The before and after of a newborn baby's bedroom

Preparing for the arrival of the baby is something wonderful. For this reason we bring you a publication just as special as the newborn baby's bedroom that we want to show you. Who knows! Perhaps it will inspire you as much as it does us, because we assure you that you will fall in love with every little corner that we are going to show you.

Magic in the newborn baby's bedroom

The feeling of knowing that you are a few months away from bringing a new person into the world floods your whole life with light, sweetness and unconditional love . The same love and passion that parents transmit through the preparation of the bedroom for the new member of the family.

This is what Alexandra, the future mom of #BabyA and author of @diariodeunareforma, has managed to convey. « I always imagined it like this, that it gave off sweetness and magic » , published the instagrammer . We more than agree, since you have managed to create the perfect bedroom for a newborn baby.

When you do not have children, the most normal thing is to use the available rooms for various uses or as personal space. As happened to @ diariodeunareforma . This beautiful room was Alexandra's personal office, but when she found out about her pregnancy she decided to change this space completely and gave it a totally different use and function.  

from office to newborn baby's bedroom

Do you want us to see it little by little? So you will not miss any detail of this beautiful room! ;).

Define the style for the little one's room

newborn baby bedroom decoration

Currently, the Nordic style is very fashionable . This type of decoration seeks harmony in simplicity and is, after all, a lifestyle . Styles based on functionality and versatility combined with the beauty and calm emanating from order and neatness are the perfect choice for a complete baby's bedroom.  

When we see images with this type of style, we tend to find perfectly lit spaces naturally . The large windows and the curtains that are not thick, almost transparent, are very typical.  

Colors are also very important to achieve this type of decoration . White combined with wood is perfect and provides a feeling of cleanliness and minimalism. To add more nuances it is very common to resort to beige and gray tones .  

On the other hand, black is often used as a secondary color. The brush strokes of brighter or contrasting colors are achieved by playing with accessories, such as paintings or rugs.  

But, when we talk about the little one's room , these rules can vary, since the strongest colors can be too heavy and strident. Mommy-to-be Alexandra has made an excellent combination of tones: white, wood, cream beige and ochraceous pink mark the main tones of her little treasure's room.

Campaign Discover the importance of colors when preparing the room for the arrival of the baby !

The importance of decoration

newborn baby bedroom decoration

This ideal newborn baby's bedroom maintains the style that we mentioned and adds touches of color and distinction through decoration . One of the details that stands out the most, and that helps to create that magic that Alexandra wanted to achieve, is the wallpaper with ballet dancer motifs. This precious detail has been the work of the Il Mondo di Alex brand , a company dedicated to children's decoration and that always succeeds with each order;).

On the other hand, we see a clear example of applying notes of color and personality in the #BabyA room with other elements such as the paintings in beige tones or the decoration of the shelf with light and pinkish tones . The rug, cushion and blanket in the nursing corner bring more sweetness and tenderness to the room and complete it.  

With this beautiful little corner, Alexandra perfects the little girl's room. The rest area, the personal hygiene area and the lactation or reading area make up the entire baby bedroom. Although she follows the same style throughout the room, the mom-to-be manages to differentiate the three main areas for her baby.

Furniture for the baby's bedroom

The essentials for the newborn baby's bedroom that @diariodeunareforma has correctly chosen are the crib, a comfortable changing table and a closet where you can store the #BabyA things more widely .  

Alexandra has chosen Alondra as a trusted brand for these three specific products. The functionality and versatility of our furniture adapt to the style that @ diariodeunareforma has chosen for the furniture in your baby's bedroom.

We teach you!

NEXOR co-sleeping crib

The 60x120 cm NEXOR 4-in-1 co-sleeping crib is one of the pieces of furniture that stands out the most in the #BabyA room . It combines perfectly with the style that Alexandra has wanted to maintain in her little one's room. The timelessness of white combined with the warmth of wood makes the little girl's bed a dream place. And more with the magic that it gives off when completed with the ochraceous pink canopy!  

This little bed is, without a doubt, one of the most functional and versatile furniture that the little one will have, since it is a transformable and evolutionary crib . With it, apart from its use as a conventional crib, the future mommy will be able to practice co-sleeping , turn it into a bed when #BabyA is older, or transform it into a desk that she can use for a long time.

baby bedroom furniture

To give the crib the last touch, Alexandra decided to add advantages and chose the Vento color duvet and crib bumper set . This model maintains the tones that dominate the baby's room and helps to complete the chosen style.

Scandi changing table

One of the Alondra lines that best suits the decorative style of @ diariodeunareforma is the one that follows the Scandi wooden changing table . It combines perfectly with the crib and, in addition, it also provides that feeling of timelessness thanks to its colors.  

baby bedroom furniture

It is a very practical piece of furniture as well as durable , since you can use it as bedroom furniture for the baby, but the little one can use it until he grows up. In addition, the Push-system drawers that it incorporates increase the practicality of the furniture.  

To complete the chest of drawers, Alexandra has chosen the plastic-coated changing table for the bathtub and the cover in the same Vento style as the cover for the crib.

Scandi Children's Wardrobe

Once again, combined with the crib and in the same design line as the chest of drawers, the large Scandi wooden children's wardrobe completes the toilet and storage area for #BabyA . This wardrobe is a very complete piece of furniture that has a hanging bar, a height-adjustable shelf and two drawers with Push-system .

baby bedroom complete wardrobe

Corners of tenderness with nursing chair

If you want to achieve a perfect lactation area, at Alondra we also have armchairs so that you can achieve your complete baby bedroom. To choose it, you must take into account the characteristics that a good nursing rocking chair must have . For this, above all, it must be practical and comfortable.  

Our Glam , Sogno and Ergo nursing chairs are perfect for providing you and your baby with maximum comfort when breastfeeding or bottle feeding . And they are sooo pretty! When you stop using it as a nursing chair, you can always continue using it, since with the various colors available it will surely combine perfectly with any corner of your home ;).  

nursing chair complete baby room

After looking through the magnifying glass at the newborn baby's bedroom that we have done, we can only congratulate @ diariodeunareforma for the excellent work in the room of their sweet #BabyA . With her decorating skills, she has given us, almost without knowing it, a master class on how to create the perfect complete baby's bedroom.

And you? Have you already got down to work? ;).


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