Twins arrive! What do we choose mini crib, crib or twin convertible crib?

At Alondra we know the enormous potential of the twin convertible crib and all the benefits it offers. It is, without a doubt , the most versatile and economical option of all to welcome your two little ones. That's why we want you to fall in love with her just like we do.  

But first... If you have come this far it will be because you are expecting twins or you know someone who will soon have them. In that case , let us congratulate you twice! ; ).

Meet DUPLO! Alondra's 60x120 twin convertible crib

Alondra's twin crib has all thebenefits and advantages of the convertibles in our catalogue, except that it has two beds in the same piece of furniture. In this way, the twins will be able to be in the same crib sharing everything that happens to them during the day and at night.  

The two cots of the DUPLO twin convertible have a size of 60x120 cm. They can be mounted together or separately , depending on the layout you want for your room. Of course , if you want to divide them , you must purchase the Alondra crib separator for twins .  

Alondra twin cribs

Alondra advises you

You must take into account the measurements of the twin crib furniture!

Measurements and structure of Alondra cradle for twins

When the cribs are assembled together, their frame reaches 249.4 cm in length . So if you want this option you must make sure that you have the indicated space.

This will be the same size that the double desk will reach once you transform the crib into a youth room.

In addition, the railings of the convertible crib for twins have a rise and fall system, super easy for parents to use, but indecipherable for the little ones!

From twin cot to twin room

You already know that at Alondra we think of what is most suitable for both parents and children. For this reason, the design of our DUPLO crib for twins is designed to reach all the growth stages of your little ones .  

This is the most incredible thing about our convertible . When your two little treasures are no longer so small, you can adapt their cribs and turn them into 90x200 cm beds .  

Alondra crib beds for twins

No plugin is needed to do the transformation because it's all included out of the box. However, if you want to have more storage space, there is the possibility of purchasing two medium lower drawers or one large lower drawer for the beds.  

So that your room does not lack detail , the convertible crib for twins also transforms into a double desk . Do you remember the twin crib divider ? Well, at this junior stage it serves to separate the desk and have two independent ones.  

oh! Do not forget the measurements of the DUPLO convertible crib, since the double desk will have the same dimensions (101x249.4x65.4cm) .  

Alondra desk with crib divider for twins

By the way! On top of all this, our Twin Convertible Crib also includes two nightstands for when you 're making the bedroom transformation. And the best thing is that they can be mounted on both the right and left sides of the beds.

What if I want to have my newborn babies closer?

Alondra's advice

From our experience we know that the first few months it is very difficult to detach yourself from the new little ones that come home. Despite the fact that the twin convertible crib is suitable for babies from birth, the most effective solution to always have them close is to purchase two mini-cribs .

Our proposal for this alternative is Alondra's EQUO 5-in-1 co - sleeping crib . This little bed for babies measures 50x80 cm and , as indicated, is specially designed for co -sleeping .  

For this reason, the bed base has seven different heights , so that it adapts to most beds. In addition, it includes a set of anchoring straps to attach it , even to a bed with a trundle.  

As if that were not enough, EQUO is a co-sleeping crib on wheels. This makes it possible to significantly improve the mobility of the little beds throughout the house, so as not to lose sight of the little ones at any time! 

In addition, the wheels have a rubber band that prevents scratching the floor and also prevents noise when moving the s .  

But do not worry! The EQUO mini-cradle has five different possibilities of use, so that you can make the most of our furniture . If you don't want to collect with the babies, it can be transformed into an armchair, a children's desk and, finally, a toy box . Perfect for improving order in the children's room!

mini cot EQUO before twin convertible cot Alondra

As you can see, EQUO adapts to various stages of growth in babies , which is why we say that it is evolutionary . Discover all the details you need to know about the EQUO mini cot !

Discover the most successful alternatives to Alondra's twin crib

If you don't have enough space or the convertible twin crib doesn't quite convince you , we have various options to present to you . Stay and discover everything we can offer you!

Two 60x120 cm baby cots.

At Alondra we offer you three options for 60x120 cm baby cribs . They are different from each other, but you already know that the common denominator of all our products is always quality and design.

Baby cot C150

Crib 60x120 C150 for twins in matt Alondra

This Alondra model is one of the best for the first months of your little angels . It is available in gloss and matte , so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

It has two mattress heights, which allows it to adapt to its growth rate and always guarantee maximum safety. It also has two fixed handrails and has 4 wheels, two of them with brakes.

NEXO 4-in-1 cradle-desk

The 60x120 NEXO model can be used as a conventional crib or for co-sleeping . Therefore, you have the option of including the co-sleeping kit in your order. If your choice is to practice it, its bed base adjusts to 5 different heights to fully adapt the cribs to the parents' bed .  

Alondra Nexo Twin Crib-Desk

In addition, over time you will be able to convert them into a children's bed when your little ones are more mobile, acquiring the children's barrier . They can also be transformed into a desk by removing the side rails and raising the top of the bed bases.

OMNI 5 in 1 co-sleeping crib

The OMNI 60x120 cm crib goes one step further than the previous one, so it can offer you more use and will cover another stage of growth for your babies.  

OMNI Alondra crib for twins

This model can be transformed into a children's sofa by purchasing the same children's barrier . If you want to know all the benefits of the OMNI crib in more detail, you can't miss our post aboutthe best co-sleeping crib with wheels .

Two Montessori beds by Alondra

Alondra twin Montessori beds

Another option compared to the twin convertible crib is to choose to move the babies from the mini-crib to the Montessori beds. In this way they will be able to grow promoting their autonomy and independence with a room designed for self-learning .

At Alondra we have two different models: the Homy and the Indy of 70x140 cm. But, for its part, Homy has a 90x200 cm XL model . In this way, the little ones will be able to take advantage of their beds for as long as they want.

Campaign Do you want to know the decoration keys for a Montessori baby room?

Visit our post on how to decorate a Montessori baby room and find out everything you need to know!

Two 70x140 cm cots.

Finally, our range of 70x140 cot-beds allows us to further extend the use of the beds because their measurements prolong their useful life . Each of them is different from the other, but they all have more than one use and at Alondra we love this !; ).

Cot-bed C160

This model is ideal for those moms and dads looking for quality, design and longevity for their little ones' cribs. Because? The C160 cot-bed converts into a 70x140cm child's bed , but the best thing is that you will not need to buy additional elements because it includes the necessary railing for the bed.  

Alondra cot bed C160 for twins

Again they are available in matte and gloss . They have two bed base heights and two fixed railings that guarantee the safety of the little ones in the house until they stop using them .

Cot-bed-desk Premium Kurve

This is , without a doubt , one of the most striking and modern cribs in our catalogue. The design of the Premium Kurve crib adds a very sophisticated touch to the children's room , but this is not the case by chance. Its rounded corners provide it with an extra point of security, preventing the little ones from hurting themselves with the corners of their beds.  

Premium Kurve Crib for Twins Alondra

Apart from being a cot, the Premium Kurve transforms into a 70x140 cm children's bed and an 80x146 cm desk. You will not need to buy additional accessories for its transformation, since it includes the two necessary railings .

OMNI XL 6 in 1 co-sleeping crib

The 70x140 cm OMNI XL allows you to extend co-sleeping time due to its dimensions. But it can offer you much more!  

The crib is a 6 in 1 . What does this mean? Well, in addition to being a co -sleeping crib , it allows you to use it as a conventional crib, as a bed, sofa or children's desk and, in addition , it can also be used as a Montessori bed .  

Both for use as a bed or for a sofa, you will need to additionally purchase the child-sofa barrier kit for the OMNI XL . In the same way, for your stage as a Montessori you can buy two railings and turn it into a practical Montessori bed at ground level.

OMNI XL co-sleeping cot for twins Alondra

As you can see, a safe bet for future little ones is Alondra's DUPLO twin convertible crib . But we also know that choosing the best for children is never an easy task. For this we are willing to advise you and advise you the best at all times. Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions! You can write to us at or call us at +34 965 00 25 25. We will be happy to help you twice ; ).  


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