reason we are going to show you two of our most precious models.  

We see?

EQUO 5 in 1 co-sleeping crib 50x80 cm

The EQUO 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib is perfect if you prefer to co-sleepe with your newborn baby up to six months and then transfer it to a conventional crib. One of the advantages that this crib offers you is that it will allow you to have your little one close at all times .  

The EQUO crib measures 50x80 cm , making it perfect for anywhere in the house. In addition, it incorporates four wheels with which you can move the bed at all times and you can keep an eye on the little one wherever you are. The best thing is that the wheels have a rubber band that avoids scratching the floor and prevents noise when moving it.  

In order to practice co-sleeping in the most comfortable and safe way, it has seven different bed base heights . In addition, it includes a set of anchoring straps so that the crib is perfectly attached to the large bed.  

how to breastfeed the baby

The EQUO allows you to cover five growth stages of your baby . On the one hand, it is a mini-cradle and co-sleeping crib . On the other hand, it can also be converted into a small sofa or a desk . Lastly, you can use it as a toy box , where your little one can keep all their most beloved belongings 😉 .

OMNI 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib 60x120 cm

The 60x120 cm OMNI co-sleeping crib is one of the Alondra beds with the most transformation possibilities, since it is 5 in 1 . It is an evolutionary crib , very versatile , that will accompany your baby in the various stages of its growth.  

The best thing about directly acquiring a crib with these dimensions is that your little one will be able to use it for much longer . It is also very easy to transport because it incorporates wheels and its dimensions allow it to be moved without any problem.  

To practice co-sleeping, it has five bed base heights , but you must include the co-sleeping kit in your order when purchasing the crib. This will allow the crib to be anchored and secured to the parents' bed, so that there will be no risk to the little one .  

how to breastfeed a baby

When you decide to stop practicing it, you can use it as a conventional crib . Once your baby is a little older, you can transform the OMNI crib into a children's bed . If you want to reinforce the safety of the bed, you can also additionally purchase the child barrier kit .  

Finally, the crib becomes a children's sofa or a desk with the measurements that your little one will need once it begins to grow. You can have your own work or entertainment space. And all this with just one piece of furniture!  

At Alondra we hope we have cleared up your doubts about how to breastfeed a newborn baby . These are the most common postures , but remember that through practice itself, you will become an expert! So... don't worry! Everything will turn out great! 😉 .  


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